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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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Holiday party season is here. Whether you’re celebrating a certain religion, or just taking the last year of the month to appreciate and catch up with your friends, you likely want to have a little gathering. To most, the sounds of laughter and holiday music blaring from a home covered in twinkle lights are magical; for others, it’s an opportunity to burglarize while a homeowner isn’t paying attention. Here is how to keep your home safe from a burglary during a holiday party. Don’t put a giant Christmas tree in your front window Positioning a huge Christmas tree in your front living room window may look gorgeous to people walking by, but it obscures your view to your yard and the surrounding areas. Make sure that your Christmas tree, or giant blow up Santa, doesn’t block any main windows through which you could supervise your front yard. Don’t overextend your electricity You likely have holiday lights strung up, possibly a fake fireplace roaring, music blasting, crock pots warming stews, a television playing a sports game and more. Then keep in… Read more

This holiday season, give the gift of security. Some people say the feeling of safety is priceless, but you can spend a little money to help somebody get it. Home security gifts can help someone protect all of the other presents they’ll get this month. Personal security items will help them safely go from holiday party to holiday party. Here are great security gifts to give this holiday season. Bluetooth enabled lights If you already have the motion sensor lights on your property, you’re off to a great start. But Bluetooth enabled lights—otherwise known as smart lights—let you turn your lights on and off, or dim them, any time you want, anywhere you are, from your smartphone. If you’re worried about burglars vetting your property and determining your daily patterns, a smart light allows you to make it look as if you’re always home. Burglars will think, “There must be somebody home because somebody is turning the lights on and off at odd times.” Key Hiders If you are just looking for some affordable party favors you can buy in… Read more

Regardless of your political beliefs, or your level of comfort with the current political climate, there is no denying that for many people, the recent election has created a social divide as well as an emotional divide. There is an air of paranoia and stress, and even if you don’t feel it, it’s likely happening around you. Unfortunately, political divide can make a neighborhood unsafe. It likely won’t stay that way forever, but at least for the months following the election, it may not be the perfectly peaceful place it usually is. Here is how political divide could put your security at risk and what to do about it. Your mail can say a lot If people get some idea of your spending habits and reading habits, they might form ideas about your political stances. If you do a lot of online shopping, this may be a time to either cut back or order several items at once to cut down on the number of times a delivery person shows up at your door. If anyone in your neighborhood is… Read more

In the fall, you want to stay warm and toasty. Speaking of toast, you want to toast food, roast food, bake food, and broil food. You want to keep your home lit up even if the sun goes down earlier. It’s the beginning of the time of year when you need a little help from your appliances to stay comfortable. That’s another reason people tend to waste a good amount of energy on their appliances in the fall. Here are the top energy hungry fall appliances. The television As the sun sets earlier, and it gets too cold to go out as much, people become a bit lonelier. To make up for that, people often leave their televisions on for background noise. But this can waste a lot of energy. You’re better off turning on a small radio for background noise or simply hosting more people for dinner. Your computer The computer is another thing people turn to to feel connected during the less social fall months. You use it to Skype, check social media, watch Netflix and the like.… Read more

Families who live in four-season weather know what a blessing and a curse that can be. Their backyard can become a wonderland their children want to play in. And what parent doesn’t want to encourage their child to play outdoors and put video games aside for a while? But the fall and winter months can also add a few hazards to a backyard. Here are yard safety tips for fall and winter. Purchase sturdy garden gloves You may need to clear large piles of fallen branches by hand. But remember that all sorts of critters could be hiding inside of those branches, from insect-ridden bugs to poisonous spiders. Keep arms and hands completely covered when gathering items in the back yard. Don’t let kids play in leaves On the subject of leaves, do not let children play in them. They will be tempted, but as stated before, these can be filled with bugs. They can also sit on top of sharp rocks, so you do not want your children jumping on them either. Don’t use ladders alone You may need… Read more