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Everyone you know, your friends, teachers, coworkers, family, they all have tips that can help keep you safe! But who better to ask for safety advice than a police officer? They know which habits truly heighten your safety and which little mistakes cause some of the biggest crimes and accidents. Don't be a victim! Follow these police-approved tips and rest easy knowing you're that much safer. 1. Don’t give the valet all of your keys. You don’t know where the restaurant, party or hotel found their valet drivers. Some use established companies that thoroughly screen each employee, but some are just a random assortment of friends and friends' kids who need jobs. It’s not uncommon for a valet company to hire adolescents who can’t get any other job because they have a criminal record. Take all other keys (like your house keys, office keys, keys to your other cars) off of your key chain before giving it to the valet driver. And install a GPS tracker in your car so that, if it is stolen, you can find it. 2.… Read more

You’ve probably walked through your neighborhood at night and seen something you thought looked odd, but you may have written it off as a one-time incident or something that was just in your head. Human intuition, however, is something we developed after years of living in survival mode, and it’s something you should listen to. Between you and your neighbors, you can prevent minor incidents of crime and dangerous activity from transforming your street into a dangerous place. Not sure what qualifies as behavior strange enough to report? Take note of these 8 things to keep an eye out for, and never hesitate to call the police if your better judgement tells you to. 1. Bargain Street-Side Sales Look out for anyone who sets up a table, opens the back of their van, or simply opens their jacket and offers items for sale at "remarkably" low prices. These individuals are usually selling stolen items. Not only can reporting them help the owners of that property recover their belongings, but it can also keep that type of theft from moving into your… Read more

Living within walking distance of major shopping and entertainment areas can be quite convenient; you don’t need to worry about taking a pricey taxi if you have a bit too much wine at dinner, and you aren’t stranded if you share a vehicle with your family member and they need to use it. But living right next to a major shopping or entertainment area brings a lot of characters into your life that wouldn’t otherwise be there if you lived in a purely residential area, and not all of them come in peace. Here are businesses you should not live near. If you're looking at a new apartment or home, be sure to look for locations far away from the following places. They aren't inherently dangerous, but do increase your risk of higher foot traffic, break-ins, and strange people and vehicles in and around your neighborhood. 1. Convenience Stores Convenience stores are some of the most highly-robbed businesses. They tend to keep cash in the register and have ATMs full of cash that robbers can easily break open. As a result,… Read more

You probably have a hundred things racing through your brain when you’re at home. You have laundry to take out of the machine, a phone call you need to listen for in twenty minutes and a package arriving within the hour that will require your signature, and, don't forget, you also have to walk the dog. It’s no surprise that, sometimes, you forget little things like turning an appliance off or latching a pantry door. But forgetting these tiny things can lead to big accidents. No matter how you do it—through giant neon post-it notes or phone alarms—find a way to make remembering these things a priority. Here are small common things we often forget that could lead to major accidents. 1. Locking the Swimming Pool Gate If you live with children, set up a gate that is at least four feet high around your swimming pool and make sure always to lock it when you come in and out of it. It is too easy for a small child to wander into the swimming pool area and fall in—kids are… Read more

Though homeowners sometimes come face-to-face with burglars, chances are the burglar did not plan it that way. Burglars specifically look for homes that appear empty to make their heist swift and without incident. One way of helping keep your home off a burglar's hit list? Make it look like someone is always home. A few simple steps, used individually or in combination, could make all the difference when it comes to keeping your home safe when you're away. 1. Talk to someone inside when you leave. As you walk out the door, carry on a full conversation with a fake person inside. Remind them to turn the oven on at 7 p.m., to record a television show for you at 8 p.m. and so on. If a burglar were looking at your street, scoping out properties that had been low on activity for a while, this false conversation could make them write off your home. 2. Have someone park in your driveway. If you’re going on a road trip and leaving your driveway empty for days, ask a neighbor who has several cars… Read more