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As one of the oldest home security companies in the United States, AFA Protective Systems knows about keeping homeowners safe. Not only does the company offer reliable monitoring at an affordable rate–starting at just $26/month–but it provides quality equipment to ensure protection from environmental hazards, home invasions, and even health emergencies. With everything from fire alarms to video surveillance systems to remote monitoring devices, AFA offers a service worth considering!


AFA Protective Systems does not use equipment manufactured by GE, Honeywell, or any of the other manufacturers, but instead offers its own proprietary brand of equipment. Reviews of AFA published online have all mentioned the equipment’s simplicity and functionality, though minor issues have been reported with the equipment. The equipment isn’t quite on par with the leading brands.

In addition to the basic burglar alarm systems, AFA offers fire alarms, video surveillance, and home monitoring solutions. It does not provide home automation systems, but does provide customers with all the equipment they could need to keep their homes safe.  In addition to on-site monitoring, the systems allow users to remotely access video feeds, enabling them to monitor their home from anywhere around the world.

Monitoring and Services

As one of the oldest security companies in the country, AFA has a record for offering quality monitoring and protection. The company has nearly 140 years of experience, so it should come as no surprise that it has an A+ Rating with the BBB. The quality of its monitoring services is beyond reproach, and many online reviews mention the punctuality and speed of the response time.

However, in terms of customer support, AFA has received less than sterling reviews. Many customers mention finding issues with their security systems, and when they called customer support they were connected with unhelpful customer service reps. Other problems mentioned include not being called when an alarm was triggered by the homeowner and not returning phone calls.

Despite the limited customer service, AFA has earned a reputation along the East Coast for providing comprehensive security solutions at a price point customers are comfortable with. Many customers have commented on the excellence of the AFA sales team, as well as the technicians doing the installations. The service provided is reliable, and the company has a loyal base of customers in New England, Florida, and all along the East Coast.


Compared to many of the security services in the region, AFA offers their service at a highly competitive price. The basic security packages cost $26/month, though the fee increases as more features are added. The initial costs are a bit steep, however, as homeowners pay $599 to purchase the AFA equipment. The contracts last for 12 months, and customers wishing to cancel must pay the balance of the equipment costs.

The Good…

Nearly 140 years of providing reliable, affordable security services to homeowners along the East Coast.

Excellent reputation, quality monitoring, and comprehensive services offer customers total protection for their homes.

The Bad…

The cost of the equipment is very high, but the quality is not quite on par with the devices manufactured by GE, Honeywell, and others.

And The Ugly


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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • Remote Control/Monitoring
  • Personal Alert Devices
  • CO2/Smoke/Flood Detectors
  • Window/Door/Motion Sensors
  • 24-Hour Monitoring

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