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In today’s political and cultural climate, there is no such thing as being too picky when looking for a safe neighborhood to move to. And spotting a safe neighborhood isn’t a cut and dry task. While the residential street you’re looking at might have perfectly kind neighbors, clean streets, and well-kept lawns, the streets surrounding it might be problematic. Here are landmarks and buildings you do not want to live near. Public parks It’s nice to have a park that’s within a five-minute drive, but not a two-minute walk. If your home is across the street or a block away from a public park, you might witness or even become accidentally involved in a dangerous activity. Public parks are notorious for being places where drug deals happen, where prostitution happens, and where belligerent people sleep at night. If the police break up illegal activity happening in the park at night (which they do almost every night), the suspects might run right down your alley, and hide behind your dumpster with a weapon. Shooting might ensue outside of your window, and… Read more

In today's telecommuting climate, with things like Skype and video conference calls, jobs that used to require you to be at a specific location can now be done from anywhere in the world. But, you still might need a little help, so you hire a few employees to assist you in your home office. Even if you don't work from home, you may have babysitters or music instructors coming over for your children. You don't want to be a snoop, but if you sense an employee is stealing from you, you have to put a stop to it. Here are signs an employee is stealing from you, and how to be sure. A desire to be left alone If you've had an employee for years who starts to ask for more space in the workplace, that can be okay. But it's not normal for a new employee to say he works better with little supervision. Part of being a new employee somewhere is receiving supervision and constructive criticism. A desire to be left alone could be a sign of stealing. Having guests over It's… Read more

If you’ve just brought home a new puppy you’ll first feel very excited, and then you’ll feel a little worried—puppies get into a lot of trouble! But luckily, with advanced home automated systems, you can keep your puppy safe without having to constantly watch him. Here are some tips for puppy proofing your home. Know when your doors are open A door left open could mean a puppy who runs out into the street. Set up notifications on your home automated system that tell you when a door is open, so you puppy doesn’t wander outside. If you have a large family, one person could be the culprit constantly forgetting to shut doors. If they don't own up to their mistakes, your surveillance archives can hold them accountable. If everybody in the house knows that if they leave a door open, you’ll find out who it was, they’ll be far more cautious about it. Put up a simple sign If you have a gated backyard, it’s important that gardeners and other people who come and go know that there is… Read more

Even if you keep a nice and tidy home, you probably still leave some items out on your kitchen table, living room table, or somewhere in plain site. It’s a part of living—you don’t always have time to put away every item after you’re done using it. Plus, you need certain things always to be within arms reach because you grab them when you run out the door. But these items, when left in plain site, draw burglars into your home. They’re indicators that there’s more wealth inside. Several car keys Several car keys indicate a several car household, which indicates a wealthy household. If you have special keychains designed for your model of bar—like a Mercedes or Ferrari key chain—those are even more eye-catching. Put your keys in a drawer where they are concealed. Naturally, you should keep your cars in a closed garage or hiding the keys is a moot point. Spare house keys Spare house keys are like gold to burglars. If a burglar can just sneak in for a moment to steal a pair of your… Read more

You may be considering skimping on air conditioning or central air this summer, hoping to avoid the high costs. But keeping cool in the hot summer months isn’t just about your comfort; it’s also about your health and safety. Here are surprising reasons it’s important to control the temperature in your home this summer. Insects Dust mites are attracted to warm and humid areas, so letting your house overheat could attract a lot of dust mites. Dust mites can be serious allergens for some people, and at the very least will cause obnoxious itching that keeps you up at night. Even if you don’t feel the dust mites, do you want these little flesh eaters in your home? Heat also attracts mosquitos, which don’t only cause itchy bites, but can also carry dangerous viruses. Another insect that loves a warm house is a grasshopper. But grasshoppers hop from the outside to the inside, bringing all sorts of germs onto your floors, and any surface in your home that they touch—possibly even your food. Mold Mold grows in humid climates, and… Read more