3 Unbelievable Car Theft Statistics That’ll Shock You

car theft

You likely do what you think is the safest for your car. If you have to park on the street, you might make sure to park under a streetlight or in front of a business so people can see your car. Maybe you cover your expensive car with tarp each night, or keep it shut in a garage so no one can see how much you spent on your rims.

But what you think about car safety may not actually be correct. We’ve got some car theft statistics that’ll surprise you, so sit down, buckle up and get ready for the ride.

The Most Stolen Car

While you might expect expensive or showy cars to top the list of most stolen cars, the top stolen vehicle is neither: it’s the 1997 Honda Accord. That’s right, out of the over 50,000 Honda Accords stolen each year, the 1997 models see the most theft. Another Honda model comes in at number two as well: the 1998 Honda Civic. As a matter of fact, none of the top 10 stolen cars are luxury vehicles or sports cars. While you should certainly take precautions to cover up your nice car or hide it in a garage, you should take just as many precautions with cars of a lesser value. Close and lock your garage door immediately after parking. If you don’t have a garage, set up automatic lights and motion sensor alarms around your car. And if you live in a neighborhood that has a lot of these makes and models, definitely keep your eyes peeled for car thieves.

Big Cities vs. Little Cities

People often associate big cities with higher crime rates and, while that may be true for certain types of crime, it’s not the case for car theft. Many of the worst cities for car theft in America aren’t big at all. In fact, Fresno, California (number 9 on the list) is known as “The Best Little City In The U.S.A.”

You’ll find that many of the other cities are commuter towns or near major farming areas, but they certainly are not bustling metropolitan hubs of activity. Just because your street doesn’t see much action doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lock your car, park it under a light or keep it shut in a garage. In fact, those living in quieter neighborhoods should take even more precautions. If someone tries to steal your car in the middle of the night, there likely won’t be anyone around to see it. For that reason, security cameras are also very important to have if you don’t live in a busy area.

Most Popular Month for Car Theft

Is it December, when thieves need the extra cash to buy holiday presents? Or perhaps September, when thieves are sending their kids back to school? Nope. The two months that see the most auto theft are July and August. Perhaps because people aren’t worried about snow covering their car or rain ruining their recent wash, drivers leave their vehicles out of their garages more often during the summer. Regardless of the logic, don’t let the hot summer sun soothe you into forgetting to lock your car, close the garage and activate the motion sensor alarms on your garage or around your vehicle. If you crack the car windows to let in a breeze during the summer, make sure to close these each time you park.

Remember that most car thieves can get into the minds of their victims. They can predict what you think keeps your car safe and work around it. Being aware of these car theft statistics could help you avoid becoming one of them.



Posted on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017