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If you're considering a wireless home alarm system, Frontpoint is a great option. Frontpoint is one of the leading wireless home security system providers in the nation. Let's take a look at Frontpoint's equipment and service and see how they stack up against other home security options
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Have you agreed to let your son or your friend’s son get married on your property? Well, you’re very generous. It will be a gorgeous, memorable day…but it will also be a messy one with some security risks! Here is how to protect your home if you’re hosting a home wedding. Surveillance on wedding crashers Not everyone has as fun-loving intentions as the stars of Wedding Crashers. They got one thing right: it’s very easy to crash a wedding. One detail was left out of that movie though: some people crash them to burglarize them. So long as somebody claims to be the plus one of your sister’s cousin’s best friend, you’re going to let that person use your bathroom, and wander your home. If you notice anything go missing after the wedding, you can check the archived footage on your surveillance cameras and capture the culprit. Even during the wedding, you can scan the monitors and make sure you recognize everybody at the party, and that nobody looks suspicious. It’s easy for a wedding crasher to doge you if… Read more

Your neighbors can be your greatest ally in keeping your home safe. If you keep them up to date on the happenings around your house, from renovations to new babysitters, they could be the reason you’re notified of a potential security risk. Here are some things you should let your neighbors know. When your landscapers come If you have landscapers regularly come to your home, especially during hours you aren’t there, let your neighbors know what days and hours they come. Also tell them how big the team of workers should be. If your neighbor notices one, sole individual wandering onto your proprety on a Tuesday, claiming to be your gardener, but you said your gardeners come on Mondays in a team of five, that’s cause for alarm. Which parts of your home are under renovation Renovations create a lot of distraction under which a burglar can sneak onto your property. When renovations are being done, it’s normal for your neighbors to hear the sounds of drills or even things being broken on your property. So they may not think… Read more

Purchasing an apartment building can be a wonderful investment. Through the rent you collect from your tenants, you can pay off your mortgage faster than you would on many other types of real estate. Plus, owning real estate can build your credit, and even provide you with some collateral if you ever want to take out a secured loan in the future. But all of those benefits are at risk if your tenants are not following the rules you’ve set out to ensure the safety and upkeep of the building. You obviously can’t stop by each tenant’s unit every day to check in on them—that would be a nuisance to them and time consuming to you—but you should monitor your tenants to some degree. Here are some ways a security system can help you do that. Tenant disputes There will come a time when some of your tenants get into an argument. Maybe one claims that the other was making too much noise after the designated quiet hour. Maybe one claims the other let his garbage can on his balcony… Read more

Renovations on your home can take anywhere from weeks to months, and sometimes over a year! In that time, you can start to feel really comfortable with the crew working on your house. Not to mention, being super cautious of locking up, keeping an eye on workers and just monitoring your home’s security can become exhausting if you have to do it every day, for the entire renovation. But unfortunately, it’s just this sort of lax attitude that some employees might hope for, in order to steal something. So, are you careful enough when you have workers in your home? Here are some things to consider. Is somebody always home? Do you make sure somebody is always home supervising when there are workers in your house? If you live with several people and you all have busy schedules, it’s easy to leave the house assuming somebody else will come home before the workers arrive. It’s even easy to leave the house assuming your spouse or a family member is still at home. But if you’re not communicating and coordinating schedules,… Read more

The nature of a personal assistant is built right into the name—they’re personal. As such, they handle a lot of your personal matters. You give them the keys to your home, your car, your life. You have to let them get close to some degree if they’re going to do your job, but there are some errands you shouldn’t send your personal assistant to do. Just set aside the time to handle them yourself. Pick up prescriptions Picking up prescriptions can be a nuisance task—you have to drive to the store, stand in line, hand over documents and more. But do this on your own. If you authorize your assistant to pick up your prescriptions, he learns a lot about you like delicate medical conditions you may have. The pharmacist might even mention some of your medical history, in reference to how you should use the medication. Mailing documents to your accountant Sending anything by hard copy mail today is quite annoying. You either have to stand in line at the post office to pay for postage, or keep stamps… Read more