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Located primarily in Salt Like City, Utah, Alarm Protection USA offers complete home protection services–ranging from burglar and fire alarms to home automation devices. While the company does provide homeowners with a wide range of products, user reviews into the service are a cause for concern. Alarm Protection USA does not have a sterling reputation, despite the fact that it promises to provide homeowners with “utmost professionalism and superior service”.


Alarm Protection USA uses 2GIG equipment. 2GIG is a wireless system that is known for being highly reliable as well as affordable. The only brand with a better reputation than 2GIG is GE, but the Interlogix equipment sold by General Electric is much costlier than 2GIG’s products. 2GIG is the wireless equivalent of the affordable Honeywell products.

The fact that the systems are all wireless makes it easy for them to be installed with minimal mess. There are no wires running around the house, and the wireless system is made to be easy to connect to. Once the system is linked to the home Wi-Fi system, homeowners can connect via their smartphones and tablets thanks to the app provided by the 2GIG equipment. Home automation equipment is also offered, though at a higher price.

Monitoring and Services

Alarm Protection USA claims to have its customers in mind, offering around-the-clock monitoring with the installation of the security systems. Its monitoring station is UL-listed, and the station is always staffed with people who can be contacted or contact you in case of an emergency. The response time of the monitoring station is on-par with the larger security companies in the region.

What makes Alarm Protection USA such a popular choice in Salt Lake City is its wide range of high quality equipment. The 2GIG equipment is high quality, reliable, and affordable, and the app is easy for even the most tech-challenged users to learn. Homeowners can select from a very wide range of security equipment, as well as features to automate their homes’ lights, thermostat, and appliances. There are medical alert devices also provided by Alarm Protection USA.

However, its customer service and sales tactics have been given a very poor rating by user reviews. One user claimed that a salesperson refused to leave before they were forcefully asked to depart,  while another reviewer claimed that the company was harassing them. Customer complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, but Alarm Protection USA currently has no BBB rating–usually a bad sign. Many reviews have commented on the poor sales service, worse customer service, messy installation, and more.


No information on pricing can be found on the company website, and thorough online research has turned up no additional details. Users can submit their email and phone number to the company to receive a free quote, but Alarm Protection USA takes a long time to respond.

The Good…

  • Alarm Protection USA uses high quality, reliable 2GIG wireless devices.
  • Offers home automation as well as fire, smoke, CO2, and environment monitoring

The Bad…

  • Very little information on pricing and security costs can be obtained either online or over the phone

And The Ugly

  • Alarm Protection USA has a very poor rating in terms of customer and sales service
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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Motion Detector
  • Glass Break/Window/Door Sensors
  • CO2/Smoke/Heat Detectors
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Access/Control
  • 24-hour Monitoring

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