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It can be said in today’s crazy and scary world that everyone wants to keep their family safe from potential dangers that may happen when you are at home. Family security and safety always starts at home and will always be something that people are worried about. However, there is something you can do to protect your loved ones. Frontpoint and Protect America are two security companies that offer home security services that allow you and your young children to feel safe when you are away and at home. Home Automation Some of the most common home security concerns with having young children are instances where they open one of the doors when you aren’t there and wander into the street, when they get into a cabinet or drawer with dangerous chemicals, or the remote possibility of kids being kidnapped while you are asleep.  One of the big selling points of home automation for security providers is that these security systems can control your home's locks remotely, no matter where you might be in the world. Being able to unlock and… Read more

Receiving a myriad of alarm system offers via print and e-mail might seem overwhelming and difficult to choose between, but there are companies out there who are trying to make this decision for you less confusing.  With the plethora of packages, add-ons, and features of security packages it is no wonder why some might dread or just choose not to install a security system altogether. However, companies such as LifeShield and Link Home Security have made choosing security packages a lot simpler. Link Home Security perhaps has the least confusing packages to choose from compared to other security companies.  In one package Link Home Security offers 24/7 monitoring, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide detectors, remote access, thermostat control, and up to 10 sensors for a total of $29.99 per month. The other package Link Home Security offers includes everything aforementioned along with video monitoring for a price up 34.99 per month. By Link Home Security offering two packages with all of the equipment laid out in front of you simplifies the process for prospective buyers such as you and makes the… Read more

The first question you must ask when deciding on which security company you want protecting your home is whether you should choose a local, regional, or national provider. The quality of smaller, local alarm companies varies greatly by location, and the national providers such as Vivint, Frontpoint, ADT, LifeShield, etc. have so much marketing online that it can be difficult to get a clear perspective on how good they really are.  With this is mind, the very thought of trusting a single company for your security needs can be quite anxiety inducing. LifeShield There are many different alarm companies that you will encounter in your search for a home security company. The most important things you will want to consider are the alarm company’s reputation, the technology used, customer service and the reliability of its security monitoring station. An often overlooked service that national security companies offer is redundant monitoring, which refers to layered protection in the event that one monitoring location is compromised. Local companies usually only have one level of initial monitoring while national companies like LifeShield use two… Read more

Lifeshield & Protect America As your life changes, your home security needs change as well. With the increase in “baby boomers,” there are more security companies such as Lifeshield and Protect America who are marketing security equipment for the growing elderly population. The elderly are especially vulnerable to serious and sometimes fatal injuries from home accidents. This is because they have older bones that are brittle and break more easily. A simple fall can become a serious, disabling injury that limits independence. That is why home security systems have revolutionized safety for elderly folks over the years, allowing them to connect instantly with emergency personnel, and monitoring centers such as Lifeshield and Protect America. These security companies can even keep concerned family members in the loop through connectivity with smartphones, tablets and computers. Home security systems are smarter than ever and allow you to do a plethora of things. These systems can play a major role in creating a safe environment for the elderly. Not only can you arm and disarm a system with your smartphone, you can adjust lights,… Read more

Investing in a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your home and family, but what you might not know is that it can also save you money on home insurance. The majority of homeowner insurance companies are offering substantial discounts on policies for homes with monitored alarm systems such as Vivint and Lifeshield. Recently, homeowners’ insurance premiums are starting to rise after an increase in thefts, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes have slammed insurance companies’ balance sheets in recent years. To combat these increases in rates, it is extremely advantageous for you to install a home security system so that you can get a discount on your homeowner’s policy or if you already have security service it is important for you to contact your home insurance company immediately so that you can begin to receive your discount. Homeowner’s insurance is required when you purchase a house and is sometimes lumped into your monthly mortgage payment. The homeowner’s insurance policy covers losses to property within the house and to the house itself. There are discounts on homeowner’s… Read more