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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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Thanksgiving is such a warm time: friends and family gather together, eating food made with love and drinking hot toddies. But Thanksgiving is also literally a warm time for your kitchen. Between the toaster oven toasting appetizers, the oven roasting vegetables, and the fryer frying your turkey, your kitchen is filled with fire hazards. Here are some forgotten Thanksgiving fire hazards that you need to remember. Conventional stovetops Many people love the energy-saving benefits of conventional flame stovetops, but anytime you have an open flame going, you have a fire hazard. Take your oven mitts off when stirring things on the stovetop, as the sleeves of them can catch flame. Do not leave any food packaging materials like plastic bags or turkey strings on the stovetop. A small breeze can blow them toward a flame, and they can catch fire. If you can, stir with metal spoons and spatulas. If you must stir with wooden spoons, keep them away from the stovetop when you’re not using them. Turkey fryer If you’re a fan of the fried turkey, keep a very… Read more

Have you been burdened…er…we mean, honored, with the task of making Thanksgiving dinner this year? That’s a lot of work, and if you’re not prepared, you don’t even get to enjoy all your hard work. You can’t catch up with your adorable niece and nephew when you’re trying to remember cooking times and recipe ingredients. A home automated system can help you have a stress-free Thanksgiving. Well, an almost-stress-free one; it is still Thanksgiving after all. Time your appliances How many times have you been running errands and thought, “I wish I could turn on the oven from here”? Instead, you’ve had to go home, and sit around for a half hour while the oven preheats. With your home automated system, you can turn on appliances, like your oven, from your smartphone. You can also turn it off, so if you leave your house and realize you forgot to do that, you can just grab your smartphone. Protecting children and pets The kitchen can be a dangerous place for children and pets on Thanksgiving. You have hot ovens opening and… Read more

The winter is dark and cold and those are two conditions humans don’t like. So what do we do? We crank up the heat. We light up the house. We make for a warm, safe environment, but it can result in a very scary utility bill. Here are five ways to save a lot of energy this winter. Light control With the sun setting earlier, you need to turn on lights to finish the day’s tasks. Getting work done when it’s pitch black at 5 pm is difficult. But putting on lights at full brightness, and in every room of your house, can cost a lot of money. Install light dimmers in your home to minimize electricity usage. You can also install automatic lights that turn on when they sense motion, or when you clap. You might be in the habit of turning patio lights on when you leave during the day, so you don’t come home to a dark driveway, but this wastes energy. Motion sensor lights will save you energy, but light your way when you get home.… Read more

There’s always talk of snow preparation and rain preparation before winter, but what about wind preparation? You can’t see it, but it can cause more damage than a little rain storm. Here is how to prepare your home for a windy winter. Store light patio furniture If you hear patio chairs scraping across the ground when a little wind starts, store those immediately. A strong wind could lift those up and send them crashing into a window or worse—like you walking outside. Anchor heavy items You may have some outdoor items, which are too heavy to move. But the wind can be stronger than you, and might still affect these things. Anchor down any heavy outdoor items with chains. Parts of a play place, a basketball hoop and the like can be very dangerous when lifted by the wind. Put away potted plants It doesn’t take much wind to knock over potted plants. Once they’ve fallen and smashed, their pieces of sharp clay go everywhere. As more wind picks up, the pieces are scattered even further, and you’re at risk… Read more

You can take all the necessary precautions, like set up your home security system to get severe weather notifications, but sometimes a flood takes you by surprise. Sometimes the weather reporters don’t get the news soon enough. To be truly prepared, you can’t just take steps to avoid a flood; you need to know what to do if you’re caught in one. Go upstairs or to the roof If you are already trapped inside of your home and water is rising, you should immediately go upstairs or the highest level fo your home. This could also mean your attic or your roof. Move somewhere that has an escape route like a window. Avoid windows near tall trees or power lines If you can, avoid taking refuge near windows under tall trees or power lines. These can collapse into your home during a flood, falling on you or sending shards of glass everywhere. Stay above items If you’re caught in a flood in your home, you likely have pieces of furniture, television sets and more floating around. Be sure to swim… Read more