6 Ways a Home Invasion Can Change Your Life

worried woman in bed

Even if you’re insured and can receive money for any stolen or damaged item, you won’t bounce right back from a home invasion. No one is ever fully prepared for the consequences—monetary, practical, emotional, and otherwise—that come with a home invasion. That’s why, in addition to getting insurance and doing what you can to minimize the damage of an invasion, you should also do everything you can to prevent one.

Don’t believe us? A home invasion is a terribly traumatic experience. Here are just a few of the ways your life can be changed by a break-in.

1. Your sense of security is taken away.

Most people don’t realize they have such a tremendous sense of security until it’s taken away. You likely go to bed at night, not even thinking about the fact that nighttime is when most break-ins occur. If you do think about it, you then think about the numbers, the statistics, and the odds that you would be the victim of an intrusion. The odds are probably quite low, giving you peace of mind.

But once you have defied the odds, becoming part of that small percentage of people who are burglarized, you no longer take comfort in the statistics. You don’t go to bed at night thinking, “It probably won’t happen,” because now you know it can.

2. Some things cannot be replaced.

While you may have had certain items insured, some things simply cannot be replaced. Family heirlooms, antiques, photographs and one-of-a-kind pieces cannot be replaced, and receiving money for them doesn’t really ease that pain.

3. You are disappointed in humans.

You knew about crime before—you heard about it on the news and read about it on the Internet—but, because you’d never been a victim of it, it seemed irrelevant. Not personal. Something that happens in another world. When you become the victim of a home invasion, you come in contact (either directly, if you saw the burglar, or indirectly, just by knowing they were in your home) with a criminal. A part of the darker sides of society touches your life, and it’s a very alarming feeling.

4. You’re left angry.

Even if you can replace every item that’s taken, you know that somewhere out there, a highly reprehensible individual is enjoying your original items. In addition to that, the criminal may never be caught and punished. These two facts can leave you very angry. Since most burglars are not caught, you may also lose some of your faith in the police force and their ability to protect you.

5. You may suffer an injury and post traumatic stress syndrome.

If you do encounter your intruder, physical violence may occur, which could leave one or both parties injured. You should avoid physical contact at all costs – if you encounter the intruder, do exactly as they say. Still, the encounter is likely to leave you psychologically damaged. It may take months of therapy to stop feeling terrified when someone walks into the room and takes you by surprise.

6. You feel uncomfortable in your own home.

It’s the one place you’re supposed to feel at ease – and you no longer do. There can be an indescribable atmosphere that permeates your home and makes you not really want to be there. A lot of people resort to doing a thorough cleaning of their house after an invasion, changing all of the furniture, or even moving.

Recovering from a home invasion is very difficult and some people never fully recover. Installing and making smart use of your home automated system can make all the difference in preventing one of these life-altering events. It can also give you peace of mind because you don’t have to be constantly alert—your system will do that for you.

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Posted on Monday, April 17th, 2017