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Sometimes your place seems like the easiest place to take a meeting, or to hold an interview. Coffee shops can be impossible to find a seat at, and the sounds of the blenders drown out the sounds of your conversation. Going to a restaurant isn’t always logical since you’d end up spending too much money just to sit there. In your home, you can take all the time you want and be sure there won’t be any interruptions. But, your home is still your home. And while you may think, “No normal person would snoop around my house or try to gather information on me” it’s not normal people you need to worry about. The Internet is full of trolls hoping that somebody is holding a job interview, or willing to take a first date, at their home so that they can rob them or steal their identity. Here are eight types of meetings you should never have at home. Interviewing clients for your daycare center If you have a daycare center at home or offer babysitting services from your… Read more

Facebook can be a convenient way to invite all of your friends to your party, without having to dig up email addresses, phone numbers or physical mailing addresses. And, of course, you just have to make the one event, and everybody added sees all of the information—no need to write out individual invitations. Unfortunately, even when you keep an event “Private” there is just no guarantee that what you write in your Facebook event remains, in fact, private. The Internet simply isn’t secure, and there’s no promise that your guests won’t accidentally share information about your event. Here are some ways your Facebook event could put your security at risk. Giving out your address If you forget to make the event Private, then you just sent out your address to hundreds of friends and strangers. But even if you make the event private, your friends on the invite list might still be able to invite their friends to the event, or tag a friend in a post in the event. Set the invite list, and when people begin to RSVP,… Read more

Most AirBnb hosts give out a manual of rules and tips for their guests, but even the most prepared homeowners might forget to include some crucial details. When are staying in the home of an AirBnb host, leaving their house in the best condition possible is always important because that means you get good reviews, and other hosts will rent to you! But taking care of the host’s home extends beyond getting good reviews—it can be the difference between preventing any burglaries or security threats, and, well, not. Here are some questions to ask your AirBnb host so you and the house can be safe during your stay. Who has keys? If anybody, from your host’s family members to neighbors, have a set of keys to the house, you should know about that. This is important for practical reasons, like if you were to get locked out and needed a way to get back in, but it also has security purposes. If somebody walks in the front door saying, “Oh! I forgot my jacket here last week! I’m a friend… Read more

Throwing a block party can be a tremendous way to build a sense of community and get to know your neighbors. It can even be a nice way to do a little networking. But a block party is, as the name implies, a party that the entire block participates in—and then some. That means that rows of houses are empty, everyone’s attention is gathered in one place (and not in their homes) and there is probably a lot of commotion. That’s why block parties can be like giant invitations to burglars. Burglars can hit several houses on a street during a block party—for them, it’s like a close out sale. So how do you keep your home and neighborhood safe during a block party? Here are some tips. Hire some security If the entire block chips in for security it could pay off big time. Simply putting up cones on either end of the stretch of the street participating in the party and posting your security there can be very helpful. You should do this, anyways, so that no cars… Read more

You want to be the best pet owner you can be. You’ve purchased all the newest books on pet training; you have state-of-the-art pet beds and the highest quality foods. But even the most prepared and cautious pet parent can overlook some serious pet hazards in their home. Pets don’t know how to analyze our world the way we do; they’re simply living in it, and following our lead. So when it comes to making your home pet-safe, you have to think like your pet. Here are little-known pet hazards that can cause a big threat to your furry friend. Alcohol You know that alcohol, when consumed in massive quantities over a long period, can cause liver damage in humans. Alcohol can also cause liver damage in dogs, but much quicker. Your dog probably can’t uncork a bottle of wine, but he can easily knock over a decanter of whiskey and slop up the spill—an event that could end in cardiac arrest for him. If you have a large wet bar where you keep fragile, glass decanters of alcohol, secure… Read more