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You might think motion sensor lights are for the lazy. You might think they’ll only be a nuisance—possibly going off in the middle of the night because of a squirrel, and waking you up. But motion sensor lights can actually serve to not only make your life far more convenient, but also to make it safer. Here are 5 places you’ll be relieved to have motion sensor lights. Your driveway Having lights in your driveway can do a lot to scare off potential burglars, but having a light that is on all night long in the driveway is costly, and not that effective in defending against crime. Think about it: if a burglar can see from several blocks away that your driveway is lit, he might just contrive some way to get onto your property without passing under that light. He may even just knock the light out. But if you have motion sensor lights, then from a distance, a burglar might think it’s perfectly safe to approach your home. Once he gets onto your driveway, the motion sensor lights… Read more

If your kids ever stumbled upon this post, we’d all be in trouble, but let’s be honest: You don’t really know if they do their chores. You don’t run your fingers along every surface they were supposed to dust to see if they dusted. If they tell you they washed the windows, but the sprinklers hit them since then, you can’t prove them wrong. When it comes to your kids completing their chores, you’re relying on the honor system --but you could rely on your home security system. Here are some ways it can help you ensure your kids are doing their chores. The cleaning supplies cabinet You can set up alarms on the cabinets where you keep cleaning supplies and receive an alert to your smart phone any time one of these cabinets is opened. So what if your kids say they cleaned the bathroom, and you never received an alert that the cabinet was opened? Your kid either cleaned the bathroom in the old fashioned way with a toothbrush or he isn’t telling the truth. The sprinkler excuse… Read more

If you’re a parent, then like all parents, you’ve had the fantasy that you could control everywhere your kids go, everyone they interact with, and everything they do. You worry about their safety constantly! Of course, that fantasy can never be a reality. Kids have to grow up, and they have to learn how to keep themselves safe, even when you’re not there to hold their hand. A big part of that comes from you teaching your kids how to be safe. But since you probably accidentally give out information you shouldn’t to strangers, it’s likely your kids do too. Sit down with your kids and go over this list of items they should never tell strangers. Planned vacations Your kids are probably excited to talk about the vacations you take them on. Between summer vacation, winter break, spring break and long weekends, there are a lot of vacation days during a kid’s school year. That’s a lot of opportunity for your child to tell his friends about upcoming trips. But you never know who is standing nearby that could overhear this.… Read more

You don’t want to live in a home where everybody acts suspicious of one another. If you live with housemates, maybe you let things slide, or don’t ask questions when you notice something weird, just to keep the peace. And, when you do bring something up, it’s really just your word against your roommates—if he or she isn’t coming clean about something, there isn’t much you can do to prove anything. Then there is a resentful air in the house. But if you have a roommate who is doing things that are detrimental to your home, and even your safety, you deserve to know! Here are some of the scariest roommate habits a surveillance camera can catch. Giving the key out/leaving the key out Your housemate has guests over sometimes. That’s perfectly normal. Sometimes those guests are there, even though your housemate isn’t. That isn’t as normal but you accept it. When you ask the guests how they got in, they tell you, “Your housemate let me in, and then he had to go somewhere.” But the reality is your… Read more

Have you agreed to let your son or your friend’s son get married on your property? Well, you’re very generous. It will be a gorgeous, memorable day…but it will also be a messy one with some security risks! Here is how to protect your home if you’re hosting a home wedding. Surveillance on wedding crashers Not everyone has as fun-loving intentions as the stars of Wedding Crashers. They got one thing right: it’s very easy to crash a wedding. One detail was left out of that movie though: some people crash them to burglarize them. So long as somebody claims to be the plus one of your sister’s cousin’s best friend, you’re going to let that person use your bathroom, and wander your home. If you notice anything go missing after the wedding, you can check the archived footage on your surveillance cameras and capture the culprit. Even during the wedding, you can scan the monitors and make sure you recognize everybody at the party, and that nobody looks suspicious. It’s easy for a wedding crasher to doge you if… Read more