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Using the surveillance cameras on your home automated system to check in on your house is a great way to keep an eye on things while you’re away. But nothing beats having a real person who you trust taking a walk through your property to look for any problems. Not to mention, when you’re on a trip, you don’t want to monitor your surveillance 24/7—that wouldn’t be much of a vacation. Fill in the gaps of time that you can’t look at your surveillance by having a friend stop by. Here are very good reasons to have a friend check on your house while you’re away. Have them park in your driveway If burglars have been casing your property, they will notice if there’s suddenly no cars in your driveway for several weeks. Ask your neighbor to park his car in your driveway a few times a week to give the impression that somebody is staying in the house. They can check for mold Keep your humidity sensor active while you’re away, but pair that with a real-life mold check.… Read more

Summer homes are incredible getaways—but they are also incredible responsibilities. One of the greatest things about a summer home is that it feels miles away from everyday worries. And it should feel that way while you’re there, but not when you’re locking up to leave. When it’s time to lock down your summer home and head home, here are some important things to remember. Have your humidity sensor examined You probably purchased your summer home in an area with a warm climate—that’s the whole point of having a summer home—but that could also mean an area of high humidity. Humidity in your home can cause problems for the foundation, pipes, and other systems. Install a humidity sensor. Then, have a professional calibrator come to your home and make sure it is working properly. Check for loose doors or windows If your home has already had humidity problems, then the wood in window panes and doors may have warped, causing them not to shut properly. Having a tightly sealed home is important for keeping humidity low. If you plan on controlling… Read more

If you have a yard, summer is a great time to make use of it. Families with kids can entertain their children for hours with little more than a lawn and some toys, and even adults can use their yard to get a workout outside of the stuffy gym. But some of the things we do in our yards during the summer can make it hazardous, and even more welcoming for burglars. Here are summer activities that make your yard a security hazard. Slip and slides Slip and slides may be a fun way to cool down, but if you leave them out, you run the risk of slipping on them when you’re walking around your yard in the evening. Roll these up and store them immediately after using them. Gardening Summer is a great time to try your green thumb out on your garden. But those seemingly harmless gardening tools can cause a lot of damage if used the wrong way. Rakes and shovels can quickly become weapons when in the wrong hands—like the hands of a burglar, caught… Read more

Women living alone can, unfortunately, become targets of burglaries and attacks, because criminals don’t expect them to fight back, and they know there is nobody in the house to help them. Some criminals scope out neighborhoods, determining where women live by themselves, so it’s critical that any woman who lives by herself has these safety devices at home. A fake wedding ring Burglars sometimes scout out homes in advance by pretending to be someone passing out pamphlets in the neighborhood. Any time your doorbell rings and you weren’t expecting a guest, put on a fake wedding ring. If a burglar sees that, he’ll believe you live with somebody else, and may remove you from his target list. A baseball bat Even if you’re uncomfortable keeping actual weapons in your home, you can always buy a sturdy baseball bat from a sporting goods store. A well-weight baseball bat can cause a lot of damage to an intruder, and it’s something you will feel at ease having next to you at night. A stun ring Here’s a second time of ring every… Read more

In today’s political and cultural climate, there is no such thing as being too picky when looking for a safe neighborhood to move to. And spotting a safe neighborhood isn’t a cut and dry task. While the residential street you’re looking at might have perfectly kind neighbors, clean streets, and well-kept lawns, the streets surrounding it might be problematic. Here are landmarks and buildings you do not want to live near. Public parks It’s nice to have a park that’s within a five-minute drive, but not a two-minute walk. If your home is across the street or a block away from a public park, you might witness or even become accidentally involved in a dangerous activity. Public parks are notorious for being places where drug deals happen, where prostitution happens, and where belligerent people sleep at night. If the police break up illegal activity happening in the park at night (which they do almost every night), the suspects might run right down your alley, and hide behind your dumpster with a weapon. Shooting might ensue outside of your window, and… Read more