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Whether you're a first-time homeowner, or you've owned houses for years, being fully responsible for a property is never free of a little bit of stress and a lot of responsibilities. But, it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences in life! You worked hard to earn your home, and you deserve to enjoy it, without constant worry. Here are five apps that can keep your home safe and in good condition for decades to come. HomeSavvy HomeSavvy is available for a free download on Google Play as well as in iTunes and was ranked one of the top home apps by CNN Money. It can do things like help you find nearby professionals to help you make repairs on your home, but what makes it truly valuable is its preventative features. The app can keep you up to date on renovations to make to your home to prevent future damage that would require even pricier fixing, plus it suggests small ways throughout the year that you can protect your home from damage. Your home automated system can help you… Read more

You’ve had it happen to you; you receive a promotion offer or some sort of spammy mail and wonder, “How did this person or business even get my address?” Unfortunately, there are less-than-trustworthy employees at major businesses that are willing to sell their email lists to spammers. Spam mail might just be a small inconvenience, but if there are ways for businesses who are just trying to sell you something to get your address, then there are certainly ways for individuals who are trying to take something from you to get it, too. Here are eight surprising ways total strangers access your address. Confirming it with the pharmacy When you pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy, you can usually confirm that you’re the patient by simply providing your month and date of birth. However, some pharmacies ask for your address. If you have prescriptions mailed or delivered to you, you might confirm your address with the pharmacist next time you’re in the store. But there are other people standing just a few feet away from you, waiting to pick up… Read more

The amazing thing about summer is that it presents some of the easiest, no-hassle activities for kids. Nobody can resist the outdoors in the summer, so you’re not stuck trying to find new games or movies to entertain your kids with indoors. But, outdoor activities always come with risks for kids. Kids aren’t that cautious, and they’re way too curious. Here are some ways to make summer kids activities safer. Bake sales Bake sales are a great way to teach kids early about hard work and doing business. But bake sales also put your kids sitting on the street, where anybody can walk up and talk to them. If you cannot sit with your kids throughout the entire bake sale, activate your surveillance cameras and aim them towards your children. You should always be nearby, but if you’re just watching from the kitchen, you can’t hear the exchanges your children have with their customers. Ask your kids after the bake sale who they spoke to and what they said. If anything raises a red flag for you, go back through… Read more

Most of the world recently turned their clocks forward an hour. It’s just an hour, and yet, that little time change can affect our daily routines more than we’d anticipated. The sun is staying up later but also getting up a little later, and these changes usually come with the changing of the seasons when the weather heats up. Both of these factors can mean changing the way you use utilities around your home. Here is how a home automated system can help you save money on things like power and water during springtime daylight savings. Power on that porch light later If you like to keep porch, balcony or other outdoor lights on after sundown to make your home less appealing to burglars and make it easier for you to walk around your property at night, don’t forget that you can turn it on a little later now. Schedule your outside lights to turn on at the new sundown. It might seem like a small change, but keeping them off that extra hour for the rest of spring and… Read more

Sometimes your place seems like the easiest place to take a meeting, or to hold an interview. Coffee shops can be impossible to find a seat at, and the sounds of the blenders drown out the sounds of your conversation. Going to a restaurant isn’t always logical since you’d end up spending too much money just to sit there. In your home, you can take all the time you want and be sure there won’t be any interruptions. But, your home is still your home. And while you may think, “No normal person would snoop around my house or try to gather information on me” it’s not normal people you need to worry about. The Internet is full of trolls hoping that somebody is holding a job interview, or willing to take a first date, at their home so that they can rob them or steal their identity. Here are eight types of meetings you should never have at home. Interviewing clients for your daycare center If you have a daycare center at home or offer babysitting services from your… Read more