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The end of the school year is quickly approaching, but your children still have some time to improve their grades and show their teachers the performance they're capable of. You may not have thought about your home automated system as something that could help enhance your child’s academic performance, but it can. Here are ways to use your smart home system to help your child do better in school. Shut down gaming areas. Using smart outlets, you can remotely shut off the power in the gaming room. If your child tries to sneak in there for a game of Mario Cart while you’re away, he won’t even be able to power up his gaming system. Peacefully wake your child. Waking up properly is a big part of having energy throughout the day, so help your child with a smooth and easy wake-up. Use your smart lights to gradually turn on the lights in the morning, mimicking the sunrise. This has been shown to help the brain have an easier time waking up, and is better for your child than sudden… Read more

                Living with a significant other can provide a tremendous sense of security. Not only do you have somebody else in the house, but it’s somebody who cares a lot about you and would probably do anything to protect your safety. And since burglars target empty homes, when your partner leaves town, your home is just one step away from vacant. If burglars casing your neighborhood know that your significant other is out of town, then all they have to do is wait for you to head out to make their move. Don't let this happen to you! Stay safe, even when your partner is gone, by following a few simple (but crucial) steps. Don’t do a big goodbye outside. Though you want to walk your partner right up to the taxi door and do a big, teary-eyed goodbye, you have to understand that that’s a spectacle for burglars. Do your big goodbye indoors, behind closed doors. You can walk outside with him or her, but when you say goodbye, say “See you… Read more

There is so much to think about when becoming first-time parents. The shopping list is enormous and the must-read books are never ending. It’s easy to overlook the ground on which you stand—literally. Before having children, people are so used to having their home a certain way. To adults, a home isn’t full of hazards—it’s full of their favorite furniture, knickknacks and art. But the belongings, appliances and decorations you painstakingly collected over the years can be dangerous for a newborn, toddler or child. If you're about to be first time parents, it’s time to view your home through a different lens. Here are safety tips for first time parents to help get you started. Lock up kitchen appliances. The moment your little one can crawl and stand, he’ll start reaching for everything in sight, including garbage compactor handles, oven handles and stove knobs. Put locks on any device that gets hot or contains sharp items, and put covers on stove knobs. Block your staircase. Falling down a staircase can be more dangerous for a baby than it is for an… Read more

In the event of a fire or robbery, most things can be replaced. You liked your wardrobe and your furniture, but chances are, they weren’t one of a kind. Even if you personally damage these items, you can typically replace them. But there are some things, like photos and family heirlooms, that are irreplaceable. If you lose or damage these (or if somebody steals them,) it can be devastating. That’s why taking care of them properly is essential. Not sure where to even begin? Take note of these simple tips and get started today - in case of emergency, you'll be glad you did. Don’t put them in plain sight. This one may seem obvious, but some heirlooms—like artwork or sculptures—are designed to be shown off. That being said, you shouldn’t show them off near large windows or in areas of your home that see a lot of foot traffic. Display your decorative heirlooms in a more remote room where only trusted individuals can go. Activate motions sensors around them. Activating motion sensors around your property is a great start for… Read more

The moment your smoke detector sounds is a terrifying moment. You jump up, wondering if you need to grab your children, your precious photos, your pet and run out the door. This is a moment you don’t want to experience more than you have to (and hopefully not at all). But if you have a smoke detector that continuously has false alarms, you put your heart through this stress regularly. We all know a low battery can cause quite the commotion, but why else would you have false alarms so often? Let's take a look at some of the possible causes. Your cooking You likely know that the smoke from burned food can trip a smoke detector, but did you know that the steam from your coffee machine or boiling pasta can set it off, too? You should definitely have a smoke detector in your kitchen, since this is a high hazard area for fires. But don't place it directly over your stove, since the steam from your cooking can regularly set it off. Your outdoor fire pit You may not… Read more