3 Tips to Protecting the Home Security interests of Your Own Neighborhood

Home security systems protect your home, but what about the house next to you?  Have you ever given thought to how a foreclosed home affects your neighborhood? The current recession has made quite an impact on the number of homes being foreclosed on recently and many neighborhoods have more than one home sitting vacant these days.  Homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with payments and real estate tax hikes.  Banks sometimes do not have your neighborhoods best interests in mind when it comes to abandon properties.  Nothing can make your neighborhood a target quicker than a vacant home. Foreclosure crime is getting the upper hand in today’s recovering economy.  Sometimes thieves will go so far as to peruse foreclosure listings in the paper when choosing their next morsel for the taking. You may ask what you can do to be a proactive member of your development or surrounding community and avoid being the next burglarized home.  Here are some common sense tips and advice for homeowners who may be concerned about foreclosure security.

1.   It’s a good idea to collect old newspapers and discarded mail.  Criminals are tipped off by piled up mail sticking out of doors and mailboxes.  It’s an open invitation for burglars and other sticky fingered individuals.  Attempt to stack the mail in your garage and throw out any old newspapers.

2.   As a next door neighbor of a surrounding foreclosure, don’t take advantage of the situation.  Remember not to attempt to park your car in the driveway of a foreclosed property.  It draws unnecessary attention and could just land your vehicle in a local impound lot.  Stray cars can be towed away if you don’t have permission from the bank to park there.

3.   As neighbors, band together to shovel snow or mow the lawn.  Banks can shut off water in the summer months, but by keeping a manicured appearance your development can help to avoid targeted crime.  You can even assist the bank in the reselling of the home quicker by cleaning up surrounding grass and overgrown bushes.  If the water has been shut off, consider using your own garden hose to keep things looking good.   As far as home security is concerned, it’s a good goal to shoot for and an intelligent investment of your time.

Following these straightforward tips is an easy thing to do and can help your street stay crime free.  You can find out more information and address neighborhood questions to places like foreclosure services, whose main business is to help homeowners through the entire process of any foreclosure issues.

Posted on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010