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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

5 Signs of an Untrustworthy Housekeeper

Housekeepers have access to your most intimate items, from your underwear to your financial documents. They sort of have to, or else how would they keep your home clean and organized? But that also puts them in a position to take advantage of you. You want to be a trusting person, so you give your […]

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Why You Don’t Need a Gun at Home

You may have toyed with the idea of buying a gun. “I’ll keep it safely locked away,” you’ve told yourself and, “Only I will know where it is.” But here is the truth: having a gun in your house doesn’t increase your chances of survival or your safety in your home. In fact, it puts […]

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How a Smartphone Can Help You Make The Most of Home Security

A smartphone can make you feel closer to everything in your life, like your family via apps like Face Time, your business through conference call technology, and even your home through a wireless home security system. If you haven’t switched to a smartphone yet and you have a wireless security system, you aren’t getting the […]

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Spotting a Stranger on Your Street

Spotting a stranger or someone doing suspicious activity on your street can be a confusing moment. You worry that if you report them, you could be reporting someone who was doing nothing wrong at all, landing an innocent person in the police station. Then you worry that if you don’t report them, you could be […]

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Are Hardwired Systems Obsolete?

Just like when you’re picking out a car, you would consider your lifestyle, your needs and your own habits to find the right match. When picking out a security system, you need to consider all of those factors, as well. Deciding if a hardwired or wireless security system is best is a much-debated issue. Hardwired, […]

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What Exactly is Smash and Crash Protection?

You’ve seen that security systems come with something called “Smash & Crash” protection. Maybe you’ve considered getting a system that doesn’t come with this protection because it’s less expensive, and you don’t totally understand the benefit of purchasing Smash & Crash. But Smash & Crash protection is the only thing standing in the way of […]

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Home Security Advice to Give Your Neighbor

Making your own home unappealing to burglars can only go so far: if your neighborhood still looks like an easy target for intruders, your home could still be at risk. That’s why if you and your neighbors can get on the same page about protecting your homes as a community, you can each individually be […]

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Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Airbnb has opened up the world of travel and leisure to those who otherwise could not afford it. It also provides a great form of income for people who own second properties, but rarely use them. However, almost anyone can set up an account with Airbnb, and no matter how great a score a traveler […]

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Small Things that Put Your Home’s Security at Risk

Even if you have a handle on the obvious security risks—you park your expensive car out of plain sight and don’t keep any fancy lawn furniture out front—there are still plenty of small things that tempt a burglar onto your property. Here are small ways you didn’t realize you were putting your home at risk. […]

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Be Cautious When Living with Lots of People

Living with a lot of housemates can be very fun and even comes with built-in safety benefits, like a higher chance that someone is always home. However, living with several people who are not your family, but rather busy individuals with all sorts of jobs, friends and schedules, does come with its own set of […]

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