Best Home Security Provider Offering ADT Monitored Equipment

With so many options available, customers are demanding more from security companies in the form of performance guarantees, advanced equipment, and quick and easy customer support. If you’re starting your search for a home security system, there are two things that should be at the top of your list as you scout home security companies: reliability of equipment and quality of service.

One equipment manufacturer that provides the latest technology, cutting-edge security equipment and superior customer service is ADT Corporation. ADT is one of the largest and most reliable security companies that provided residential and small business electronic security, fire protection and other alarm monitoring services. ADT uses some of the most advanced technology to monitor your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ADT’s equipment includes door and window sensors, smoke detectors, signs and stickers, keypads and cameras, and more. With monitored alarm systems from ADT, security innovation comes standard.

Protect Your Home is the number one ADT Authorized Premier Provider in the United States.  Protect Your Home even provides you with $850 in FREE ADT-Monitored Home Security Equipment when you sign up for a monthly service plan. With this $850 in free equipment. you receive some of the best and most reliable technology in the security industry.

Sign up and you could receive digital keypads that activate and deactivate your security alarm, accessing local emergency personnel with a simple one-touch press of a button. Also included are lightweight keychain remotes that can arm or disarm your ADT system up to 75 feet from your home. For extra protection, ADT’s Pulse upgrade connects your home security system to all of your mobile devices, where you can receive home updates instantly, including when doors open, when the alarm is activated or deactivated, and more.

ADT’s equipment sold through Protect Your Home also offers “Three Points of Protection” for added security. For instance, if the security system isn’t armed, the control panel makes a sound (beep, chime, pre-arranged British voice), when someone opens a door or window. However, if the system is armed and someone tries to force their way into your home, the entryway sensors send a signal to your keypad, which instantly activates the high-decibel alarm. An ADT motion detector also allows for extra protection for a foyer, hallway, or room filled with valuables. The state-of-the-art device’s infrared technology detects when someone enters a protected area of your home. This infrared technology also detects the difference between pets and human intruders, so there are no false alarms from your four-legged family members.

Thanks to ADT’s backup battery equipment, losing power in your house doesn’t have to mean losing home security monitoring. The backup device is designed to automatically switch on in the event of a power outage and gives you up to 12 hours of backup monitoring coverage. ADT yard signs and window decals are also a piece of underrated equipment, which can easily deter would-be robbers from entering your home. These criminals know what great equipment ADT has and would rather move on to a house that isn’t protected by one of the best.

Finally, the Two-Way Voice feature in ADT’s main control panel delivers quick response to any triggered alarm. ADT’s main control panel acts as an intercom, giving you the ability to speak with an ADT dispatcher immediately without having to search for a phone and dial out for help – saving you precious time in an emergency situation. The alarms also alert everyone in your home and your next door neighbors when an intruder breaks in with an extremely loud siren, which will most likely scare away any intruders quickly.

Using ADT -monitored equipment means you’ll have the most advanced security system equipment, including mobile remote controls, remote video viewing of your home security cameras, and a time-saving two-way voice control panel. Protect Your Home is one of the most reliable companies to go through to get a high-quality ADT-monitored system. So, if you’re interested in buying ADT security, contact Protect Your Home as quickly as possible and get these protections in place to help protect your home and keep you and your family safe.

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Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2014