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With Thanksgiving around the corner, your home is probably filling up with guests and your refrigerator is probably filling up with ingredients for your big meal. Thanksgiving is a very social time, but that also makes it a hectic time. Between getting family members settled into the spare room and preparing veggies for the casserole, there is a lot going on that can take your attention away from a few hazards this holiday brings. From deep-fried turkeys to donation solicitors, here are Thanksgiving hazards you should prepare for. Unattended ovens, stovetops and more Between the vegetables you’re making in the crockpot, the stew and hot rum punch you’re boiling on the stovetop and the turkey you’re roasting in the oven, you have a lot of hot appliances running. Each one requires a different cooking time, and though you’re doing your best to set timers and check on things accordingly, you never know when a chatty relative will steal your attention. Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly, just in case you forget to take that stuffing out of the oven… Read more

Deciding who to hire to retrofit your building, remodel your kitchen or build that carport can be overwhelming. There are so many companies in your city that are happy to give you quotes and who claim to have extensive experience, but as someone who doesn’t work in construction, you don’t know what to look for—you can’t differentiate between the quality companies and the less-than-quality ones. Pay close attention to the first couple of weeks of work on your home and look out for these signs that tell you if your construction workers are trustworthy. Are there the same workers each day? In order for the company do to a safe job, they should be sending the same team of workers over each day. This way, each person who is there is familiar with what step of the process the project is on, familiar with the building itself and up to speed on particular rules and regulations regarding that project. If you see entirely new workers every day, there is a good chance the contractor just picks up a new team every… Read more

When you move in with your significant other, you’ll go through an adjustment period, getting used to one another’s habits. You may have different sleep patterns, with one of you needing a white noise machine and the other liking total silence. You could have different standards for cleanliness, with one of washing dishes immediately, and the other letting plates sit for a couple of hours (or days!) It’s alright if you take a while to get on the same page with these things, but one thing you cannot delay is getting on the same page about safety. Don't wait to have the talk - each day that passes puts you more at risk of break-in, burglary or worse. Keep these things in mind and decide how you want to handle each of the following. Don’t say goodbye outdoors. If your partner is going out for a while—especially if he or she is traveling—don’t say goodbye outdoors. You don’t want to notify strangers that you’ll be alone in your home. Having a lengthy goodbye outside or standing among suitcases lets onlookers know… Read more

Living in a duplex sets up a very unique dynamic with your neighbors. A duplex offers almost as much privacy and seclusion as an individual home, with some of the features of an apartment building. It can be a great option for those who are ready to leave busy apartment buildings behind, but aren’t quite prepared to rent or buy a house. But this unique dynamic also comes with a unique set of security issues. 1. Package delivery confusion It’s often hard for delivery personnel to recognize a duplex when they see one. They’re nearly the size of a house and often are just one house that’s been split in half. So UPS or FedEx employees might not always look for a unit number, but rather just drop a package off at the first front door they see. If someone accidentally drops your package in front of your duplex neighbor’s door, he or she can easily take it. The package may just sit there for days, unsupervised, if your neighbor is traveling. Be sure to put specific notes on all delivery instructions so… Read more

If you’ve purchased a home automated system that includes automatic and motion sensor lights, congratulations: you’ve taken an important step toward securing your home. Burglars shy away from well-lit properties and often cancel their attack plans entirely if a motion sensor light takes them by surprise. Here how to make the most out of your outdoor security lighting. Cover every entryway. Make sure there is a light over every entryway. This means your front, back and side doors, as well as any windows that are low or large enough for a burglar to enter through. Don’t leave dark spots. Don’t leave any dark spots around your property. Burglars only need a few small, dark spots to dart around your property unseen. If you’re worried about spending money on too many lights, remember you don’t need to use extremely bright lights. You only need decent lighting to spot and deter burglars. You can use dimmer lights or just a few bright lights, and put them up high so they illuminate a larger area. Illuminate your garden. You may not think about… Read more