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In recent years, there has been an average of 10,000 emergency visits related to firework injuries a year. In 2014, there 11 non-occupational deaths related to fireworks. If these statistics don’t scare you away from putting on your own light show on the 4th of July, or if you simply won’t be the one actually lighting the fireworks, there are still some relevant reasons you shouldn’t light fireworks, and be very cautious when your neighbors are doing so. Here are reasons you didn’t know fireworks were extremely dangerous. They sound like gun shots A tremendous amount of crimes—specifically gang activity—take place on the fourth of July because people who hope to hear guns know that the police or passerbyers cannot differentiate the sound of a gunshot or a firework going off. That makes holidays on which people set off fireworks especially dangerous. Fireworks can also cover up the sound of breaking glass, so they create an opportunity for somebody to break into your home without you hearing it. If you have a security system that sends notifications to your smartphone,… Read more

Right around this time of year you see a lot more Smokey the Bear signs popping up, but camping-related forest fires aren’t the only hazard during the summer. A lot of the summer activities you enjoy right inside of your home could put you at risk for a fire. Here are the top fire hazards in the summer months that may surprise you. Barbecues left on You might think that your barbecue is safe to leave unattended because the coals are all black, and the flame appears to be out. But sometimes the tiniest spark can still come out of what looks like a dead pile of coals. Since shrubbery is extra dry during the summer months, if that spark lands in the wrong place it could cause a fire. Observe your BBQ for a long time after using it to make sure it’s truly out. Using the oven and barbecue at the same time You love to barbecue during the summer, but that doesn’t mean the oven is off limits. If you have a party you probably go between… Read more

You don’t need to shout from the rooftop, “I’m going on vacation!” in order for people targeting your house to know you’re leaving town. Even people who conscientiously try to be discreet about an upcoming trip can slip up and let it be known that they’re going out of town, and leaving their house empty. Here are ways you make it obvious you’re going out of town. Making travel calls outside You probably have to wait on hold with customer service at your airline, or the concierge at your hotel for a long time. You probably start to wander around your house while you’re on hold, cleaning the kitchen, putting clothes away, or tending to your garden. But that could mean that by the time you speak to somebody, you’re outside. And that means you’re talking about travel dates and hotel stays outdoors, where your voice can carry and anybody can hear. Leaving the luggage in the living room If you’re going on a long trip, you might need several days to pack. You don’t want your suitcases open on your bedroom… Read more

It seems like we’re constantly being asked to create passcodes today. Between our emails, our phone screens, our online banking accounts and our frequent flyer programs, we have dozens of passcodes to memorize. For this exact reason, it can be tempting to set all of your passwords to the same thing, so they’re all easy to remember. But that means that if a burglar has the passcode to one of your private accounts, he has the passcode to all of them. It’s important to be extra cautious in setting and giving out your security system passcode. Here are the top passcode mistakes people make. Using the same one from another system There is a chance that the person trying to burglarize your home has already figured out the password to something else in your life—like your email or Facebook. If that’s the case, he will try that password first on your security system. Don’t set any two passcodes in your life the same way because that opens the door to various types of intrusions and theft. Naming it after a… Read more

You want to be neighborly and facilitate a sense of community on your block. Unfortunately, some neighbors feel very possessive of the area and feel entitled to private information about everyone who lives there. They may just be catty or prone to gossip, but these traits could mean they accidentally leak information about you that puts your home at risk.  If you notice one neighbor asking a lot of questions or are even sharing a lot of information with you about other neighbors be cautious when speaking to them. Here are ways a nosy neighbor can put your security at risk and what to do about it. Telling people about your raise Nosy neighbors might ask a lot of questions about your work. If they find out that you received a raise or even a bonus they might casually tell other neighbors or their friends. But you don't know whose hands this information could fall into. Complete strangers might hear about a surge of income in your household and target you for a burglary. Don't be afraid to tell neighbors… Read more