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How Your Home Automated System Can Simplify Entertaining

When you’re the host of a party, it can be difficult to enjoy your own event. You put so much time, energy and money into throwing this bash, and yet, the night just flashes before your eyes because you’re constantly changing the music and checking on cooking temperatures. Fortunately, a home automated system can help […]

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7 Fire Pit Safety Tips for the Summer

Fire pits can be the perfect outdoor addition if you live in a climate where you want to enjoy the temperate summer nights, but it doesn’t stay quite hot enough after sundown to be outdoors without some sort of heat. Fire pits also enhance the aesthetic of a porch, deck or patio and are a […]

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9 Home Fire Hazards to Avoid this Summer

Smokey the Bear was probably a staple image of your childhood. But Smokey only preached about forest hazards, and while you should certainly practice fire safety during your summer camping trips and cookouts, don’t think fire hazards only exist out in the dry brush. Your home, cool as it may be with the air conditioner running, […]

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8 Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs this Summer

You may think personal jets and a different designer handbag for every day of the month signal wealth, but when summer comes along, you realize the true definition of wealth is being able to run your air conditioning all day, every day. Staying cool isn’t cheap. But luckily there are ways to have a fun, climate-controlled summer […]

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6 Tips to Help Prevent Summer Break-Ins

Everybody is a little checked out during the summer. The heat makes it hard to focus and the nice weather just makes you wish you were at the beach. If you’ve got kids, they’re on vacation and it feels like the day’s responsibilities are just slightly more relaxed. People are outside, the sun is shining […]

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8 Security Tips to Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins

Garages are easy targets for burglars because they’re not usually a homeowner’s main point of focus as far as security goes. Typically in the back or to the side of a home, garages are also often shielded from the view of neighbors and onlookers. High-quality locks and screens aren’t usually intended for garage doors, making this […]

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11 Home Toddler Hazards You Need to Look Out For

Some parents dread their kids’ teenage years the most because that’s when children start to gain their independence, going out more with friends and developing their own opinions. But the toddler years can be even scarier because your little one can find trouble to get into in every corner of your home. Though your child is in your […]

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6 Easy Ways to Fortify Your Doors

Have you ever stayed in a hotel or visited someone’s home and thought, “This door just feels flimsy?” Actually, you were probably onto something! A flimsy door is a burglar’s favorite door. A lot of people assume the door is the last thing a burglar will try—that they may try to get in through a less […]

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Carbon Monoxide

If you’ve been lucky, then you don’t associate carbon monoxide with anything other than weapons used by villains in James Bond movies. But normal civilians come in contact with this chemical all the time and it’s important we all learn a little more about it. Besides learning what it can do to you, it’s important to have […]

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11 Important Water Safety Tips for Pool Owners

Adding a pool to your home can add a tremendous amount of value to it, beside the obvious savings on public pool or swimming club fees. Having a pool also makes your house the place everybody wants to hang out, which can mean a lot of responsibility in terms of maintenance and safety. Got a […]

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