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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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You might think a place with dozens of people living inside is the last to need a security system, simply because there are dozens of people living inside. It’s probably never empty, right? Well, one of a sorority or fraternity’s biggest security strengths might also be one of its biggest weaknesses. Any time you have a lot of people occupying a building, there is the potential for confusion, and confusion in a household puts that household at risk for burglaries. Here are some reasons fraternity and sorority houses absolutely need security systems. Partying Fraternity and sorority houses are notorious for throwing huge parties. Huge parties mean loud music, an open front door, strangers and alcohol. The immense amounts of alcohol of course make the inhabitants less wary of all the previously mentioned hazards. When everybody in the house is drunk, everybody’s senses are diminished and it’s harder to hear a break in. Since each person has his or her individual friends, nobody questions unfamiliar guests—it’s so easy to think, “It must just be my housemate’s friend who I’ve never met… Read more

Today, gaming isn’t just for kids, and burglars know that. They know that gaming systems are getting more elaborate, more mature and more expensive. So if you’re a gamer, your home is automatically at risk of a burglary just for the valuables inside. But there are several other reasons being a gamer could make you a target for burglars, and why home security is especially important for you. Headphones block out sounds Playing with headphones on helps maximize your experience, making every sound of the game come to life more. But this also makes every sound in your house almost non-existent to you. If a burglar simply peeks in the window and sees you have your headphones on for a game, he knows he can move through your house unheard. He can probably even break a window without you hearing him. Use your home automated system to automatically lock all doors and windows at times you know you’ll be gaming for a long time. Should a burglar break a window or lock to get in, even if you can’t hear… Read more

You do the most you can to protect your kids from strangers and from hazards outside of the home, but did you know that the most common childhood injuries can actually take place right inside your home? If you had it your way, you would probably clone yourself so no kid would ever be unattended. Until that technology becomes easily available, a home-automated system can help you protect your children from common injuries in and around the home. Here are the most common childhood injuries and how to prevent them. Falls There are plenty of places for a child to fall in and around your house, like an unprotected stairway, a bunk bed, or even from a play place in your yard. If you set up surveillance cameras in your homes, you can check in on your child from panels around the house, or even your smart phone, to make sure he isn’t playing near an edge he could fall off of. Set up motion sensor lights around areas a child can fall to make it easier for him to… Read more

When you hear of a fire in a house in your neighborhood, you might tell yourself, “It must have been something obvious like someone left the stove on or someone didn’t put a cigarette out.” But, the scary truth is that there are surprising fire hazards all around your home that you might not be aware of. A home-automated system will detect smoke or fire the moment it breaks out, and not only in obvious areas like the kitchen or near the fireplace. Here are some surprising fire hazards around your home. Refrigerator, microwave, and anything with a plug Any time dust accumulates on active plugs you have a fire hazard. Your more lived in areas like your kitchen and living room naturally accumulate the most dust. Between meals, movie nights, and dogs running around, dust piles up daily. These are also the areas where you have big items like flat screen televisions, video games, refrigerators, microwaves and more. Make sure to regularly dust behind all of these appliances, and dust off their chords. Getting behind the refrigerator to clean… Read more

Even if you consider yourself a private person, for some reason it’s easy to open up to strangers—especially friendly ones. But remember that criminals will always seem friendly and well meaning. Also remember that many of the places you shop or hang out don’t do background checks on their employees, so you never know who you’re over-sharing with. Here are just some instances when you might over-share with strangers. Walking in your neighborhood If you’re walking your dog in your neighborhood and meet another dog walker, you might get to talking about life in the neighborhood, where you got your dogs, the loud construction going on at the end of the road and how much it bothers you because you live directly across the street. Oops! You just told a stranger exactly where you live. But it’s very easy for a burglar to pick up a dog and stroll the streets of a nice neighborhood, pretending to be a resident to get information on actual residents. In a cab It’s natural to chat with your cab driver. In fact, you… Read more