11 Important Water Safety Tips for Pool Owners

kid in pool

Adding a pool to your home can add a tremendous amount of value to it, beside the obvious savings on public pool or swimming club fees. Having a pool also makes your house the place everybody wants to hang out, which can mean a lot of responsibility in terms of maintenance and safety.

Got a pool? It’s summer, which means the weather is perfect for hanging poolside! Don’t forget to keep these pool tips in mind, though, for a safe and happy outdoor break.

1. Don’t keep any electrical appliances near the pool.

Right now, you may not be able to imagine what electrical appliances you could possibly want by the pool, but once your pool parties begin, you’ll see how quickly the appliances come out. You may want to use an electric pump to inflate a toy or plug in speakers to listen to music by the pool. No matter what, enforce a strict policy against appliances near the pool.

2. Store your kids’ pool toys.

When your children are done playing in the pool, store their toys away. Having toys lying around the pool can easily cause someone to trip and fall when walking around. Plus, you don’t want your kids to peek outside their window, see their toys and be tempted to go out to the pool without your supervision.

3. Keep your pool covered when not in use.

Keeping your pool covered when you aren’t using it keeps debris, objects, animals and even children from falling in.

4. Invest in a good pool cover.

Invest in a pool cover that would be strong enough to support the weight of an adult running across it, a rule that should not be routinely tested.

5. Build a lockable fence around your pool.

To ensure your children and pets only go near your pool under your supervision, install a fence with a lockable door around your pool. Only the adults in the house should know where the key to that fence is.

6. Activate alarms on the fence door.

At night and when you aren’t home, activate motion sensor alarms around your pool fence, so you know if one of your children or anyone else is trying to get in.

7. Schedule motion sensor lights around the pool.

If you like to use your pool at night, then it’s very important you install motion sensor lights. These will also be vital if a child sneaks into the area at nighttime, alerting you with a bright light.

8. Don’t swim if nobody is home.

It’s best not to swim when  you’re home alone. In case of emergency, there should always be someone close by who can help.

9. Don’t swim in bad weather.

Swimming during storms can be very dangerous. Even swimming during moderate windstorms puts you at risk of being in the water when the wind blows a dangerous object or loose electrical wire in into the pool.

10. Don’t let anyone in the pool when the vacuum is on.

Don’t allow anyone in the pool when the pool vacuum cleaner is running. The suction of these machines can grab someone and can be very dangerous.

11. Don’t allow glass by the pool.

If a glass shatters by the pool and the wind blows that glass into the swimming pool, finding and removing every shard of glass in the water is extremely difficult. It’s best not to allow glass by the pool at all.

Having a pool means always having something to do during the summer, but it does come with some risks, so keep these tips in mind for a safe and happy summer!


Posted on Monday, May 8th, 2017