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General tips about security at your home, buying, installing and using a home security system as well security system alternatives and basic safety guidelines.

11 Home Toddler Hazards You Need to Look Out For

Some parents dread their kids’ teenage years the most because that’s when children start to gain their independence, going out more with friends and developing their own opinions. But the toddler years can be even scarier because your little one can find trouble to get into in every corner of your home. Though your child is in your […]

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6 Easy Ways to Fortify Your Doors

Have you ever stayed in a hotel or visited someone’s home and thought, “This door just feels flimsy?” Actually, you were probably onto something! A flimsy door is a burglar’s favorite door. A lot of people assume the door is the last thing a burglar will try—that they may try to get in through a less […]

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Everything You Didn’t Know About Carbon Monoxide

If you’ve been lucky, then you don’t associate carbon monoxide with anything other than weapons used by villains in James Bond movies. But normal civilians come in contact with this chemical all the time and it’s important we all learn a little more about it. Besides learning what it can do to you, it’s important to have […]

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11 Important Water Safety Tips for Pool Owners

Adding a pool to your home can add a tremendous amount of value to it, beside the obvious savings on public pool or swimming club fees. Having a pool also makes your house the place everybody wants to hang out, which can mean a lot of responsibility in terms of maintenance and safety. Got a […]

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The 5 Types of Burglars and How to Stop Them

Maybe it’s happened to a friend of yours, maybe you’ve seen it on the news or maybe  it’s happened to you personally — a break-in that just didn’t make sense. The intruder was sloppy or took lower-priced items and left the valuable things behind. Not all burglaries make sense because not all burglars are the […]

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Going on Vacation? 11 Ways to Protect Your Home

If you spend long periods of time away from your home each year on vacation, then you need to take extra precautions in preparing your property before you go. A lot can happen when a house is left unattended for weeks or months on end—things that simple weekend travelers may not need to worry about. Wondering where […]

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Get Your Home Summer-Ready with These 10 Tips

Because summer pulls us outdoors, encourages us to throw barbecues and gives us the chance to use the pool more, it’s also a season when we can get a bit distracted from what’s happening in and around our homes. Warm weather soothes us, perhaps into oblivion. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do […]

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13 Emergency Supplies You Should Always Have in Your Car

It’s common for people to think about stocking their home with emergency supplies, but what about their cars? Depending on the nature of an emergency (a fire, a home invasion, a flood), your home may be the last place you want to be and your car can get you far away from it. When it […]

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How Your Home Automated System Can Help You Rapidly Save Energy

Families budget for mortgage payments, groceries, insurance, children’s tuition and so much more, leaving smaller bills for things like utilities (which are still expensive enough to seriously interrupt financial planning) by the wayside. Even if you don’t consider your household a wasteful one, a high utility bill can still take you by surprise. The real shame is […]

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6 Ways a Home Invasion Can Change Your Life

Even if you’re insured and can receive money for any stolen or damaged item, you won’t bounce right back from a home invasion. No one is ever fully prepared for the consequences—monetary, practical, emotional, and otherwise—that come with a home invasion. That’s why, in addition to getting insurance and doing what you can to minimize […]

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