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By adding a panic button to your security system, you now have added protection for you and your family, whether or not your system is armed! A panic button by ADT or LifeShield can be a safety measure that ensures that your family is always protected. When the button is hit, the panic alarm will sound the siren in your system and alert the authorities of an emergency situation. This is much faster than calling 911 and also allows for you to simply hit a button rather than trying to find your phone in dire circumstances. The benefits of panic buttons are that they can be great for children and the elderly who might not be able to fight off a home intruder if the system is not armed. All these occupants have to do is simply be trained in hitting the panic button which will then alert the monitoring station of an immediate emergency. Additionally, companies like Protect America and LifeShield have medical panic pendants that can be worn on your clothes in case of an emergency. LifeShield and ADT’s… Read more

National studies have shown that signs and stickers of security systems such as Frontpoint and Protect America in your home will drastically decrease the likelihood of being targeted by burglars. One scenario that is often posed by people concerns a burglar choosing between two homes in a neighborhood, both of which look equally vulnerable. Then, all of a sudden, the burglar notices that the home on the left has a Frontpoint home security yard sign posted on the front lawn, as opposed to the home on the right. Now if you were this burglar, which home would you prefer to break into? The obvious answer would be the one with no yard sign. It is true that yard signs indicate that the home is being protected by security companies, but they also serve as a warning to any potential burglars that if they intruden, a loud siren will go off and the police will arrive in a matter of minutes. While not always 100 percent effective, if you have the sign on the lawn, a burglar is more likely to… Read more

Looking for ways to save money on home security? Fortunately, many of the best home security companies are offering deals to help you protect your home without having you spend too much out of pocket. In fact, many companies will offer you a full home security system if you sign up for a promotional offer, essentially giving you everything you need to protect your family for free. There are tons of other ways to score affordable security and the we're here to outline a few tricks to consider. Check it out! Read more

When searching through home security packages, homeowners often find themselves sandwiched between plans that either offer superfluous equipment or ones that don’t seem to offer enough. Link Home Security understands this as a provider, which is why it’s one of the only top security companies that allows customers the liberty of fully customized solutions. As you’ll read in the interview with some of Link Security’s top representatives below, this seamless ease is a feature that pervades throughout the company’s products and services. We hope this first-hand information will be a great tool in your search for the home security provider that’s perfect for you. ****** We appreciate you taking out the time to chat with us today. To begin, how long has Link Security been around? Please provide our readers with an overview of the security services you offer, focusing on what separates Link Security from competitors. Link Home Security is a dba of Fire Protection Service Corporation which was in corporated in 1952.  With the introduction of 2Gig’s user friendly wireless systems, we… Read more

If you’re looking for home alarm services in Canada, North Carolina, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota or Florida, then you should definitely consider the smart and accessible services offered by AlarmForce. With over 25 years of experience and free professional installation starting at just $25/month, you could have quite the bargain on your hands. Read more