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Many businesses selling home security systems prefer to enter a contract with customers for a few years. In order to safeguard from the customer violating the contract, customers shopping for home security systems are usually subject to credit checks. Unfortunately, many people who would really benefit from installing a home security system don’t have the credit to qualify for one. Thankfully, there are some companies selling home security systems without credit checks. However, a wise shopper will use caution! Some home security systems businesses may try to take advantage of customers with unsatisfactory credit scores. If the company or their website don't seem established, do not bother checking them, many are scams. No Credit Check Home Security Several home security systems not requiring credit checks will charge on a month-to-month basis. These contracts can be cancelled at any time, as long as you return the components of the home security systems back to the company. These arrangements can be ideal for short-term use, like apartment rentals or sublet leases. However, the costs can far exceed the value of the home… Read more

It’s a common misconception to believe that home security systems are impractical in homes with active pets. In the past, technology occasionally inconvenienced pet-owners who had invested in home security systems. However, people no longer have to worry about dogs and cats causing motion detectors to set off false alarms.  There are a few different ways to keep your home secure while giving your pets freedom to roam about the house as they please. Pet Friendly Options Unless your pets use the doggy door at night, local alarms placed on windows and doors are an easy way to circumvent false alarms from your pets. Certain types of home security systems will place photoelectric beams or a magnetic sensor on your door, so you’ll know if anyone is coming in unexpected. These systems don’t use traditional motion detection, so dogs and cats will have a tough time tripping the alarm. However, there are plenty of home security systems that use traditional motion detection that are suited for pet owners. Most security systems of this nature use dual sensor detection. One sensor… Read more

Though watchful neighbors, crime watch patrols and a faithful dog give a certain sense of security, none function as thoroughly as a well-installed home security system.  And a home security camera can watch your property and possessions better than any human or canine eye.  According to the FBI a burglary takes place every 14 seconds, and crime watch experts estimate that without a home security system, your home is two to three times more likely to be broken into.  So whether considering your options for a home security system, or updating the one your currently have, selecting the right home security camera can make all the difference in protecting your home, your loved ones and yourself. In order to select the right home security camera for the functions and purpose of your home security system, there are a number of important questions you need to ask of yourself.  The first question to answer is where the home security system will be located.  In general, people who opt for a DIY home security system link their home security camera or cameras… Read more

A friend of mine recently went on vacation, and against the advice of many of her friends, she broadcast the trip on Facebook.  It seems harmless, right?  She was letting her Facebook family know that she was going to Hawaii for two weeks, and she was excited about it.  She posted photos of her beautiful tropical get-away on her profile page and we were all living vicariously through her as we gazed at the white sandy beaches, the tropical drinks she held while swimming in the infinity pool and her golden tan that made her skin glow. What happened next was a nightmare.  For her anyway.  When she returned home from Paradise, she discovered her home had been broken into.  Yup.  Major break-in.  Everything of value was gone.  The thieves completely wiped out her home.   Every homeowner’s nightmare, right? I feel terrible for her.  And I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but if the shoe fits…right?  No need to rub salt in the wound, but the fact is she made two major mistakes.  First, she told everyone… Read more


Which type of home is a likely target? We know that summer is a high-risk month for crime, and especially house burglary. The act of burglary is essentially when someone enters your home with the purpose of stealing your things. Burglars are conniving and actively committing crimes most in the months of July and August. They are willing to break into your front doors, back doors, and garages in order to obtain your prized possessions and sensitive materials. In our two part series, we are giving our valued readers information that could protect their lives and belongings. In the first part we covered weather, time, and Homeowner presence. There are several other risk factors that affect a burglar’s decision to commit their crime. In the second part of our series, we will cover the homes that are at a higher risk, including location, type of home, and entrances most used for burglars to slip through your rooms and collect your valued items for their personal and illegal use. Location Do you live in a city or a suburb? We’ve all… Read more