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Living far from civilization comes with a wonderful serenity. In most cases, living far from other people puts you further away from crime, too. However, living in the middle of nowhere also means that, in the rare instance your home is in danger, it can have much more devastating effects than if you were a block away from a police station, or even a neighbor who could help. Here are some ways a home security system can keep you safe when you live in the middle of nowhere. Watch the road If you live in the middle of nowhere, you don’t tend to get unexpected guests. The road that runs by your house is probably only meant to lead to your house, so you should be aware of any cars traveling down it. Home security systems have extremely sophisticated surveillance cameras that can zoom far so you can see vehicles approaching your home, and even see in the dark. Through your system, you can set up your cameras to notify you when someone is approaching the house. If you don’t… Read more

Working from home can afford you the luxuries of spending more time with your family, avoiding traffic, and even staying in your pajamas all day. However, when you work from home, you double the valuables in your house. Now you have not just personal valuables, but professional ones as well. When you keep your career related belongings and documents at home, an attack on your house can disrupt not just your personal life, but also your work life. Here are some reasons why home security is important when you work from home. Keep work guests in work areas If you work from home, you might regularly take business meetings at home or accept work-related deliveries at home, so you open up your house to strangers. You most likely have rooms you’d rather not let work-related acquaintances wander into, like the room where you lock up family heirlooms, or where you keep expensive gaming and sound systems. A home security system can provide door chimes, so you’re notified when, say, you excuse yourself for a moment from a meeting, and your… Read more

You use Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to keep up with friends and family. Unfortunately, plenty of people you’ll never meet can keep up with your life, too, by searching your social media profiles. Here are just some of the links between social media and home security. Checking in Any sort of business from a restaurant to a gym might prompt you to “check in” on Facebook, Foursquare and other such apps, offering you deals in return. But is a free latte or four points towards a yoga class worth risking your home security? When you check in at a business, you notify people on social media platforms that you’re not home. Translation: your home is currently unattended and easy to break into. Keep in mind that, while you only intend for your list of “friends” or “followers” to see your social media activity, most apps like Facebook and Twitter are designed to have posts go viral. So, when a friend of yours engages with your post (by liking, commenting, sharing etc.) your post is automatically made… Read more

Hopefully you never experience the trauma of having your home invaded while you are there. Most burglars are intelligent enough to attack a home when it’s unattended, but some home invasions happen when the residents are present. If you’re sleeping with all the lights off, it could appear to a burglar as if nobody is at home. And if that happens, you’ll be glad you didn’t disarm your security system. That’s just one of the many reasons keeping on your security system is important, even when you’re at home. Let's look at a few others: Headphones or loud music If you have on headphones or are listening to loud music, you wont hear a burglar who is tiptoeing through your home. When you are home alone and want to enjoy loud music, turn on motion sensors in the rooms you’re not occupying. That way, should somebody move through another area of the house, alarms will notify you immediately and, hopefully, scare off the intruder. You can also set up door and window chimes to notify you if somebody has opened… Read more

Dear Daniel, I realize I promised to pay you the money I owe you this week, but my method of getting said money didn’t work out. I knew of this very wealthy home, often left unattended, that I was planning on, um “borrowing” some things from, but I wasn’t able to get in. I spent days observing the property. Seeing the resident’s patterns, I noticed that a back window is often left unlocked. I attempted to enter the house through that window one evening, but almost wet myself when these very loud alarms went off! It seemed like, simply by opening the window—even though it was unlocked—I triggered some sort of sensor. The following night, the resident actually left a back door completely open. I thought for sure this was my chance. But the moment I walked in the door, alarms went off once again. I think  motion sensors in the house detected I was walking through, and sounded the alarms. I tried entering through another part of the house, but I noticed security cameras outside. I didn’t think these… Read more