4 Good Reasons to Install Home Security Night Vision Cameras

Sometimes it’s nice to know what’s hiding in the dark corners and recesses of your home; especially when you keep long hours at work or arrive home in the wee hours of night.   Night vision cameras can be great home security systems and are easy to install.  Garages are definitely places that could benefit with a night vision camera.  There are all different kinds of night vision cameras on the market such as color footage during the day and black and white images at night.  Other night vision cameras only produce black and white images.  Black and white cameras are ideal for seeing into darkened areas and can pick up stray animals or would be intruders. (Top Picks | 4 Camera Surveillance Systems)

Evaluate your independent security needs as every home is different.  Some homes are well lit and others are not.  Regardless, night vision cameras should be viewed as one of your homes assets. Some homeowners wonder if installing a night vision camera is worth the cost.  It’s always worth the cost if it pays you back your peace of mind.

1)   Cost Effective-Night Vision cameras retail anywhere from $35.00 to $150.00, but for a quality camera like the Low-Light Wireless NightWatch Camera from X10 you’ll need to spend only around $90.00.  That relatively a reasonable price for a night vision camera.

2)   Ease of install-Night vision cameras are not difficult at all to install.  Most are wireless and allow for quick setup and they make a great addition to other wireless systems.

3)   Captures night images inside or out-It’s a great advantage to be able to place these cameras on the interior or exterior of your home.  It makes things convenient and offers the most protection aside from motion detectors.

4)   Protects your home from unwanted surprise guests-If you’re having problems or issues, the night vision cameras can survey any areas and can view footage in low light conditions or complete darkness.

If your home relies heavily on exterior security you might want to consider purchasing outdoor infrared night vision cameras.  These types of cameras are built for tough weather and can adjust too many different environmental lighting conditions. Most outdoor night vision cameras utilize infrared energy and image enhancement.  These two features work synergistically to give you the best possible picture even under low light and harsh conditions.

When dealing with an exterior home security systems camera, you want it to be reliable and stand up to the elements.  IR cameras can do that for you and more.  Two other cameras that have received good reviews on resolution quality and functionality are the Outside Long Range 70” Vision Night Camera and the Color Outdoor Infrared Integrated Day and Night Bullet Camera.   With all of these choices, it’s hard to choose just one.  Go get yourself a night camera, because darkness doesn’t have to mean your blind to burglars.

Photo via WCGAPS
Posted on Monday, September 13th, 2010