5 Summer Traditions that Put Your Neighborhood at Risk

summer bbq

Summer time comes with some pretty fun traditions. You probably remember your neighborhood lighting up with activity during the hottest months of the year as a kid. It’s true – people feel more social during the summer. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and school is out, making for some great summer traditions.

But, while you’re out having some fun in the sun, make sure you’re not welcoming any security threats. Let’s take a look at some summer neighborhood traditions that could pose safety hazards.

1. Block Parties

Block parties provide a wonderful way to get to know your new neighbors, while catching up with old ones. In most cases, neighborhoods will block off one street with traffic cones so cars cannot come through, making it one large pedestrian walkway. But when everyone is out on the street, they are not keeping an eye on their homes. When dozens of people are swarming the street, it can make it harder to spot someone who doesn’t belong there. If your neighborhood throws a block party, make sure some residents take turns standing guard at either end of the road. People wanting to enter the block party will have to say where they live, or at least whom on that street they are friends with. Arm your home with a security system you can access from your phone so you can be sure everything inside is safe and sound.

2. Yard Sales

A yard sale is a great way to make a little extra cash for those summer vacations. You want a lot of people to come to your yard sale, so you post signs about it all over town. You may want to be a bit more selective, however, about where you advertise your yard sale. Putting up signs in higher crime areas could attract criminals to your yard sale. When you’re on your front lawn trying to make a sale, you aren’t paying attention to your house, making it easy for anyone to sneak in. That’s why it’s also important to activate your security system when you host a yard sale. Don’t bring anyone inside of your home to show them an item for sale. Bring all items for sale onto your yard.

3. Backyard BBQs

If you plan on hosting a backyard barbecue, make sure all of your front doors and windows are locked and armed with alarms. Commotion in your backyard tells burglars nobody is watching the front of the house. You also shouldn’t put signs up in your front yard, pointing guests in the direction of the barbecue. You don’t want strangers on the street to know you’re having a party, giving them the perfect opportunity to sneak in. Send private invitations and directions to guests via text or email.

4. Holiday Parades

Perhaps your neighborhood puts on some fun summer parades, like dog costume contests or summer solstice parades where children decorate their bikes and ride up and down the street. You should take the same precautions during a parade that you would during a block party. Block off either end of the road and have residents stand guard, making sure nobody enters the area that doesn’t live there or wasn’t invited.

5. Fireworks Shows

If fireworks are permitted in your state, then your neighborhood may put on fireworks shows during the summer. When fireworks are blasting, it can be very difficult to hear a burglar smashing a window to get into your home. Arm your security system during all firework shows. Fireworks also tend to set off car alarms, meaning people will ignore one when it goes off. This is a prime opening for car thieves to take a vehicle without anyone noticing. Lock your car and put it in your garage during all firework shows.

You should keep up the summer traditions you loved as a child, so your kids can enjoy them and make fond memories of their own. But be careful – keep a watchful eye and take all the security precautions you can, so memories aren’t tarred with any unfortunate events.



Posted on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017