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You can only control the security in your home, and the aesthetics of your property. If your neighbors make choices that put your home at risk, unfortunately, there is little you can do about that other thank politely suggest that they don’t. But it is important to know if you live in the type of neighborhood that attracts burglars, so that you can take extra precautions, ensure your security system is up to par and be on alert. Here are the types of neighborhoods to which burglars are drawn. Recently Burglarized Neighborhoods Burglars decide on the neighborhoods they target the way you decide on the restaurants you eat at; you pick the ones most frequented. In other words, burglars are usually privy to information about which neighborhoods have been recently successfully targeted. Once one burglar gets away with robbing a home, other burglars see that neighborhood as an easy target. If there have been recent break-ins in your home, keep your eyes peeled for suspicious characters walking down your streets. Make sure your security system is working, make sure nothing… Read more

Most security experts would recommend not leaving a key outside. If a burglar gets one, he’ll have instant access to your home. But this happens because people leave keys in obvious places. Leaving a key under a doormat or potted plant by your front door, for example, is useless—these are some of the first places burglars look. Leaving it on the top of your car tire in the driveway won’t work either. There is, however, value in leaving a key out. If you had a true emergency in which you needed somebody to get in your home fast, like to save a pet from a fire, you would want them to have access to a key. So, if you are determined to leave a spare outside, at least use these clever places to hide it. On your dog’s collar If your dog roams the yard when you’re not at home, you could attach a key to his collar. He provides a place for your key and a security guard. Ideally, anybody who you would tell about the key on your… Read more

A home automated security system can save your life in worst case scenarios. But there are some renovations you can do yourself around your home, that could potentially make it so your alarms never have to sound. Adding greenery around your home You want to be careful with how tall the shrubs, trees, and bushes are that you plant, as well as how many you plant. Having too many bushes and trees along the front of your property can give a burglar a place to hide as he gets closer to your house. However, planting bushes and shrubs against the walls around the sides and back of your home can make you safer. If you just plant these up to window height, then you can still see out and keep an eye on your property, but a burglar cannot get close to a door or window without making a lot of noise, pushing through a bush. Adding a front-of-property fence If you don’t have any fences in your driveway or near the front of your property, you’re missing out on… Read more

  Putting every single item on your property away into a shed or the garage can be tiresome, but some of the items you leave out can help burglars get inside. Intruders won’t often walk onto your property with a giant wrench or a stepping stool because that would make them look too suspicious to your neighbors. They often depend on things they find around your home to help them get into your home. So don’t leave these things outside at night. Ladders Ladders obviously make it easy for burglars to climb to vulnerable spots in your home, like skylights or flimsy attic windows. But the other thing ladders do is make your burglar look like a worker on your property. If neighbors see somebody climbing your ladder—the ladder they see out there every day—they’ll presume that is just somebody you hired to do work around your home, and they’ll be less likely to call the authorities. Dog treats If you have a dog, he can serve as a natural alarm system. But if you leave your dog’s treats or… Read more

If you’re leaving somebody to watch your home, you don’t want them to know everything about you because that can put your security at risk. That being said, if you don’t give them enough information, then that too could leave your home vulnerable to security breaches or accidents. Who is stopping by Check all of your calendars before leaving for your trip because you may have included in there who is stopping by. Maybe a friend is stopping by for her sweater she left at your place, or your office assistant is coming over to look at your broken printer. Maybe someone is coming to work in the garage over the weekend. These should all be things you tell your house sitter about. She should know for two reasons: 1) So she does let in your friend who forgot her sweater upstairs and 2) So she doesn’t let in anybody who you didn’t say would be coming over. What to do if a fuse goes out Make sure your sitter knows exactly where the fuse box is and exactly which… Read more