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Almost anyone can benefit from a home automated security system, but things like the sort of neighborhood you live in, how many people regularly go in and out of your home, and even the residents in your home, can determine how visible your security system should be. Here are some things to consider when choosing and setting up the aesthetics of your home security system. Yard sign If you have a front yard, putting up a sign indicating to potential burglars that your home is armed can be very beneficial. This sign might stop a criminal before he’s even come onto your property. Even if you have all other security features turned on like motion sensors and cameras, there is always the chance that the burglar outsmarts these. Don’t take the risk of letting him get close; putting up a yard sign could deter an intruder from even stepping on your front lawn. If you live in a neighborhood with plenty of close neighbors, putting up a yard sign could even decrease crime in your neighborhood, including in homes that… Read more

Writing up a list of emergency contacts is a task plenty of people put off, mainly because it’s riddled with scary emotions. But if you don’t have your list ready to go, that can be even scarier, should something happen. Here are some tips on who to name as emergency contacts, and who not to name. Keep in mind that, if your security company mistakes your emergency contact for an intruder in your home, using a two-way voice feature, they can ask the individual’s name, check your list of emergency contacts, and clear them to stay in the house. --- Do list… 1. Your doctor In the event that you have to be rushed to the hospital unconscious, your emergency contact should know what medications you’re allergic to, what medications you’re currently on and what pre-existing conditions you suffer from. You want to list a contact who will know the right answer to the paramedic’s pressing questions, and your doctor can do that. 2. The babysitter In case you have to go to the hospital, or be taken away from… Read more

Usually, having a motion sensor in every single room could be less cost effective than some judiciously placed motion sensors throughout your home. It’s a good idea to know the approximate area that your motion sensors will cover before you just place them helter-skelter through your house. Need more tips? Well, luckily Eric is here to give you the full rundown of how you should place your home's motion sensors, covering everything from the presence of pets to having sensors placed strategically towards valuables. Check out the full video below. Read more

The only screaming you should be doing on Super Bowl Sunday is at the Seahawks or Patriots and certainly not at the fact that your home was robbed during your party. But there are plenty of security hazards that come with the territory of throwing a Super Bowl bash, including the front door that you probably left unlocked for hoards of people, the loud volume of the TV covering up the sounds of suspicious activity, the strangers that attend as your guests’ +1's, your address that is circling around on invitations, and how could we forget, the exuberant amounts of alcohol available. Here are some ways an automated security system can prepare your home for Super Bowl Sunday. Set up automatic locks on private areas After a few beers, you may not be in the condition to wander your house, making sure you locked the door to your safe, your bedroom, the garage and other areas that might contain valuable items. Set up automatic locks scheduled to lock during your party, so you don’t have to worry about it. Pre-heat the oven… Read more

Your vacation home is supposed to be just that: a vacation from responsibilities, routines, and worries. In many ways, a home-automated security system can also provide you a vacation from your worries; so, it makes perfect sense to install one in your vacation home. You shouldn’t have to check on and tend to your vacation house as often as you do your regular one—that’s the whole point of it being a vacation home. Here is how a home-automated security system can keep your vacation home safe, so it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re not on vacation, and it’s ready for you when you arrive. Fix issues before you go on vacation Nothing ruins a vacation like realizing the oven isn’t working or a window broke. With the advanced surveillance cameras on home-automated systems, you can explore your vacation house from the screen on your wireless device. You can spot things that need to be fixed in advance, so that you can send a repair person over to handle those before you arrive for your vacation. Fire and… Read more