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Even if you consider yourself a private person, for some reason it’s easy to open up to strangers—especially friendly ones. But remember that criminals will always seem friendly and well meaning. Also remember that many of the places you shop or hang out don’t do background checks on their employees, so you never know who you’re over-sharing with. Here are just some instances when you might over-share with strangers. Walking in your neighborhood If you’re walking your dog in your neighborhood and meet another dog walker, you might get to talking about life in the neighborhood, where you got your dogs, the loud construction going on at the end of the road and how much it bothers you because you live directly across the street. Oops! You just told a stranger exactly where you live. But it’s very easy for a burglar to pick up a dog and stroll the streets of a nice neighborhood, pretending to be a resident to get information on actual residents. In a cab It’s natural to chat with your cab driver. In fact, you… Read more

You probably don’t want to think about what you would do if somebody attacked you in your home because you don’t want to think about that scenario at all. But it’s that type of denial that could stand between you and survival in a worst-case scenario. Familiarize yourself now with items around your home that could work as a weapon or deterrent, because in a real life-threatening situation, you’ll be too stressed to figure it out. Here are household items that could save your life. A fire extinguisher This can be used in several ways. If you have the time, you can activate it and spray it at the attacker. This will nearly suffocate him and most likely make him go unconscious. If the attacker is already too close to you, you can hit him over the head with it—it’s very heavy. You can then spray him to finish the job. A lamp If you have a particularly heavy lamp, that’s great just for the blunt force. But even a light lamp has a light bulb in it that will… Read more

For many, running a home business is a dream. But if you don’t take the right security precautions, it can quickly become a nightmare. Here are just a few types of home businesses that put your home most at risk for burglaries and break-ins. Interior Decorator If you’re an interior decorator, part of your job might be ordering samples of home décor items for clients to look at. This could mean anything from a small item like a chair to a large item like a chandelier. But these items are incredibly valuable, and the delivery trucks that deliver them aren’t exactly inconspicuous—onlookers notice if furniture goes in and out of your home on a weekly basis. Having such valuable items in your home makes your house a target. When possible, arrange to simply go with your client to a warehouse when he can see the item. If that isn’t possible, install extra security around your house, especially where you store the home décor items. Your garage probably becomes a major storage area. Unfortunately garage doors simply aren’t as sturdy as… Read more

Temperatures are rising and that means your habits are changing. You want to be outdoors more, you want to keep your house cooler, and you’re calling up your friends with swimming pools (if you don’t have one yourself). But each season comes with its own set of security hazards. Here is how to beat the heat while staying cool. You and the pool If you do have a swimming pool, it’s most likely in your backyard. You’re most likely spending lots of time in it as summer heats up, which means you’re not in your home, or even monitoring the front of it. A burglar on the street just needs to hear the splashing water to know nobody is inside the house. Your home-automated system can monitor your house for you. Set up motion detectors on your front lawn and even driveway while you’re in your pool, so alarms will sound if anybody approaches your home. Alarms might not be enough if you’re blasting music during a pool party—you might not hear them—which is why you should also lock all… Read more

Maybe you’ve installed a light in your driveway and one above your garage door and figure, “That covers the main entrances to my property—I should be protected.” But skilled burglars know to surpass these areas. Here are unexpected places you need to place motion sensor lights on your property. Off-street windows Windows on the side of your house that do not face the street are an ideal place for burglars to sneak into your home. Think about it: you probably have all main bedrooms facing either the backyard or the front of the house because the view is nice for whoever lives inside of those rooms. But that means the rooms that are the least occupied also face the most obscure parts of your property, like the runs on either the side of it. And if those areas are dark, burglars can take plenty of time there trying to jimmy a window off its hinges, not worried that anyone on the street will see them. Putting motion sensor lights here will scare burglars back to the front of the house,… Read more