8 Security Tips to Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins

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Garages are easy targets for burglars because they’re not usually a homeowner’s main point of focus as far as security goes. Typically in the back or to the side of a home, garages are also often shielded from the view of neighbors and onlookers. High-quality locks and screens aren’t usually intended for garage doors, making this a vulnerable point of entry for your property.

Often, people use their garages for storage, storing sometimes expensive or highly valuable items there. Do everything you can to prevent entry through your garage, which can also help protect the rest of your home from unwanted burglary or break-in.

8 Security Tips to Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins

1. Put security cameras above your garage.

Put visible security cameras above your garage doors. Since there is typically only one or two entrance points to a garage, one or two cameras should be enough to scare a burglar off. They shouldn’t be able to enter your garage without passing right under those cameras.

2. Activate motion sensor alarms on the doors.

Should a burglar find a way to hack your wireless garage door opener, an alarm will still sound when they open the garage. You should make use of the smartphone features that connect to your home automated system. If your alarm sounds, you’ll get a notification wherever you are so that you can call the police. You can also log into your security camera’s live feed and get a look at the burglar before he runs off.

3. Activate motion sensor lights around the garage.

Burglars don’t typically expect bright lights around the garage—people tend to reserve these for their patio, pool area and other places of frequent activity. Set up bright motion sensor lights around your garage to help scare off a burglar who may have been hoping to break in under the cover of darkness.

4. Don’t leave tools out.

Don’t leave any tools out that a burglar could use to pry open your garage doors or break the door’s locks with. Even if you have a construction or renovations happening in your back yard, lock your tools away every evening.

5. Be careful with your garage door openers.

This may seem redundant, but be wary of where you store your manual garage door openers. It’s easy to forget these on your patio, or even keep them outside on purpose to make opening the garage convenient for you. But this makes opening the garage easy for a burglar, too. Make a conscious choice to store the openers in a concealed drawer every time you’re done using them.

6. Always park in the garage.

If you drive a nice car, never leave it outside of your garage. You don’t want burglars who are walking around your neighborhood to spot your expensive vehicle and make you a target. And once you’ve parked your car in the garage, close the garage door immediately.

7. Never leave the garage open.

Even if you’re home, you should keep your garage door closed at all times. You don’t want anyone to see the contents of your garage (which may include valuables) and plan to come back later when you aren’t home.

8. Protect your windows.

If your garage has windows, activate alarms on these, too. You should also make sure some surveillance camera captures footage of these windows. Ideally, the windows should be made of shatter-proof glass. If some are low enough for a burglar to crawl through, or even look through, cover them up.

For many families, a garage doubles as a storage unit for family heirlooms, spare televisions and the like, so make sure you’re protecting it as if it were a room attached to your home. If you keep an expensive car in your garage, then you, your car and your home can quickly become the target of a burglary.



Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2017