6 Easy Ways to Fortify Your Doors

securing your front door

Have you ever stayed in a hotel or visited someone’s home and thought, “This door just feels flimsy?” Actually, you were probably onto something!

A flimsy door is a burglar’s favorite door. A lot of people assume the door is the last thing a burglar will try—that they may try to get in through a less conspicuous area like a back window. But if a burglar can tell you have a flimsy door, you’re making their job a whole lot easier.

It doesn’t actually have to be that way! Don’t make your home an easy target – fortify your doors with these simple tips and rest a little easier tonight.

1. Leave Doors Unobstructed

Don’t set up deck furniture or tall potted plants in front of your doors. You want your neighbors and onlookers to have a clear view of your doors—this will make a burglar wary about breaking through them.

2. Protect Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors inherently make your home vulnerable. They’re essentially giant windows through which burglars can survey a large portion of your home. So first off, if you have sliding glass doors, close the curtains and blinds whether or not you have any valuables on the other side. Second, make sure your doors are shatterproof and made of reinforced glass or poly carbonate. Put a stopper in the track so if a burglar breaks the lock, he cannot slide the door open.

3. Stick to These Materials

Wood, metal and steel. If a door is made from these, a burglar will not be able to kick it in. Wood doors must have a solid wood core and not just thin wood panels. When you see police kick in doors in movies, those doors are not made from these materials. Trying to kick in a door with a solid wood, steel or metal core would cause a lot of injury to any person.

4. Keep Windows to Just Walls

While doors with small glass windowpanes look attractive and help illuminate your entryway, they also give a burglar a way to break through your door. With a simple crowbar, a burglar could shatter the window panes in the door, reach through and unlock it. If your door already has windows and you don’t want to replace the entire door, reinforce them with metal bars.

5. Add a Deadbolt

You will feel safer at night and you’ll make it very hard for a burglar to break in. Plus, deadbolts have an intimidating look. If a burglar scouts out your place, looks through some windows and sees dead bolts on your doors, they’ll understand you take security seriously and may assume you have other systems in place. Ideally, you’ll install two deadbolts—one that you can lock and unlock from outside of your home and one you can only lock from inside your home. Even if a burglar finds a way to manipulate the exterior deadbolt, he may not be so lucky with the interior bolt.

6. Install Motion Sensor Alarms

Install motion sensor alarms at your doors and activate them when you’re sleeping or when you’re away. These will typically send a burglar running, but if they don’t, you now have your other reinforcements in place.

Sometimes burglars use the most obvious entryway just because they know you don’t expect them to. Make sure your doors are break-in-proof by taking these simple precautions – you’ll be glad you did.



Posted on Monday, May 15th, 2017