51 Horror Stories of Home Invasion Robberies

Home invasions happen on a far too regular basis all around the world, and usually these types of robberies are vicious and brutal, and can be a victim’s worst nightmare come true. Security is increasingly important for areas where home invasion robberies happen more often, but everyone should do everything they can to ensure the safety of their homes and families.

Here are 51 real life home invasion horror stories

Hopefully these will help people realize the importance of home security and even self defense. Some of these stories do have positive endings after the nightmare ensued, but they all go to show that these types of crimes happen all the time and protecting your home should be a high priority on your must do list.

  1. Seattle University District Home Invasion Robberies – In 2009 this area of Seattle was being plagued by home invasion robberies.
  2. Newport Beach Home Invasion Story – Five men charged in armed home invasion robbery conspiracy.
  3. Home Invasion Story from a Victim – A True Story About Home Invasion: Would You Be Ready?
  4. Nashville Victims Nightmare Story – Homeowner Pens Compelling Account of Home Invasion Robbery
  5. Cape Town Invasion Horror – A home invasion horror story from South Africa.
  6. A Horror Story of Banskhali – In a remote village of Bangladesh called Sadhanpur in Chittagong eleven members of a Hindu family were burnt to death.
  7. Would a Gun Have Helped Home Invasion Victims? – This incident shows the horrible extent to which crime can go.
  8. Children Witnessed Murder of Parents – Police have said nine of the children were home during the slayings and several were believed to have seen the gunmen.
  9. Home Invasion Tips – Not a horror story but some good tips.
  10. UCLA Invasion Horror Story – Westwood Home Invasion Robbery Traumatizes UCLA Students
  11. Invasion in Mount Vernon – Four young men circled the house on the night of October 4. They shut off the electricity and forced their way inside.
  12. A Christmas Eve of Terror in Suriname – As night fell on Christmas Eve, more than one thousand Quilombolas rampaged through a village and took people from their homes with deadly force.
  13. Widow Testifies at Chae Murder Trial – The wife of a murdered Korean businessman tearfully recalled the day the sanctity of her Montgomery Township home was invaded by three robbers.
  14. 3 Shot During Robbery At Vacant Fulton Home – Police said two electricians were lured to a vacant house in south Fulton County and shot Thursday afternoon, robber also shot in the head.
  15. Four Home Invasion Suspects Nabbed – Two of four men charged Monday after a weekend home invasion at an eastside Vancouver apartment building were out on bail when city police nabbed them
  16. Medical Marijuana Advocate Shot in Home-Invasion Robbery – I am sure you can understand why someone would rob this home, and luckily the owners had proper protection.
  17. Home Invasion Robbery In San Carlos – A 47-year old man was tied up while between two and four individuals ransacked the house.
  18. Phoenix Police Stop A Home Invasion Robbery – Luckily the police stopped this one, unfortunately they burned the house down while stopping it, but they did get the job done.
  19. Arrests Made in Home Invasion, Assault – This was a home invasion in which an elderly couple was assaulted at their house.
  20. Mysterious Home Invasion/Murder – A science professor is dead after an apparent home invasion that ended in a fire early Tuesday morning, the victim’s friend said.
  21. Home Invasion Leaves Victims Stunned – FTA: “I said four or five times, ‘Is this real?’, and they said, ‘This is as real as it gets.'”
  22. Rapper Pistol Whipped in Home Invasion Robbery – Four thieves, two men and two women managed to get away with $10,000 worth of cash and jewelry taken from a total of eight people.
  23. NFL Player Killed in Home Invasion – Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor died early Tuesday from the gunshot wound he suffered during a robbery in his home.
  24. Two Arrested After Violent Home Invasion – Two men are under arrest after a violent home invasion which left a Whitby man with facial injuries.
  25. Trio Charged in Home Break-in – Three more men have been charged for breaking into a house and robbing the residents who hid in a closet and bathroom from the gun-toting intruders.
  26. Man Arrested over Home Invasion – The resident allegedly stabbed a man in the abdomen with a 15-20cm kitchen knife during a scuffle with two intruders.
  27. Caught on Tape: Attempted Home Invasion (Video) – A home security camera was rolling as a woman and two men tried to kick in the door of the North Lauderdale home early Friday.
  28. Another Home Invasion Gone Wrong – Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders
  29. Home Invasion at University of Delaware Student Apartment – The victims–four residents of the apartment and two visitors–are all University of Delaware students.
  30. Man Gets 30 Years For Assault, Burglary During Home Invasion – Judge sentences a man to 30 years in prison for his role in a home invasion.
  31. Family Held at Gunpoint and Robbed – Three  men broke into a family’s apartment around midnight and robbed them at gunpoint.
  32. Facts About Home Invasion And Protecting Your Home and Family – Some general facts about home invasions and things you can do to protect your home.
  33. Home Invasion Hell – A blog that aggregates hellish home invasion stories.
  34. Audrina Patridge’s  Home Invasion (Video) – The actress from TV series The Hills has also been a victim of a home invasion nightmare.
  35. Home Invasion Safety Quiz – How much do you know about home invasion robberies?
  36. Gun Wielding Burglar Arrested – A man with a gun confronted a woman in her home and luckily this one turned out alright and the burglar was arrested.
  37. Police say Robbers using Craigslist to Find Victims – Some criminals are taking advantage of sites like Craigslist and Twitter to find targets.
  38. Two Arrested in Mesa Home Invasion Robbery – Male victim says three men entered his apartment and assaulted him before stealing marijuana and cash.
  39. Beware Of These Common Home Invasion Scams! – Though it is often said that burglars and other criminals try to target empty homes, some criminals specifically target occupied homes.
  40. Dianne Zimmermann’s Home Invasion Survival Story – FTA: “About 10 years ago I was attacked after walking into my home when it was being burglarized by two young men who should have been in school.”
  41. Home Invasion: A True Story – FTA: “This was a dreadful experience. I am still suffering from post-traumatic-stress and working on my recovery.”
  42. US Home Invasion Robberies Rising at Alarming Rates – Weekend robbing sprees, thugs with nothing to lose, gangsters, drugs. No doubt about it, crime is on the rise.
  43. Home Invasion Exposé Pt.1 – FTA: “Home invasion is such a violent, serious, and misunderstood crime that I’ve decided to give it as much attention and exposure as possible.”
  44. And Yet Another Home Invasion NightmareIt was just after 2 a.m. when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a home where they found 34-year-old Lisa Lynette Whitt-Ulloa dead.
  45. Yet ANOTHER Las Vegas Home Invasion – The mother said the two male suspects kicked in the door and were armed with guns.
  46. Soulja Boy Speaks On Home Invasion For First Time – At the end of December, Soulja Boy was robbed after masked men stormed his Atlanta home.
  47. Home Invasion Robbery in Bartlett, TN – A Bartlett family was bound with zip ties and the house ransacked in a home invasion incident.
  48. Protect Yourself from Home Invasion – The home invasion robbery is a profound violation — destroying the security of home and hearth.
  49. FBI Impersonator Picks Wrong House for Home Invasion – Police say a man impersonating an FBI agent with a search warrant tried to con his way into a home in the First Ward on Monday — but he picked the police chief’s house.
  50. Home Invasions Are Ugly – A couple different scary stories in this post.
  51. Cimarron Home Invasion – When the homeowner answered the door, two men armed with handguns dressed in all black forced their way into the home.
Posted on Monday, April 26th, 2010