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If you’re a man with a spouse and children, you probably feel fiercely protective of them. But do you really know what you would do if there was an intruder in your home? Keeping a baseball bat by your bed might not be the best option. In fact, it might not help at all. Here are some more modern ways that a home security system can help you protect your family. Check surveillance Don’t just send your wife and kids out of the house or into what you think is a safe zone. For all you know, that area is not safe right now. But if you have a wireless security system and live surveillance cameras, you can pick up your cell phone, and check the live feed on each camera in your house. You can take a quick virtual tour through your home to see where the intruder is, and find a safe escape for your family. You can also see if the intruder is armed. If he is not, you may have a chance of going on the… Read more

Living on a busy street can be fun; you’ll probably never get bored, always find someone to talk to if you just walk outside, and are likely close to restaurants, movie theaters and all sorts of entertainment and shops. But living on a busy street also comes with some security hazards. If you take the right precautions, you can enjoy your life on a busy street and not worry about the risks that come along with it. Plenty of places to hide If you lived in an emptier suburban area, you could have a lot of control over the area surrounding your property. You could cut your shrubs, cut down trees, ask neighbors not to park directly in front of your home and do things to keep the front of your home clear. That’s crucial because burglars tend to steer clear of homes that are very open and observable in the front—somebody can easily see them enter. But on a busy street, you don’t really have control over the trees out front, and you certainly can’t ask people not to… Read more

So you’ve offered to host your family member’s or friend’s wedding at your home. That is very generous of you; you’re offering up your private home, your time, your money, and…your safety? Yes, unfortunately hosting such a beautiful event comes with some ugly safety hazards. Here’s how to prevent them or, worst case scenario, handle them if they do occur. Wedding gifts Wedding gifts aren’t just scented candles or scarves; a table full of wedding gifts can easily hold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of valuables. You’d like to think that nobody would ruin such a sacred day by stealing something from the gift table, but you don’t know everybody at the wedding. What about your cousin’s plus one who he met at a bar last weekend? Or the caterer’s boyfriend who stopped by to “help out?” Assign one trusted person the job of taking gifts from the guests and bringing them to the gift table. Set up motion detectors around the table or on the door to the room where the gifts are kept. Give the designated gift-collector… Read more

It’s hard enough having some semblance of a normal social life when you work during the night and sleep during the day; you definitely deserve to have more than the semblance of safety. But, working a night shift and sleeping during daylight hours comes with its own unique set of security hazards. Here are some of those hazards and how to address them. During the day - Packages sit out If there are burglars prowling your neighborhood trying to spot unoccupied homes, one of the first things they will notice are packages left on your doorstep for extended periods of time. If UPS drops something off at 8am and you sleep until 5pm, that package just sits there leading burglars to believe nobody is home. Just as you would when you travel, ask a neighbor who is home during the day (and awake) to collect your packages when they see them arrive so they don’t sit around outside your house as burglar bait all day. If you do order something, you can also usually schedule the drop off time so… Read more

If you come home one day to find your house has been burglarized, you could have a variety of reactions. You could want to set out with a vendetta to find the criminal yourself. You could want to break down and cry. But there are set steps that are important to take when a burglar attacks your house and gets away. Call the police For insurance purposes and to help the police find the burglar, call the police right away. It might feel futile at the time, but if someone else reports a burglary in your neighborhood, the police can begin to collect case details and possibly connect the incidents. Burglars often return to the same neighborhood to attack homes, so there is a good chance that if the police catch a burglar that went into a neighbor’s home, they could find your valuables as well. Don’t go inside if you were outside If you aren’t home when you realize your house has been burglarized, do not go inside. The burglar might still be inside and armed. Don’t touch anything… Read more