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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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When it comes to the locks you buy for your home, what seems the sturdiest may not always actually be the sturdiest. You could buy what is marketed as a break-proof lock, but don’t forget that burglars spend a lot of time learning ways to break into homes. You might say, “I can’t think of any way someone could get past this lock” but you don’t dedicate hours to thinking about it—and burglars do. So, let’s take a look at the best and worst types of locks for your home. Okay: Entry Locksets/Handlesets On entry locksets or handlesets, the lock is on the part of the door that you physically grab to get in—either the knob or the handle. From the inside of the door, the knob or handle can be locked by turning or pressing a small button and from the outside it is locked or unlocked with a key. You often find these types of locks on bathrooms because bathrooms don’t usually need maximum security locks, but rather just privacy-ensuring locks. Because these can be locked by a… Read more

If you’re building a home or simply renovating, your decorator will probably ask you, “What style of windows do you want?” But, along with considering the décor of your home, you need to consider its safety and some windows just aren’t that secure. Here are some of the easiest windows for a burglar to break into. Basement windows Whatever type of window you have in your basement, it is still all the way at the bottom of your home where you likely will not hear somebody breaking the glass. So, while a burglar might not risk making noise breaking through a first-floor window, that’s not a concern of his when breaking into your basement. If you have basement windows, put large items like dressers in front of them, and activate your alarms on them, so you’re notified if someone tries to break into them. Louvre windows Louvre windows are a great way to let lots of light, and air in without fully opening a window, which is why some homeowners are deceived into thinking they are safe—a burglar can’t fit… Read more

Having a security guard in your apartment building is an added luxury, but it’s not a guarantee of your security. The term “human error” exists for a reason and, unfortunately, security guards can overlook some critical details, and fall for lies. Here are shocking ways people sneak past security. Posing as plumbers/handymen Your security guard often doesn’t have the direct phone number to your landlord, or somebody who would have authorized a visit from a plumber, handyman, cell phone tower repairman—you name it. Add to that that it’s very easy to simply purchase an authentic Verizon or Rooters uniform at a thrift store, or online. So if someone claiming to be a hired repairman shows up in your lobby, and your security guard can’t get in contact with someone to confirm that he was supposed to be there, he might just let him in. He wouldn’t want to risk getting in trouble with a resident or the property manager for sending away a much-needed plumber. Hanging outside and collecting information If a burglar stood outside your building for just a… Read more

Nannies have a direct line to your heart strings: they have the love of your children. Once your kids are nuts about a nanny, it’s easy to think he/she must be trustworthy. But, while kids—with their unbiased and naïve views—can sometimes be the greatest judges of character, they can also be easily manipulated. Anytime you have a regular visitor to your home who is there without your supervision; you should turn your surveillance cameras on. Here is nanny misconduct your surveillance can catch. The wrong kind of conditioning You work hard all week to get your child to learn to behave for the right reasons. You don’t give in and give him his Gameboy when he starts screaming, or won’t eat his vegetables. You teach him that he will get that after he does the proper behavior. You teach him that if he screams he definitely will not get his Gamebody—in fact, the chances go down! But your nanny might undo all of that hard work after you leave. Some nannies don’t have the patience to listen to a screaming… Read more

If you’re sending your kid off to college, you might feel like your baby is all grown up and doesn’t need you anymore. He can drive, feed himself, and maybe even make a little money on his own. But there is one thing that you can still teach a college-aged kid, and that’s how to be alert and be aware of his surroundings—two things college kids often are not. Here is how your college kid can prevent dorm room theft. Put things away Cleanliness can equal security in a college dorm. A lot of dorms encourage new students to leave their doors open, to socialize and make friends. But that also means anyone passing by can see everything in that dorm room, including items on tables like phones, laptops and wallets. Most dorm room thieves won’t risk making sounds opening drawers and rummaging through cabinets. In fact, a lot of times the thief wasn’t even planning on robbing a dorm, but they saw a laptop sitting in plain sight, and things changed. Simply putting things away can protect your college… Read more