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Burglars are generally lazy individuals who don’t want to do more work than they have to. Burglars would prefer just opening an unlocked door or crawling in an open window rather than picking a lock or breaking the window.  So, as a homeowner, one thing I’d suggest doing is to tap into your inner Blane Nordahl and start thinking like a thief. To do this, I would encourage you to role-play and pretend to be a burglar looking to gain access to your home. To start, go out and look at your house from the front, the sides, and then the back of the home.  While doing this think of all the ways you, as a pretend mastermind burglar, could break into the house.  For instance, are there trees or shrubbery around the windows? Are there dark places for the burglar to hide? Are there even easier places to break in? The next and, in my view, most efficient step you can take to prevent burglars from breaking into your home is to install a security system.  This will generally… Read more

Some people are lucky enough to discover their passions at a very young age. For the rest us, it may take delving into what we thought was our life’s calling and realizing: the grass only seemed greener. Carlos Leyva is a guy who doesn’t mind going back to the drawing board - not to start over, but to sharpen the image. As a former player for the New York Mets, Carlos’ passion for baseball and dedication to his craft propelled him to the major leagues. Today, Carlos is busy cultivating his skills as a sales representative for home security company Bay Alarm. While the shortsighted may envision this as a totally random leap in careers, we recently managed to catch up with Carlos to discuss the correlation between these two passions and how an unwavering dedication to helping others can serve as a compass for any path one chooses to take in life: Firstly, on behalf of, I’d like to thank you for taking out the time to chat with us. As far as the home security industry is… Read more

It's one thing to search and find the best home security system for your needs, but what about the equipment packages these providers offer? While hardworking homeowners look to protect their loved ones and possessions, there's hardly money to waste on superfluous equipment that doesn't go directly towards achieving necessary security. Cost is surely one of the more important factors, but the size of your home and where your home is geographically located are also notes to consider when signing up for a home security system. To help you in your search for the right equipment, we've put together a short video that details some of the most important factors, including a more detailed look at the suggestions already mentioned. Be sure to check it out below and head over to our list of top 5 home security systems so that you can begin protecting belongings the right way. Read more

For whatever reason – an increase of crime in your neighborhood or for insurance purposes, for instance – you decided it was time to install a home security system. You did your homework to determine exactly what you wanted and needed in a system; you found the right system in your price range. You think you are ready to call the security company to schedule your installation, but there is one more step you may not have known to take. Did you check to see if your community requires you to have a permit to install and activate your home security system? Not every city or town requires a user permit or registration of your security system, so it is imperative that you check with your local zoning board. What happens if you ignore filing a permit? In many communities, it would result in a fine and quite possibly non-response from emergency services. (more…) Read more

Meghla Bhardwaj has a job outside of the house, but she also has a small child. When she wanted a way to monitor her toddler and her in-home babysitter, Bhardwaj turned to Skype. “I've told my babysitter I can watch her from office, but I've configured my computer in such a way that she can't tell when exactly I'm watching her,” she explained. Bhardwaj is not alone. As more people want to have some sort of home security setup, but either can’t afford to or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a security system, they are turning to Skype, which is most popularly used for video chats with distant friends and relatives at little to no cost. According to Wink News, Cape Coral resident Jim Niehaus hooked up a webcam to his computer and uses his smartphone to call in and check on his home. (more…) Read more

3Customer has 14 days from date that equipment was shipped to terminate the agreement and all services by returning the equipment in its original packaging and in like new condition. If customer returns within 14 days they will owe Protection 1 a $79 restocking fee. Monthly service charge requires you to sign a minimum of a 36 month monitoring contract (may be longer based on specific offer) starting at $41.99 per month (36-month total starting at $1,511.64). Offer applies only to new customers with satisfactory credit rating. Offer requires customer to sign up for payment via Automated Clearing House (also referred to as ACH). Equipment to remain the property of Protection One until end of initial 36 month term, at which time the customer owns the equipment.