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Want an alarm company that will only start billing you after the system is installed? Looking for top-quality security systems at a price you can afford? If so, you may find Alarm Grid is a great choice to help you protect your home without breaking the bank. With DIY security at just $10 per month, you can take total control over your home security system. Monitor everything from your mobile device, and receive text alerts and emails to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your home.


The equipment sold by Alarm Grid is all Honeywell, considered one of the top brands of home alarm systems. The Honeywell products are known to be durable and reliable, as well as supremely user-friendly. Most of the packages offer the same equipment and include 1 motion detector and 3 window and door sensors. These sensors are connected to the single control panel and Alarm Grid offers a single key fob for external access to your home. Not only does Alarm Grid offer burglar detection, but flood, fire, and smoke detection is thrown in at no extra cost. However, if you want video surveillance or remote home automation for your security system, it will cost you an extra $10 per month for the services.

Monitoring and response

What makes Alarm Grid unique is the fact that they offer DIY home security systems. Homeowners can customize the system that they want, and they can monitor their own systems. They receive email and text alerts if the system is triggered, and they handle their own security. This is great for those who prefer to have control over their home monitoring, but it also places the liability squarely in your hands.

Homeowners interested in basic protection or advanced protection will pay a slightly higher monthly premium. The monitoring is covered by Criticom, a company with an outstanding reputation. Plus, with the advanced monitoring coverage, the home alarm system can be connected to a system that will deliver news, traffic and weather reports right to your phone or email. You’re not charged a penny for the installation of the system, which is great when you compare it to the hefty price some other companies charge for their installation services. The fact that you can access your home security system from your smart phone (any OS will work) as well as receive alerts via email or text (with Monitoring Plus) makes it easy for you to have total control over your system.


The DIY monitoring system starts at $10/month, with an additional $10 each for cellular communication, remote communication, and video surveillance. The Basic Monitoring Package starts at $15/month, while Monitoring Plus–the premium package–starts at $20.The cost of the Honeywell alarm systems sold by Alarm Grid range from $200 to $500.

The Good…

Offers cheap, customizable monitoring using security systems that are known to be reliable

The Bad…

To receive home security alerts on your phone, you have to pay an additional $10 a month

And The Ugly

The company is fairly new, and there’s little information available on its services

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  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Wired Systems
  • Cellular Systems
  • Internet Systems
  • Dual Path Systems
  • Medical Alert Systems
  • Business/Commercial Systems
  • Custom Security Systems

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