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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

How Your Home Automated System Can Help You Rapidly Save Energy

Families budget for mortgage payments, groceries, insurance, children’s tuition and so much more, leaving smaller bills for things like utilities (which are still expensive enough to seriously interrupt financial planning) by the wayside. Even if you don’t consider your household a wasteful one, a high utility bill can still take you by surprise. The real shame is […]

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6 Ways a Home Invasion Can Change Your Life

Even if you’re insured and can receive money for any stolen or damaged item, you won’t bounce right back from a home invasion. No one is ever fully prepared for the consequences—monetary, practical, emotional, and otherwise—that come with a home invasion. That’s why, in addition to getting insurance and doing what you can to minimize […]

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6 Times You Shouldn’t Share Your Location on Social Media

You love the sense of connection social media gives you; you can show your friends the bridesmaid dresses you’re trying on in real time, blast cute videos of your nephew and share just about any thought that crosses your mind. But not everybody looking at your social media platforms is doing so with a friendly […]

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7 Police-Approved Personal Safety Tips You Need to Know

Everyone you know, your friends, teachers, coworkers, family, they all have tips that can help keep you safe! But who better to ask for safety advice than a police officer? They know which habits truly heighten your safety and which little mistakes cause some of the biggest crimes and accidents. Don’t be a victim! Follow […]

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8 Neighborhood Activities You Should Report to the Police

You’ve probably walked through your neighborhood at night and seen something you thought looked odd, but you may have written it off as a one-time incident or something that was just in your head. Human intuition, however, is something we developed after years of living in survival mode, and it’s something you should listen to. Between […]

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Protect Your Home: Don’t Live Near These 8 Businesses

Living within walking distance of major shopping and entertainment areas can be quite convenient; you don’t need to worry about taking a pricey taxi if you have a bit too much wine at dinner, and you aren’t stranded if you share a vehicle with your family member and they need to use it. But living […]

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8 Small Things We Forget That Could Lead to Big Accidents

You probably have a hundred things racing through your brain when you’re at home. You have laundry to take out of the machine, a phone call you need to listen for in twenty minutes and a package arriving within the hour that will require your signature, and, don’t forget, you also have to walk the […]

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8 Clever Ways to Make it Look Like Someone is Home

Though homeowners sometimes come face-to-face with burglars, chances are the burglar did not plan it that way. Burglars specifically look for homes that appear empty to make their heist swift and without incident. One way of helping keep your home off a burglar’s hit list? Make it look like someone is always home. A few simple steps, used […]

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Parenting 101: 7 Reasons to Get Your Child a GPS Watch

Using GPS trackers to keep an eye on one’s children is a controversial subject for parents. Does it invade their privacy? Does it make you a bad parent? Does it make you a better parent? Is relying on other tech options, like smartphones or apps, not good enough? New technology is always a little scary. It may […]

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8 Home Security Updates You Should Make this Spring

Seasons come and go, but rarely are we prepared for them. We’re too busy focusing on unpacking our favorite winter outfits to notice that leaves are starting to regain their color and there are birds chirping in the morning again. When it comes to keeping your home safe and conserving energy, it’s best to stay […]

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