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Solicitors come in all shapes and sizes. They could be Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies, Mormon missionaries, neighborhood kids trying to earn money for a trip or businessmen trying to sell a service or product. Some occupants might not mind some solicitors at their door, but all homeowners should be mindful of people who knock with bad intentions and have the home security equipment in place to stop them in their tracks. There have been recorded cases where one person will pose as a solicitor while others in his or her group enter a house from a blind spot and commit a burglary right under the homeowner’s nose. While this is just one type of situation, it is always best to be on guard when people come knocking on the door. My sister’s rule of thumb is that unless someone calls her beforehand, she does not open the door. This might be a tad extreme for most people, but I recommend you watch who you open the door to, especially after dark. Perhaps the best way to prevent harmful solicitors… Read more

We have all heard stories from friends, families, and even strangers on dishonest installers who install security systems and prey on people’s fears and experiences so that they can try and sell them more equipment than is really needed or necessary.   The installer could even use horror stories that may or may not be true, pull out random statistics about the neighborhood or even bully the customer into purchasing additional items not needed. One example of deception would involve the installer saying that homeowners need sensors on every single window in the house.  This is a sales tactic, and of course homeowners don’t need a sensor on every window, especially if they are high windows, because it’s very unlikely for someone to try and break in. Make sure to be adequately informed of the type of equipment needed, and the different options available (such as do-it-yourself installation) before the installer shows up at the house. If the installer states that all windows should have sensors, you can recommend that instead of placing sensors on every window, that the installer place… Read more

CHICAGO, ILL. – If you’re a resident of Illinois looking to merge your home security efforts with your minimal global footprint, you may need to look no further than Protection 1. The company revealed plans of joining the solar energy wave earlier this month, noting that it will begin selling solar home security equipment as early as September. “Brite Energy” will be the latest addition to Protection 1’s impressive, nationally recognized catalogue of residential and commercial security solutions. The company serves almost 2 million customers and is one of our top choices here at Company CEO Tim Whall even reports that he feels Protection 1’s push toward solar energy could be as profitable as equaling the company’s current security business. “The time is good for the solar business,” he says, pointing to its clean slate and the promise that comes with such a fresh, rapidly growing industry. As reports show, Protection 1 could be ahead of many other home security providers in securing itself as an authority in the solar market. While the solar industry’s 60 percent growth rate… Read more

If you rent or own a home, the chances are pretty good that you have come across a wild animal wandering around in your yard.  Though most encounters you might experience are a part of outdoor life, these animals can also sneak inside your house from time to time.  Once inside your house, these wild animals can cause quite the inconvenience for you and your things.  Today’s topic focuses on what to do if one of these animals enters your home. To start, many local and state agencies encourage that people should never approach a wild animal, especially children and pets.   This is because of the unknown behavior of many wild animals and the potential for diseases such as rabies that could be transmitted to people and pets.  These agencies advise that you contact your local animal control officer first if you encounter wild animals rather than trying to remove the animal yourself. In Florida, it is often reported by homeowners, that alligators and other reptiles are found inside their homes while away.  I am petrified of snakes so if… Read more

There are many breeds and choices you can make when selecting a dog for your family’s home protection.  Some of the factors you might look at are size, bark, strength, and reputation of the dog.  When considering a dog for any type of home protection, it is best to research the breed you are interested in to make the most informed choice possible.  For instance, pit bulls have become widely known as great guard dogs, but depending on their master’s training, can be the most lovable and family friendly dog around.  On the other spectrum, consider a Chihuahua, who is very tiny, but can bark up a storm to alert you of a possible home invasion as well as scaring off potential threats. To begin, a watch dog is different than a guard dog.  A watch dog barks and causes commotion to raise the alarm that something unusual is happening.  His or her objective is to warn you, the homeowner, when a stranger is on your property.  On the other hand, a guard dog is a dog that actually attacks… Read more

3Customer has 14 days from date that equipment was shipped to terminate the agreement and all services by returning the equipment in its original packaging and in like new condition. If customer returns within 14 days they will owe Protection 1 a $79 restocking fee. Monthly service charge requires you to sign a minimum of a 36 month monitoring contract (may be longer based on specific offer) starting at $41.99 per month (36-month total starting at $1,511.64). Offer applies only to new customers with satisfactory credit rating. Offer requires customer to sign up for payment via Automated Clearing House (also referred to as ACH). Equipment to remain the property of Protection One until end of initial 36 month term, at which time the customer owns the equipment.