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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

8 Essential Emergency Items You Should Keep Nearby

You moved into a safe neighborhood, you always keep an eye on weather alerts and you do just about everything you can to prevent an emergency from happening. But sometimes, emergencies have a way out outsmarting your plans. There are some things you simply cannot plan for and if you and your family are ever […]

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Installing Home Security Cameras

When you think about installing security cameras in and around your home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the potential to identify and catch burglars. Most people know, unfortunately, how rare it is for police to ever track down your burglar and the little chance there is of recovering your belongings even if […]

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Staying Safe With Open Windows: What You Need to Know

If you love opening your windows to allow fresh air into your home, or as an alternative to air conditioning, then unfortunately, you’re putting yourself in a safety predicament. You’ve likely heard the saying that when a door closes, a window opens; well, this is actually a blessing to burglars who rely on you leaving […]

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Don’t Have a Gated Garage? 6 Tips to Help Keep Your Car Safe

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of violation that comes with having your wallet or phone stolen, then just imagine something a thousand times worse – that’s close to how it feels to have your car stolen. Your car is a mobile memory bank, and chances are you keep a number of personal items in there, […]

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Keeping Your Home Safe For Elderly Relatives

If you’ve made the decision to have an elderly relative live with you rather than at a retirement community, that’s an admirable choice, but also a big responsibility. Retirement homes have special features around every corner, designed for the specific needs and limitations of the elderly. While you probably won’t (and don’t) have to fully […]

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9 Tips To Keep You Safe During Winter

Living in a climate that gets the real four seasons can be magical. Not many people get to wake up to their trees covered in snow and dramatic icicles on their windows. But, as anyone who lives in a colder climate knows, sometimes the stormy season can be frightening. Here are some safety tips to […]

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Live In A High-Rise? Why You May Still Be At Risk for Burglary

The mere fact that your apartment or condo is hundreds of feet above the ground can give you the feeling of being secluded, out-of-sight and safe. The reality is that ground-floor units are easier to break into than above-ground ones. However, burglars know that in most buildings, the higher the level, the pricier the apartments, […]

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Suspicious Behavior to Keep an Eye On In Your Neighborhood

Most people know that they should be aware of suspicious activity in their neighborhood, but they don’t exactly know what constitutes suspicious activity. It won’t always be as obvious as a van with tinted windows circling your block, or a group of strangers wearing face masks. Knowing what to look for, though, can help you […]

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8 Useful Home Security Habits Your Kids Need To Know

Kids shouldn’t have to worry about home invasions or burglaries—part of the magic of being a child is thinking positively about the world. But if you leave your children entirely in the dark about home security, some of their innocent habits could put your home at risk. Luckily, teaching your kids about proper home safety […]

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Don’t Let These 7 Tricks Lure You From Your Home

You might take a certain set of security precautions before leaving the house, but realistically, those are only set when you aren’t in a panic or a hurry. Think of the times you’ve forgotten to lock doors or close windows — you were likely running late, running just a “quick” errand, or rushing to an emergency. Burglars […]

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