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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

What to do When a Wild Animal Enters Your Home

If you rent or own a home, the chances are pretty good that you have come across a wild animal wandering around in your yard.  Though most encounters you might experience are a part of outdoor life, these animals can also sneak inside your house from time to time.  Once inside your house, these wild […]

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Home Security for Large Homes vs. Smaller Homes

Home security systems are everywhere these days and you might be wondering to yourself, “do I really need a system with such a small apartment/house/townhouse/condo; or do I need a more complete system with a larger house?”  The answer to both of these questions is an emphatic, YES.  Nothing is more reassuring than the knowledge […]

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Carbon Monoxide Monitoring – An Absolute Necessity

We all hear of fire/smoke detectors, but oftentimes carbon monoxide detectors are on the backburner when looked at side by side with its popular counterpart. However, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated, “carbon monoxide detectors are as important to home safety as smoke detectors are,” and recommends each home have at least one carbon […]

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Sneaky Home Security Tips: Be The Burglar

Burglars are generally lazy individuals who don’t want to do more work than they have to. Burglars would prefer just opening an unlocked door or crawling in an open window rather than picking a lock or breaking the window.  So, as a homeowner, one thing I’d suggest doing is to tap into your inner Blane […]

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Does Your Community Require a Permit for Your Home Security System?

For whatever reason – an increase of crime in your neighborhood or for insurance purposes, for instance – you decided it was time to install a home security system. You did your homework to determine exactly what you wanted and needed in a system; you found the right system in your price range. You think […]

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Home Security Technology and Tips for 2013 Home Buyers

When looking to purchase a new home, prospective buyers are usually concerned issues like the number of bedrooms and baths and the functionality of the kitchen. If home security ever comes up, it tends to come in the form of a simple question: “How safe is this neighborhood?” Ironic, isn’t it? For the vast majority […]

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Keeping Home and Family Safe for the Holidays

With the December holiday season comes plenty of shopping, parties, exchanging gifts, and spending time with friends and family – or, if thinking like a burglar, homes are dark and empty more than usual, and full of brand-new expensive gadgets and perhaps extra cash for gift purchases and travel expenses. While it is important to […]

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How to Stylishly Blend Home Security with Home Décor

Modern home décor styles range from American Farmhouse to Modern Minimalist, but this doesn’t mean your home security can’t look good while still keeping your family safe. According to the FBI, a home burglary happens every 15 seconds. About 34% of the time an intruder enters through an unlocked or inadequately secured front door, first […]

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Top Security Guard Companies

As an individual or company’s assets increase in value then so does the risk and value that comes with getting a much more complex means of security to protect those assets. A security system is often more than enough to protect an individual’s home from burglary and other types of theft or damage, but when […]

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Are You Smarter Than A Burglar?

Much of the decrease in overall crime levels in the United States over the years can give thanks to a greater awareness amongst the population. Awareness of how the criminal mind operates and the fact that you are just as likely to get burglarized as the next person has allowed homeowners to take the initiative […]

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Benefits of Home Security Systems with Cameras

  • Keep an eye on your home, family, or pets from anywhere in the world
  • Get motion activated alerts, pictures, and video clips sent directly to you
  • Know when your kids come home from school
  • Know when your contractor or cleaning crew arrived and what they did

Home Security Statistics

Every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the US. ±
Average loss per burglary: $1,725. ±
Homes without security systems are about three times as likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. ±
Favorite items: cash, jewelry, electronic equipment, silver, guns and other items easy to sell. ±
± Washington Post, 2007 (link)
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