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While many home security companies emphasize buzz words such as “ease-of-use” in order to entice potential customers, homeowners will often find that such guarantees comes at a compromise - namely the quality of the security equipment and/or customer service. Frontpoint looks to break the mold by not only offering 100% wireless and cellular systems that are easy to self-install, but also making sure these systems are robust and reliable. Consumer-Rankings staff had the opportunity to chat with the Frontpoint team and discuss some of these services in greater detail. Take a look at our exclusive interview below. ****** Thanks so much for your help in answering a few questions with us. We’re really excited to inform our readers about everything Frontpoint has to offer. To start, how long has Frontpoint been around and what makes your security services stand out in an otherwise crowded market? Frontpoint was founded in 2007 with the goal of being a different kind of alarm company. Since the beginning, we’ve only offered systems that are 100% wireless and 100% cellular, providing customers a better way… Read more

If you’ve experienced the trauma of having your property burglarized, it could be easy to think, “Well I survived. And what are the chances that a criminal will come back to the same place?” Unfortunately it’s exactly that type of thinking that puts homes that have already been attacked at risk for a repeat offense. What is the likelihood of a repeat offense? Once a burglar has successively attacked your home, he/she not only knows your home is vulnerable but knows exactly how it is vulnerable and may even notify other burglars about the valuables in your home. Research has found that repeat offenses on the same property make up a substantial amount of overall burglaries. In one study of over 10,000 burglaries reported to police, 18% of victims who suffered one burglary during a year suffered two or more within that same year. The numbers become even more alarming when you consider that 39% of all burglaries took place at homes that had already suffered two or more attacks. Translation: the more you are victimized, the more you could be… Read more

Fifty years ago, when you watched a home invasion thriller and screamed, “Why did you do that!” , it’s typically because a character  just let a stranger in (who claimed car troubles) to use their phone. Maybe they even gave their address to somebody who claimed to be from a delivery service. But today, with most home invasion thrillers integrating home automation and other advanced forms of technology, a simple press of a button could elicit that pained, “Why did you do that!” response out of you. Home security systems and technology  are so simple to use nowadays, yet so powerful that one wrong push of a button or pull of a chord could mean the difference between life and death. Here are some home security tips we’ve learned from terrifying home invasion films, so you can make sure your home security systems are always working for you, rather than against you. Use remotely controlled systems The fact that the home security system and surveillance cameras in the movie The Purge were controlled from panels all in one room became very… Read more

Times are tight right now for America’s families. The cost of living has increased, while busy and hardworking Americans have seen a decrease in their pay. As a result, every dollar counts when a family is budgeting their money, and many times home security is on the bottom of that list. That is why it is important to find affordable home security among all those in the marketplace. Fortunately, companies such as Vivint, LifeShield, Frontpoint, Protect America and ADT offer great packages at an affordable rate. Having affordable home security means that you can put more money into building up your home and ensuring your family has a comfortable life. Every dollar saved by an affordable security system allows you to save for your children’s college fund, unanticipated health expenses, or a long awaited family trip. Many companies also present special offers to their customers. For example, LifeShield has a promotion running right now where it offers three free months of its security monitoring with any Security Essential package or higher. In addition, LifeShield charges no activation fees for its… Read more

One of the most difficult types of homes to secure are historic properties. This is because historic properties often have multiple weak spots that modern or more recently remodeled homes do not, which grants potential burglars more entry points into the property. In addition, these historic properties might also be more prone to other threats such as gas leaks, fires, and water damage. Luckily for you, security specialists like Protect America and Link Home Security have developed security systems that protect historic properties and visitors from fire, crime and natural disasters. Protect America’s Copper Package is a great start to adding a layer of protection to your historic property with basic, yet dependable security coverage. Protect America’s copper package comes with a master control panel, three door or window sensors, a motion detector and yard signs all at a very affordable price. This basic package should be a great cost effective way to protect your historic property. If needed, Protect America allows you to add on additional equipment, such as sensors, motion detectors, etc. for an additional fee. Protect America… Read more