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When you move to a new neighborhood, you meet all kinds of new people. You get acquainted with your neighbors, the owner of the local convenience store, the mail delivery person and the teenager who walks dogs for $10. But you may also meet some individuals who don’t have the best intentions. New residents to a neighborhood can be prime targets for burglars. Here’s what to look out for. You haven’t put things away yet You have piles of unpacked boxes, containing every kind of valuable imaginable. You usually keep your grandmother’s jewelry in a safe, but your new safe hasn’t arrived yet. You usually chain down your wide screen television, but you’ve been too busy unpacking the essentials like cutlery and towels. Burglars know that new residents haven’t had time to secure valuables yet. So one of the first things you should do in a new home is set up your security system so you can protect your belongings before you can unpack them. You’re receiving packages New residents usually order a lot of packages. Once you get settled,… Read more

Video blogging can be a legitimate way of making money today. Beauty specialists can make money by promoting makeup in their videos; auto mechanics can make money by slapping car ads in front of their videos. The possibilities are endless, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people make videos from home that they put on the Internet for the public to see. But, if you do this, you’re letting thousands if not millions of strangers get a close look at your home, your belongings, and your life. Here are things to put away before making a video blog. Your address Your address should not be visible in your video at all. If you make videos outside, make sure your house number isn’t written on the curb behind you, that your mailbox isn’t visible, and that your street sign isn’t cropping up in the background. Even leaving out pieces of mail can tell people your address because today, people have software that allows them to zoom in on a video, and see tiny details like words printed on an… Read more

Living in an apartment building means that there is always someone nearby if you are caught in an emergency situation. That’s quite different from the suburbs, where sometimes there is nobody for miles in the times when you need help. But, having more people around also poses safety risks. Here are the top apartment security hazards. Community mail bins Apartment building mailboxes are usually quite small, and if the mail person cannot fit a parcel inside of them, he leaves it in the community mail bin. But sometimes sensitive documents come in large envelopes, and you don’t want these sitting where anybody can grab them. Try to be home anytime you’re expecting a private document, in case the mail person cannot put it in your locked box. Gates that don’t shut automatically If your building has a locked gate surrounding it, that’s a wonderful safety precaution. Unfortunately, some gates need to be manually shut to lock, and a lot of residents forget to close the gate behind them. Ask your landlord to change the gate so that it closes by… Read more

Gardening tools seem so harmless. After all, you just bought them to plant some green pea plants and have a meditation hobby on the weekends. But many of the gardening tools made just a couple of decades ago are pretty unsafe. Here are some old gardening and yard tools that can be very dangerous. Anything rusty Throw away any and all rusty tools, especially shovels, and rakes. If you scratch yourself with one of these, they can carry dangerous bacteria that can lead to a painful infection. All of your rakes and shovels should have rounded tips. Extremely sharp ones can be used as weapons when in the wrong hands (like a burglar’s, or a curious child). Rolling ladders Rolling ladders are incredibly dangerous and should be reserved for enormous warehouses if that. It’s too easy for a child to lose control of his skateboard and send it flying in the direction of the rolling ladder you’re standing on. If you live with children, you should also make sure that any high ladders are stored away securely to prevent any… Read more

If you’re preparing your home for a new baby, or you have an infant who is rapidly starting to crawl and become curious, you need to make some changes around your house. What you keep out of your child’s room or nursery is just as important as what you put in it. Here are ten things you should never put in a child’s room. The router Many families convert their office into a nursery. Unfortunately, the office is usually where the router lives, and routers are not safe for children. Their numerous cords pose choking hazards; their corners can be sharp for a baby with soft skin, and their wiring can overheat. If you can, keep any complicated electronics out of the baby’s room. The ironing board Here’s something else parents convert into a nursery; the laundry room or extra closet. It might seem normal to keep the ironing board in the child’s room—he isn’t going to complain about it—but it can certainly pose a threat. If you iron clothes in the nursery, there is a chance that you leave… Read more