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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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Maybe you’ve installed a light in your driveway and one above your garage door and figure, “That covers the main entrances to my property—I should be protected.” But skilled burglars know to surpass these areas. Here are unexpected places you need to place motion sensor lights on your property. Off-street windows Windows on the side of your house that do not face the street are an ideal place for burglars to sneak into your home. Think about it: you probably have all main bedrooms facing either the backyard or the front of the house because the view is nice for whoever lives inside of those rooms. But that means the rooms that are the least occupied also face the most obscure parts of your property, like the runs on either the side of it. And if those areas are dark, burglars can take plenty of time there trying to jimmy a window off its hinges, not worried that anyone on the street will see them. Putting motion sensor lights here will scare burglars back to the front of the house,… Read more

You know not to use your first name for your password, or the numbers “12345” but did you know burglars have ways of discovering even the cleverest of passwords? Here is how. Your dog’s tags You may already know not to set your passwords as your dog’s name (a burglar can just easily stand outside for an hour and wait to hear your call your dog by her name to get a hint of what your password might be) but don’t forget that a burglar can infer much more from your dog’s tags. You probably put your phone number and/or your partner’s phone number on there, which you may have as your password. So don’t set your password to anything that might be written on your dog’s tags. Your recycling bin Maybe your password is named after a favorite hobby of yours. For example, you’re an avid piano player and constantly order new piano books online, a burglar could peek through your recycling bin at the boxes your books came in. He could start guessing passwords like music related terms,… Read more

Memorial Day weekend is one full of festivities like block parties, pool parties and of course barbecues. And it’s certainly not a day where you want to lock up your home to neighbors and guests, but any time you open your home you make it vulnerable. Especially when there is alcohol, fireworks and open flames on barbecues involved. Here is how to protect your home during a Memorial Day BBQ. Set automatic locks Memorial day is a patriotic time. You don’t want to turn down neighbors who’ve come over to have a beer. Maybe you want to leave your front door open so you don’t have to constantly open it for guests, or because you have food being catered. But that leaves your valuables and rooms with private documents vulnerable. Using your home automated system, you can schedule the locks on your office, your bedroom and other areas you don’t want guests wandering into. That way, you can enjoy your party without worrying about remembering (after several cocktails) to lock up your home. There is also the issue of fireworks… Read more

No one is an expert in raising teenagers. Everybody could use all the help they can get with this difficult age group. Reading all the books on parenting a teen isn’t going to help you ultimately stop them from doing whatever they want to do. But, like with most things today, technology could help you. A home automated system can help you keep an eye on your teenagers, and even save them from themselves in some instances. Here are some ways a home automated system can help you raise teenagers. Track your car There are few scarier moments as a parent than the moment you hand your newly licensed teenager the keys to your car. You used to have some control over where they went and when because you drove them there. But now, they can go just about anywhere without you knowing. Unless you take advantage of the GPS tracking system for your car that comes with a home automated system. You can see if your teen did in fact just go to the movies or if he is… Read more

You might associate home-automated systems with panic rooms and speaking to police officers through speakers in the walls. But there is a much less, well, panicked side to a home-automated system. A wireless security system not only offers security features but it also offers plenty of life-enhancing, convenient and intuitive features that let you save money and live greener—two things that go hand in hand. These systems don’t just make your house safer, but they also make them smarter. Here are some of the many ways a home automated system can help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle, both in terms of the environment and your wallet. Alarms on doors and windows Having alarms on doors and windows of course notifies you if somebody is trying to enter your house, but it can also help you save energy and control the temperature in your home. If you have the air conditioner on, for example, but left a back door open, the cooling system has to work overtime to keep up with the air being released out that back door. Alarms… Read more