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Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider
ADT's monitoring has a proven track record for more than a century of helping families, homes, and businesses stay safe and secure. ADT uses some of the most advanced technology to monitor your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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When you’re first setting up your security cameras, you might focus on the inside of your home and the immediately surrounding areas, like your front and back yard, and the walkways along the sides of your house. But there’s one place that’s often overlooked when choosing the direction your security cameras point, and that’s the street. Catch people before they spot your cameras. Many burglars prepare for the fact that you may have security cameras in and around your house. Immediately before stepping into your driveway, they could put on their masks or cover themselves to avoid winding up on your surveillance footage. But not many burglars are prepared for the fact that your cameras may have started capturing them before they even stepped foot onto your driveway. Having cameras face the street gives you the chance to capture license plates on getaway cars or unmasked burglars, because burglars think all of this is safe from view. See if someone is casing your property. It's very common for burglars to case a property for weeks before attacking it. If your… Read more

When is it safe to leave your teenage at home alone? Once they can drive, have started applying for colleges or are even babysitting your younger kids, they’re bound to start insisting they no longer need a babysitter themselves. It can be very difficult to know when the right time comes. Each teen is different, but if your teenager has already displayed a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness, he or she may be ready to stay home without you. Fortunately, having a home automated security system can make this transition much easier. Here’s how. Know when the doorbell rings Your teen promised not to have friends over, or at least not certain friends. But how will you know who is there if you can’t be there? Your home-automated system can notify you anytime the doorbell rings so you can check the surveillance, and make sure only friends you said could be there are there. Your child could, of course, try to sneak friends in through a backdoor. Fortunately, your security system can also let you know when a back door is… Read more

If you take a closer look at your smoke detector, you’ll hopefully notice that it says “smoke and carbon monoxide detector.” If it doesn’t, then you should add a carbon monoxide detector in your home immediately. While both fires and carbon monoxide can be deadly, the latter is particularly dangerous because it's often undetectable. Carbon monoxide doesn’t come with the obvious signs a fire does, like visible smoke or a scent, so you want to do everything you can to prevent a horrible disaster from happening. Not convinced you need to invest in a carbon monoxide detector just yet? Read up on these 9 shocking facts and you might just change your mind. 1. It’s the most fatal poison. Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of death by poisoning in the United States. In fact, each year over 500 people die in the U.S. due to unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning. Because this substance can quickly cause a person to lose consciousness, those affected may not be able to bring themselves to a hospital or call for help. 2. Death can… Read more

Now that the holidays are behind you, you probably have quite a few new items in your home, some of which you’re undoubtedly excited about. But then there are those gifts given with the best of intentions that just aren’t for you. Or, you may have gifts you bought for someone else who you didn’t wind up seeing over the holidays. Either way, you have some possessions to get rid of, either by selling them, donating them or giving them to friends. But remember: theft doesn’t stop as soon as the holidays do. In fact, burglars continue to look for new, shiny objects for weeks after the holidays. Worried you might be setting yourself up for some harm? Here are a few ways to safely get rid of unwanted gifts. Don’t leave them in the living room. You may hesitate to find a proper storage space for something you know you’re just going to get rid of. But don’t leave your unwanted presents on the living room floor, right where you opened them. This puts them in plain sight for… Read more

Handing out spare keys to select individuals can be tremendously helpful in certain events. Sometimes, something needs to be done inside of your home, when you just can’t personally be there. And when this happens, you’ll be so glad that one family member or friend is able to get inside. Giving spare keys to nobody would be a mistake, but you also don’t want to become too generous. Now sure who to trust? Here are the people who should have a spare key to your home, apartment or condo, and those who shouldn’t. Should: Your neighbor whom you trust Once you’ve established a relationship with a neighbor whom you trust, give this neighbor a spare key. Just to be clear, establishing a relationship means going inside of their home, spending social time together and learning a lot about this person’s life. Establishing a relationship does not mean having a few pleasant exchanges on the street while walking your dogs. Plenty of people can pretend to be trustworthy over a few short exchanges. But once you do trust a neighbor, giving… Read more