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We live in a day and age when it is rare for somebody to show up at our front door unannounced. Between emails, text messages, Facebook messages, Twitter, and phone calls there are dozens of ways for someone to get in touch with us before coming over. As such, it can be unnerving when an unexpected visitor knocks on your door. It's in our nature to be polite, so we're inclined to simply open the door and see what the person wants. But this can immediately open you up to being vulnerable. This is especially scary when you live alone or are simply home alone. So here is what to do when a stranger knocks on the door. Don't open the door Resist your impulse to open the door. It might feel rude, but keep this in mind; if the person on the other side of that door meant you any harm, do you really care if you offend them? And if they don't mean you harm, they will completely understand your desire to protect yourself. So just look through… Read more

Facebook is full of engagement announcements, cute puppy videos, and invitations to parties! It facilitates a feeling of community and fun. But Facebook scammers prey on that feeling, expecting Facebook users to trust just about anyone who ads them as a "Friend." Some top Facebook scams work to access your personal information, including your home address, and even security system codes. Here is a look at the top five Facebook scams that put your home security at risk. Who viewed your profile This scam preys on our vanity and our own paranoia. Most people who click on it either want to be flattered by discovering who is interested in their life, or they want to protect themselves by making sure no suspicious characters, old angry significant others, or even employers, are prying into their personal matters. Those are both large draws to click on this add, but it's fake--there's no such software that can track and show you who looks at your profile. What this software does do is secretly install spyware into your computer that watches everything you do.… Read more

When something new and exciting happens in your life, what’s the first thing you do after calling your close friends and family? You share it with your not-so-close friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, baristas, exes, friends of exes and old classmates on social media. If you post selfies of new cabinets, you almost certainly post statuses about significant changes in your life. But, unfortunately, not all of your “friends” on Facebook are really your friends. While some people use social media to share their lives with the world, others use it to watch the lives of others and gain information to use against them. So, here are life events you should never share on social media. Bonuses You’re proud of your bonus! You earned that! So spend it or invest it silently. Any time you write something online about how much money you make—whether it’s your regular salary or a one-time bonus—you draw attention to yourself. Some of that attention may not be wanted. You never know who on your page is down on their luck, and might try to con… Read more

The rate at which people know their neighbors has drastically dropped since the 1950s. It used to be, if you didn’t go up and down the street, introducing yourself to your new neighbors, and maybe dropping off a housewarming gift or hosting a get-to-know each other party, you were the weird one. Now, the rare individual who is bold enough to do those things can be seen as nosey or overbearing. But, don’t be too quick to write off neighbors who want to get to know you. Sure, they may get gossipy, but they can also be a tremendous help when you really need it. Here are eight reasons it’s important to know your neighbors. Somewhere safe for your kids to go in an emergency You do all you can to make sure you’re always home before your kids are, or before the babysitter leaves, but some things are beyond your control. If you get stuck in terrible traffic, or if there is a major weather emergency like a flood that is keeping you from getting home, you want your… Read more

As humans, we have to make quick decisions about our safety all of the time. Sometimes, protecting our safety can involve us acting in ways that feel rude. When someone offers you a ride or drink, you’re naturally a little worried to accept this offer from a stranger, but you also want to be polite. It’s a weird predicament to be in. But sometimes, it is better to be paranoid than to be polite. When someone comes to work on your home Any time somebody comes over to work on your home, like an electrician, handyman or plumber, ask to see credentials. Even if you called and made an appointment to have this type of professional come over, you should still ask for credentials. There are plenty of ways for burglars to have figured out that you had scheduled an electrician, and then simply pretend to be that electrician. New play dates When it comes to watching over your kids, you can never be too careful. If a new parent at your school wants to have your child over for… Read more