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With over 20 years of experience, 1st Security is a company that promises a lot for homeowners looking for security services. Not only has the company won awards for excellence of service, but it has been directly contracted by one of the world’s largest private security companies. It’s one of the top-ranked companies in the United States,  yet it offers its services at a very reasonable price. Those looking for top-notch security may want to consider 1st Security.


One of the things that sets 1st Security apart from its competition is the fact that it offers one of the best security systems on the market: the GE Simon XTi. It is the latest model released by GE, an upgrade to the Simon XT. The system has the same versatility and customizability of the older model, but with the added feature of Two Way Talk. The touch-screen control panel allows homeowners instant access to their security system, as well as a way to communicate with the security providers.

The touchscreen comes with a microphone installed for Two Way Talk, a backup power supply guaranteed to keep the system running even in case of a power outage, user-friendly icons and operations, and even a piercing siren that is louder than average. It can even be used for home automation, ensuring that homeowners have total control over every aspect of their homes.

Monitoring and Services

The addition of Two Way Voice monitoring is usually a feature that costs extra, but 1st Security offers it as a part of its basic package. This provides excellent value to its customers, ensuring that they are happy with 1st Security’s service. Using the microphone built into the control panel allows customers to immediately get in touch with the monitoring station, where personnel is on standby 24 hours a day to ensure that nothing happens in your home.

The wireless home system is designed for easy access for homeowners, yet aims to be impervious to outside threats. It’s a cellular-based system, so it’s all but impossible to disrupt the signal. Should the system fail for any reason, an alert will immediately be sent to the monitoring stations in Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, Kansas, Florida, and Missouri. The response time of 1st Security’s team is above average.

Not only does the system include monitoring, but remote access and control is also available. Homeowners can access their security system from anywhere around the world thanks to the app installed onto their phone or PC. With the home automation services provided by 1st Security, customers have the option of taking control of their appliances and utilities as well.


The cost of monitoring starts at just $1/day, or $31/month. Compared to many of the lower-quality services, this fee is actually surprisingly reasonable.  The monthly fee will increase with the addition of features such as home automation. The cost of installing the equipment starts at $99, but rises when more equipment is added. The contract lasts for 3 years, the industry standard for home security contracts. Homeowners do not own the equipment once the contract is complete.

The Good

1st Security uses only the latest in home security systems, ensuring tech-forward protection for its customers.

It has an excellent rating with the BBB, and has received awards for excellence of service.

The Bad

It only provides service to 10 states at the moment, though it is working to obtain the license to operate throughout all 48 Continental states.

The Bottom Line

Homeowners wanting to contract 1st Security are subjected to credit approval, and an alternate, lower-quality service is offered to those failing to qualify for the credit check.

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  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Access/Control
  • 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Home Automation
  • Alarms/Sirens
  • Sensors/Detectors
  • Two Way Voice Monitoring

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