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Camera surveillance systems are utilized as a measure of protection and monitoring for residential and commercial locations. Surveillance systems include multiple cameras placed at designed locations throughout a property in order to monitor and record activities. Depending on the specific type of surveillance system employed, security cameras are connected to digital video recorders and closed-circuit monitors for real-time monitoring. has put together a comprehensive list of our Top 4 Camera Surveillance System picks based both on each offering’s features as compared to its price. Choosing the right surveillance system for your home and family could be one of the most important decisions you make, but it’s important to note that surveillance systems here don’t include monitoring services like those provided by our Top Home Security System Picks. (See our Top Home Security System Picks)

Rank System Features Price

4 Camera Day/Night 130 ft IR H.264 Video Security System
  • 130 ft Range
  • Motion Detection
  • Weatherproof
  • H.264 DVR w/500GB Hard Drive
  • 17″ LCD Monitor
  • 420 Lines of res IR Cameras

4 Camera Day/Night 130 ft IR H.264 Security System with DVD Burner
  • 130 ft Range
  • PC/Mac Compatible
  • DVD Burner
  • H.264 DVR w/500GB Hard Drive
  • 17″ LCD Monitor
  • 1 Year Warranty

4 Camera 65 ft IR Day/Night Video Security System with LCD Monitor
  • 65 ft Range
  • 420 Lines of res
  • Weatherproof
  • DVR w/500GB Hard Drive
  • 17″ LCD Monitor w/VGA
  • Remote Control

4 Camera Indoor/Outdoor 50 ft IR H.264 Video Security System
  • 50 ft Range
  • 4-CDC3115IR 420 Line
  • Weatherproof
  • H.264 DVR w/500GB Hard Drive
  • 17″ LCD Monitor w/VGA
  • 50′ Power Cables

4 Camera 65 ft IR Day/Night Video Security System
  • 65 ft Range
  • Color Cameras
  • 420 Lines of Res
  • H.264 DVR w/500GB Hard Drive
  • No Monitor Included
  • Remote Control

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Camera surveillance systems are recognized for their protection against criminal activity and as a way to document these acts for legal purposes. Maintaining security recordings of the activities provides evidence to assist law enforcement with prosecution. Posted notice of surveillance cameras on location are also effective in thwarting thieves from stealing or committing vandalism.

Many types of businesses rely on camera surveillance systems to monitor activity in real time. Retail locations use surveillance cameras to prevent shoplifters. Medical facilities utilize camera surveillance to monitor employees and as a security measure to keep the facility safe. Schools are also installing surveillance systems to watch student activities and help detect violence and other crimes. Many industries rely on camera security to protect their assets in the event of an accident or incident occurring on premises as part of their risk management plans.

Camera surveillance systems can be customized to meet the needs of the residence or commercial business with multiple cameras in use and different recording and monitoring capabilities. Depending on the needs of each location, surveillance systems can be designed to monitor all areas of a property or only cater to specific areas that need 24/7 surveillance.

Surveillance systems can be installed which are very prominent in order to prevent criminal activity from occurring or they can be installed in a discreet fashion to monitor in-house activities secretly. Cameras can be mounted indoors and outdoors to provide the security and recorded footage necessary for the ultimate protection.

Posted on Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


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Benefits of Home Security Systems with Cameras

  • Keep an eye on your home, family, or pets from anywhere in the world
  • Get motion activated alerts, pictures, and video clips sent directly to you
  • Know when your kids come home from school
  • Know when your contractor or cleaning crew arrived and what they did

Home Security Statistics

Every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the US. ±
Average loss per burglary: $1,725. ±
Homes without security systems are about three times as likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. ±
Favorite items: cash, jewelry, electronic equipment, silver, guns and other items easy to sell. ±
± Washington Post, 2007 (link)
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