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Vivint Security
Vivint is a relatively new name in the home security system marketplace, but the solutions they provide have been around a while. Vivint used to be known as APX Alarm Security Solutions, but in 2011 they decided to seek investment funding and expand their home security business into the home control market. This has only enhanced their position in home security
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During the school year, your children are supervised almost around the clock. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., they're in class, being looked after by teachers and school staff. If you’re lucky, some after school activity like sports or art class keeps them occupied and with adults until 5 or 6 p.m. Maybe by the time your kids come home, you’re back, as well. Once summer break hits, you’re hit with the reality - you need some way to keep your kids busy and safe during a huge seven to nine-hour window when they're typically at school. Even if you’re with them all of the time, you can’t possibly focus on them 100 percent of the time. If they're old enough to look after themselves, you've lucked out! Either way, prepping your home for the continual presence of your child means making it safe and fun for your child. Here are a few musts if your child is spending summer at home. Secure Your Pool. If you have a swimming pool, your kids are in for a fun and cool summer. However, your… Read more

What are the things you think about when you take a risk? Do you think about the odds that it will go wrong? How bad the negative consequences may be? Odds and likelihood play a major role in our decision-making process. If you’re going to rely on statistics when you leave your door unlocked for 10 minutes or give your address to a stranger, you should probably familiarize yourself with the odds you're putting your home and family against. Especially when it comes to something like home burglary, you'd never guess what the statistics actually say. Most burglaries happen during the day. Most burglaries take place in the middle of the day. Ironically, you likely take the most precautions at night, especially when you go to sleep. But burglars know people are off their guard in the middle of the day. You and your neighbors don’t expect a burglary to occur, so you’re less suspicious of strangers walking around your neighborhood. Activate your alarm system any time you leave your home, day or night, and don’t leave any doors unlocked,… Read more

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just opt out of receiving door-to-door solicitors? Some homeowners put up, “Please, No Soliciting” signs, but that doesn’t mean a few traveling salesmen won't disrespect the sign and knock on your door anyway. When we think of solicitors, we tend to think of them as an annoyance, but they can be much more than that. Door-to-door solicitation has given burglars an excuse to go right up to your door, knock, meet you and even ask you questions about your life without you suspecting a thing. If you live in a neighborhood that sees a lot of solicitation, keep these tips in mind the next time you hear a knock at your door. Step Out and Shut the Door Before even opening your front door, look through the peephole to see who's there. Ask questions through the door to find out if this person sounds legitimate. If they struggle to prove they’re from a business, send them on their way and stop communicating. If what they’re selling intrigues you, only open your door wide enough… Read more

Setting up a lemonade stand is an age-old summer tradition for children. Chances are, you had one, your parents had one and your parents' parents had one. Running a lemonade stand teaches a child about the value of a dollar, instills a strong work ethic and even makes them more comfortable with public speaking, since they often have to promote their product to people passing by. But since the world isn’t what it used to be, running a lemonade stand isn’t quite what it used to be, either. Here are lemonade stand safety rules - or any other home-based businesses, like yard sales - to abide by to keep your child and her customers safe. 1. Don’t set up right in front of your home. If you set up in front of your home, then strangers now know where you live. If you can, set up in a park, by the beach, or somewhere that doesn’t indicate your home address or even your neighborhood. If you absolutely must set up in front of your home, make sure your surveillance cameras… Read more

It’s hard to say a bad thing about summer, except for this: the bugs! Insects come out in hoards during the summer. When you set up for a lovely dinner on the patio, you forget that bees may start landing in your salad and swarming around your ice tea. When you go for a nice evening walk, you neglect to prepare for the mosquitoes that will be nipping at your legs. The heat brings out tons of flies and ants, but insects don’t have to ruin your summer if you’re prepared. Stop suffering! Use these 8 simple tips to stop those buggers from coming in and ruining your summer. 1. Seal Up Your Home Insects don’t need a very large opening to enter your home. Something as little as old, deteriorating bricks or tiny cracks in your walls can be big enough for insects to crawl or fly through. Carefully inspect your home at the beginning of each summer for rotting wood, a weak foundation, or any structural issues in your roof. People often find nests of bees living in their roof.… Read more