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In the event of a fire or robbery, most things can be replaced. You liked your wardrobe and your furniture, but chances are, they weren’t one of a kind. Even if you personally damage these items, you can typically replace them. But there are some things, like photos and family heirlooms, that are irreplaceable. If you lose or damage these (or if somebody steals them,) it can be devastating. That’s why taking care of them properly is essential. Not sure where to even begin? Take note of these simple tips and get started today - in case of emergency, you'll be glad you did. Don’t put them in plain sight. This one may seem obvious, but some heirlooms—like artwork or sculptures—are designed to be shown off. That being said, you shouldn’t show them off near large windows or in areas of your home that see a lot of foot traffic. Display your decorative heirlooms in a more remote room where only trusted individuals can go. Activate motions sensors around them. Activating motion sensors around your property is a great start for… Read more

The moment your smoke detector sounds is a terrifying moment. You jump up, wondering if you need to grab your children, your precious photos, your pet and run out the door. This is a moment you don’t want to experience more than you have to (and hopefully not at all). But if you have a smoke detector that continuously has false alarms, you put your heart through this stress regularly. We all know a low battery can cause quite the commotion, but why else would you have false alarms so often? Let's take a look at some of the possible causes. Your cooking You likely know that the smoke from burned food can trip a smoke detector, but did you know that the steam from your coffee machine or boiling pasta can set it off, too? You should definitely have a smoke detector in your kitchen, since this is a high hazard area for fires. But don't place it directly over your stove, since the steam from your cooking can regularly set it off. Your outdoor fire pit You may not… Read more

People often see their home automated system solely as a tool to promote their safety, but it’s a powerhouse system capable of much more. While it can certainly help you lock doors and monitor surveillance cameras, it can also help you control plenty of other appliances just for your enjoyment. This Valentine's Day is the perfect example! If you have a special someone you're trying to impress, here's how your home automated system can help set the romantic mood. Protect surprises You may have ordered some flowers or a gift to be delivered for your partner. If the company didn’t offer specific drop-off times, you might need a way to ensure your partner isn’t there if his or her gift arrives early. Your motion sensor alarms can help you here. Set up notifications to your smart phone so you know the moment someone drops off a package on your front step. Then, call your neighbor and ask them to immediately run next door and collect the package. This way, your spouse won’t see it until Valentine’s Day. Dim the lights and… Read more

Having your belongings stolen leads to a feeling of vulnerability and violation. These items have memories. Perhaps you spent hard-earned money on them, or they were gifted to you as a child and have spent more time in your possession than anywhere else. And now they’re in the hands of someone who just sees your items as a pile of cash. You should definitely file a police report when your items are stolen, but there are a few other things you can do to speed along the process of getting your things back. Write down serial numbers. When you bring any expensive item home, like a television, video game console or set of speakers, write down the serial model numbers. These will help the police identify your stolen items later, if it turns out the thief is selling them on Craigslist or the black market. Mark your property. If something is really important to you, mark it. You can carve your name, very small, into the bottom of a piece of furniture, or write it with permanent pen on an electronic. This way,… Read more

We all wish we could give our dogs a big house with an even bigger yard, but for some of us, that isn’t a possibility (at least not yet). On top of that, apartment buildings can be a bit chaotic. And, since your pet doesn’t have as much room to roam as he would in a big house, you can’t really limit his access to half the place, since that would put him near some hazardous areas. If you have to move into an apartment but are unsure of how your little one will react, your options may seem dim. But don't worry - living in an apartment with a pet doesn't have to be a bad thing! Be sure to take a few precautions into account and both you and your pet could lead happy, healthy lives in your new home. 1. Secure the balconies. If your balcony has bars, measure them to make sure your pet cannot fit through. You may think your dog is smart enough to never jump off the balcony, but there is no knowing what… Read more