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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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Do you own a clothing store or retail space? It doesn’t seem like there would be much at risk—clothes aren’t exactly Mercedes or diamonds. And while it’s true that clothing stores might not be major targets for burglars, they can be places where the employees try to get away with a lot. Here are some things a security system surveillance camera can catch at your retail store. Commission sabotage Do you notice one employee seems to be making all of the commission sales? But you know your other employees are incredibly hard working and personable. You’re not sure how this could be happening. Sometimes employees sabotage one another’s commission sales. The employee who essentially makes the sale by spending time with the customer and showing him items isn’t always the employee who ends up cashing that customer out. The employee working the cash register might be marking himself as the one who made the sale. The cheated employee knows it’s petty to come to you and tell on his coworker, and he knows it’s almost impossible to prove who actually… Read more

If you run a restaurant, you hope that you can trust your managers to keep an eye on things for you when you’re not around. After all, part of the reason you opened your own business is probably so that you don’t have to actually work as much. But restaurants usually have several rooms from the bus station to the bar area, and even more employees to cover all of those rooms. A security system can help you keep a close eye on your beloved restaurant. Employees eating leftovers Your customers don’t always finish every bite of food on their plate. Maybe they even send entire plates back to the kitchen because they’re dissatisfied with them. But before the plates make it to the dishwasher, they pause for a second in the bus station where the busser took them. Restaurant staff often checks that area when they have a break between tables and will snack on the leftovers. This, however, is a huge sanitation issue. Who knows what sort of bacteria is on that food or on those plates. Your… Read more

You’d like to think your Uber driver would never steal personal information from you. And the reality is, he probably won’t. Uber drivers are constantly rated and reviewed, and if one does something dishonest, they’re fired fast. However, the passengers that Uber drivers pick up are not vetted so thoroughly. So be very careful not to forget the following items in an Uber, because you never know who is getting in that car next. Applications/forms An Uber ride can also be a good time to fill out long job applications or medical forms. You might be taking that Uber to a job interview, and you’re filling out the application on the way. But you put a lot of personal information on that application from your social security number to every previous employer. If you are on your way to a doctor’s visit and have to fill out forms he emailed you in advance, you could again fill out tons of very personal information. In many cases, you’ll fill out your insurance information and even credit card information on these. You’ll… Read more

How many times have you asked somebody who showed up at your door to provide you with a business card, badge or some proof that they are who they say they are? Your answer is probably somewhere between zero and four. We feel comfortable and safe in our homes. We can’t imagine anybody would go out of their way to come up with elaborate lies just to gain a little info on us. But it’s that sense of safety that makes us vulnerable. Here are just some of the ways a burglar who is staking out your home might pretend to be your friend, to gain information about your house. Pose as an alarms system salesman A real alarms system salesperson will normally ask you a lot of detailed questions about your home and lifestyle like, “What sort of hours do you work? Do you have children? Do you have nannies or household employees? How many entrances are there to your home? Do you currently have a security system? Do you have a dog?” You wouldn’t think twice about answering… Read more

If you work in a creative industry like photography or acting, one way to make it lucrative and make great connections is purchasing and renting a creative studio. You’ll consistently have your own place to work out of home, you can make income off the studio by renting it out to others, and you can regularly meet people working in your industry. That being said, owning and renting out a creative space is like owning a business space, and renting it out. Anyone who uses it is, essentially, running their own business on your property and with this comes security risks. Here are some of those risks, and how to protect your property. Schedule locks You likely give some of your more regular renters spare keys to your studio space. It’s much easier than having to go there every time they want to use the space, to let them in. But that’s just more people who can forget to lock up. Using your automated security system, you can schedule the doors and windows on your studio to lock at certain… Read more