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One of the many factors you considered when choosing a house or apartment to live in was the neighbors. So it can be pretty frustrating when the neighbors you signed up to live near don’t turn out to be the people who are around. Why? Because they constantly sublet. What’s worse is that they sublet to strangers—to people, they find on Craigslist, and not real friends or acquaintances. If it seems like your neighbor’s front door is a revolving one, always seeing newcomers, you don’t get to relax the way you do when you get to know your one neighbor, and they stay put. Unfortunately, if your neighbor owns his home, he can do whatever he wants and sublet to whoever he wants. Even if you live in an apartment building, your landlord might not take much action against subletters. So here are ways to keep yourself safe if your neighbor regularly sublets to strangers. Ask your original neighbor for a background check Your neighbor should be running these anyways, for his own safety and the safety of his home.… Read more

Do you know what you would do if a wild animal got into your house? Trying to make a break for it runs a lot of risks since most wild animals can run much faster than you can. Staying put obviously has its dangers, as well. But you do have one advantage over the animal: a knowledge of the layout of your own home. If you pair that with a smart security system, then there is a chance of you remaining safe until animal control arrives. Sound alarms Most animals do not like loud noises or bright lights. From your smartphone, you can activate all of the alarms in your house. This might spook the animal so much that he runs out of your house. Move your pets If you have pets, one of the first things you should do is secure them in a room or closet. They won’t like this, but it is for their safety. One live animal can seriously provoke another one. Keep in mind that animals like coyotes or mountain lions prey on cats and… Read more

There are few good hiding places left for your valuables. Burglars always check the cookie jar, the freezer and the bag of flour now, so those areas are out. You could always use a safe, but if somehow a burglar figures out the code or breaks into it, he’ll have access to all of your valuables, all at once. So if you like the old fashioned method of hiding your valuables, here are some of the last clever places to do so. Under a fake drawer With some measuring tape and a saw, you can easily cut a piece of board that fits perfectly inside one of your drawers. Put your valuables at the bottom of that drawer, and then put that board on top of those, so it looks like the bottom of the drawer. Cover the fake bottom with non-important items just to be safe. In a paint can It’s unlikely that burglars would look through paint cans to find your valuables since, if they were to drop one, it would make a lot of noise. But even… Read more

When it comes to GPS systems, most of us just use them when we are inside of our cars, and need help finding our destination. Using GPS trackers to find a car when you aren’t inside of it might feel like something reserved for the CIA, but even civilians encounter situations in which they need to locate their vehicle—desperately. Many home automated systems include a GPS tracker in your car, and give you the option to connect it to your smartphone, so you can always locate it. Here are times having a GPS tracker in your car can save the day. When the valet took off for the night Sometimes you attend a party that lasts until 11 pm, but the valet service is only paid up until 9 pm. At 9, the valet attendants start walking around the party, passing out keys to guests who haven’t retrieved their cars yet. The issue is that they sometimes forget to tell you where they parked your car, or they just tell you the wrong location—they have a lot of cars to… Read more

Teenagers will fail to pay attention in class, forget to clean their bathroom and totally zone out when you’re telling them something at dinner. But when they want to sneak out past their curfew, they suddenly become incredibly sharp. It’s as they say—necessity is the mother of invention. And when teens need to see their friends, they will invent some pretty clever ways to get around your rules. Here are some of the top ways teens sneak out, and how you can prevent it from happening. Coming home and going back out This is a classic move; coming home at the appointed hour, and then sneaking right back out. If your teen has no intention of leaving again—apparently—then you can activate the motion sensor alarms around the perimeter of her room. No matter how clever your teen is, she isn’t a bank robber—she doesn’t have the acrobatic moves to dodge motion sensors. Sneaking out a window If your teen lives on the first floor of your home, she can easily sneak out a window. Here’s something to think about if… Read more