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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

What to do Before Purchasing a Home Alarm System

There are many different alarm companies that you will encounter in your search for a home security company. Some of the things you will want to consider are the alarm company’s reputation, the technology used by them, their customer service, the reliability of their security monitoring station and the amount of time they have been […]

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How Important are Monitoring Services for Your System?

Some people who have security systems think that it is not worth the extra monthly fee to have their homes monitored by home security providers. The question often asked by those who are supporters of monitoring services to those who aren’t is, “what happens if an intruder tries to break in when you’re not home to […]

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Best Home Security for Young Children

It can be said in today’s crazy and scary world that everyone wants to keep their family safe from potential dangers that may happen when you are at home. Family security and safety always starts at home and will always be something that people are worried about. However, there is something you can do to […]

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How to Select the Best Home Security Package

Receiving a myriad of alarm system offers via print and e-mail might seem overwhelming and difficult to choose between, but there are companies out there who are trying to make this decision for you less confusing.  With the plethora of packages, add-ons, and features of security packages it is no wonder why some might dread […]

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Best Home Security Equipment for Elders

Lifeshield & Protect America As your life changes, your home security needs change as well. With the increase in “baby boomers,” there are more security companies such as Lifeshield and Protect America who are marketing security equipment for the growing elderly population. The elderly are especially vulnerable to serious and sometimes fatal injuries from home […]

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How to Save Money on Homeowner’s Insurance

Investing in a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your home and family, but what you might not know is that it can also save you money on home insurance. The majority of homeowner insurance companies are offering substantial discounts on policies for homes with monitored alarm systems such as […]

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Best Home Security Response Times

It’s extremely difficult to search online for home security services these days without seeing a marketing claim that some specific alarm company has the fastest response time or a similar assertion. Response time is very important to prospective homeowners and in today’s article, we hope to provide you with a list of companies that have the best […]

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Remodeling Your Home: Security Tips to Consider

Entering into any kind of home remodeling project, whether it’s a kitchen update or a full-house renovation, is both exciting and stressful for homeowners. There are so many decisions for you to make and cost variables to consider; but what sometimes is forgotten is the potential security threat from possible burglars, shady contractors and anyone […]

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Redundant Monitoring and Why It’s Important

Redundancy, sometimes referred to as geo-redundacy under certain providers, is a safeguard that adds an additional layer of protection to home security systems when every second might count. Most alarm companies have only one system for monitoring, but companies such as Protection 1 and LifeShield are starting to understand that natural disasters, power failures, weak […]

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Securing Home Automation Against Cyber Criminals

The slew of celebrity phone hacks over the weekend has left many people looking to service providers and cellular tech manufacturers for answers. While authorities are not sure what exactly caused the security breaches, many reports point to weaknesses in the phone providers’ cloud based networks. On the surface, this is an issue of personal […]

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