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A crafty burglar is all it takes to fool your French doors. Do you have French doors? French doors are one of the easiest entrance models to break in to, and a lot of homeowners with French doors do not discover their front-door folly until the theft has already happened. Since the door is split in the middle, a swift kick or a deft shoulder ram can crack the door’s wood, making your door lock obsolete and your home totally open to theft. Can you prevent a robbery and still keep your French doors? Fortunately, with some effort, the answer is yes. (Video of a French Door Break In) Why are French Doors more vulnerable? French doors are always paired; they are a style of two doors that connect to each other, and open at the middle. Classically, they are outbound doors for the back of the house or put inside of the home to section rooms, like a fancy dining room and the kitchen. They can lead to your backyard, patio, or a designated area. French doors are designed… Read more

They give us light, fresh air and a view, but windows are also typically the most vulnerable part of any home security system. Criminals know instinctively how to test the entry points of any home. Windows that many homeowners forget or overlook can be an easy target to any burglar trying to breach your home security system and gain access to your home. Basement windows, or windows hidden behind shrubs and trees, oftentimes form a weak spot in a security system. Sliding glass doors to patios or rooftop terraces can be challenging for homeowners with DIY security systems, and are frequently not sufficiently protected. Fortunately shock sensors and glass break detectors supply effective and affordable solutions. Latches & Locks - Not Enough? Crime reports show that the first point of access for many burglaries is a window that has been broken or removed. Obviously latches and locks aren’t enough, and neither are mere contact sensors that monitor when a window frame has been opened. In order to sound an alarm when the actual glass of a window breaks or is… Read more

In the summer of 2010, veteran actress Sandra Bullock was threatened when an obsessed fan showed up at her Wyoming home. Her Western homestead is one of a handful of havens, including a Texas abode, where she raises her adopted son—or haven so she thought. As you’ve probably read about in the tabloids, maybe while waiting in line at the grocery checkout or browsing an On The Topic In The Red Moment Internet news site, she was imperiled by a mad stalker who drove across the country from Tennessee to find her. The notorious man has been bothering Bullock for at least 7 years and already had a straining order for previously creepy actions and home security scares toward the her. Although the actress and others in her class can afford the very best home alarms, burglar protection, and several round-the-clock bodyguards, even celebrities like Sandra Bullock many times still worry about the insane and dangerous people that their home security methods do not deter. So they, just like all of us, must continue to stay up to date on… Read more

Most residential burglaries take place in broad daylight and some burglars like to test the doorbell first to see if anyone is at home before attempting a break in.  There are a lot of people who don’t have guard dogs or alarm systems to help deter burglars.  The good news though is that there are measures you can take to help alleviate would be robbers and give burglars the illusion that you have a mean and vicious guard dog awaiting them on the other side of the door. A barking dog attracts attention, which is exactly what burglars do not want.  Homeowners sometimes fail to see common deterrents that they can put in place to scare away burglars.  That is where the guard dog burglar alarm comes into play.  Generally speaking, thieves look for quiet houses where there can gain access easily without being seen or heard.  Protect your home and family with a little ingenuity by purchasing easy to get parts to turn your doorbell into a mean and nasty dog burglar alarm. A guard dog alarm is especially… Read more

Picture this: Your ideal home is sitting atop a grassy hill, like in the movies. It is the perfect size, surrounded by the perfectly sized yard. Adorned with trees, a vegetable garden and flowers year-round, it feels like a haven. Only one key element is missing: The perfect fence. Fences not only add style to your home, but they are a great way to section off your property and define the home security boundary lines between you, your neighbors, and public land and recreational facilities that meet your yard.  They are especially helpful if you live near a park, school, public buildings, or a busy road. For instance, when I was a child, my two-story family home was located directly behind my elementary school, with the backyard facing the schoolyard. It was convenient for me, as I did not have to walk more than a quarter of a mile to reach my classroom (plus, I got those five minutes of extra rest each day). But during the afternoon weekday hours, recess occurred, and that meant over fifty children would be… Read more