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ADT's monitoring has a proven track record for more than a century of helping families, homes, and businesses stay safe and secure. ADT uses some of the most advanced technology to monitor your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Sending your child off to college can be one of the hardest things for a parent to do. For 18 years, your child has slept under the same roof as you nearly every night. If they didn’t, they were at least at a friend’s house with adult supervision. Now, you’re just supposed to drop them off on some campus, with barely one security guard for 400 students, and in a dorm where there is maybe one resident assistant for every 50 students. Naturally, this is not an easy transition. But it's all a part of growing up! If you're sending your child to college, you've done something (many things) right! Do everything you can before the big transition and send your kids off with these college campus and dorm safety tips. 1. Get them this safety app. SafeTrek is a unique app that puts the user in touch with the local police without having to dial 911. When the app is activated, the user just needs to keep their finger on the safety button until they’re safely home. Then, they enter a pin to… Read more

Making the decision to move to the suburbs is a monumental moment for many couples and families. It could signify a new phase of life—one where you plan on having children, or already have children who are growing too big to share a room in a small apartment. It can be a financial milestone, because you and your partner can finally afford a large home with a yard and maybe even a pool. One thing many people notice when they first move to the suburbs is that it’s very quiet. That makes sense, because one thing you're paying for when you buy a nice, new home is isolation and privacy. But the isolation can be both a blessing and curse. If you've just made the move, or are planning to move to the suburbs soon, here are a few safety adjustments you'll need to make in order to ensure you and your family's safety. Understand the Cops Aren’t Necessarily Nearby In the city, you can call the police and likely hear their siren arriving within a few minutes. In the city, even if… Read more

Sometimes, giving out your address is inevitable. Dog walkers, babysitters, taxi drivers and pizza delivery personnel need to know where you live to do their jobs. But there are some people and professionals that you should take great pains to avoid giving your address to. Remember that each time you do business with someone, you could be giving them a lot of information about your income, the type of home you live in, the types of things you can afford and more. And there are some people in whose hands that information can be dangerous. If someone in the following situation requests your address, think twice before handing it out. 1. People you meet in a car collision If you get into a collision with someone, you’ll need to exchange insurance information and possibly phone numbers. But never give this individual your address. People can get impatient with insurance companies, especially if they need to wait for a payout in order to have their car fixed, or repair other types of damages. If this happens, these individuals may show up… Read more

Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference between a burglar getting into your home or not. Seemingly minuscule changes around the outside of your home can also affect whether or not a burglar even wants to try getting inside. Not convinced? Here are little updates you can make to your home that will make a big difference in safety. They're easy to put in place and cost close to nothing, so you really don't have any reason not to try them. 1. Replace broken blinds. One lost panel on your blinds is all a burglar needs to look into your home. Even though a broken panel doesn’t affect you much in terms of sleep or shade, it provides a burglar plenty of opportunity to peek inside your private living space. Don’t wait to replace a panel if it falls off. 2. Find shades that show light. Consider installing shades on your windows that are slightly translucent, so people looking at your house can tell that lights and lamps are on. These shades still make it impossible for burglars to look… Read more

If you can’t yet afford a place with a yard, having a balcony can offer a nice way to get some fresh air and be outdoors without having to leave your apartment. Balconies, however, tend to exist mostly in apartment and condominium complexes in more urban areas. Urban areas see a lot of foot traffic, which can lead to a lot of individuals passing right by your bedroom window. A balcony can be an easy way in for a burglar, so it's important to ask yourself: is your balcony a security weak point? If you've got one, here are something to consider and some ways you can secure your home a little more. 1. Cover the rails. If your balcony is encompassed by rails and metal bars, then people can easily look not only into your balcony, but also into your home. Whether you go for bamboo, cloth or some other material, cover up the spaces in the railing so people cannot see through, especially if you've got sliding glass doors or any windows. 2. Don't use it as storage. Storage… Read more