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8 College Campus Safety Tips for Your Kids

Sending your child off to college can be one of the hardest things for a parent to do. For 18 years, your child has slept under the same roof as you nearly every night. If they didn’t, they were at least at a friend’s house with adult supervision. Now, you’re just supposed to drop them off on […]

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Moving to Suburbia? Keep These Tips in Mind

Making the decision to move to the suburbs is a monumental moment for many couples and families. It could signify a new phase of life—one where you plan on having children, or already have children who are growing too big to share a room in a small apartment. It can be a financial milestone, because […]

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6 People Who Should Never Have Your Address

Sometimes, giving out your address is inevitable. Dog walkers, babysitters, taxi drivers and pizza delivery personnel need to know where you live to do their jobs. But there are some people and professionals that you should take great pains to avoid giving your address to. Remember that each time you do business with someone, you […]

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10 Little Updates That Make a Huge Difference in Safety

Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference between a burglar getting into your home or not. Seemingly minuscule changes around the outside of your home can also affect whether or not a burglar even wants to try getting inside. Not convinced? Here are little updates you can make to your home that will make […]

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Is Your Balcony a Security Weak Spot?

If you can’t yet afford a place with a yard, having a balcony can offer a nice way to get some fresh air and be outdoors without having to leave your apartment. Balconies, however, tend to exist mostly in apartment and condominium complexes in more urban areas. Urban areas see a lot of foot traffic, which […]

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6 Common Misconceptions about Safety In Your Neighborhood

Based on look alone, certain living conditions may seem very safe, even when they are in fact some of the most dangerous environments. For instance, living near the police doesn’t always guarantee criminals will stay away, and having tons of neighbors doesn’t always ensure there will be an eye witness in case of a break-in. […]

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Staying Safe: How to Report Domestic Abuse Happening Near You

When you live in an apartment building or condominium complex, you often get a pretty good glimpse into your neighbors’ lives. And, sometimes, what you see and hear may be concerning. It can be hard to believe your ears at first if you hear signs of domestic violence happening in a neighboring unit. But three […]

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Someone’s Watching Your Home. Are You Paying Attention?

You can’t always control who walks down your street and peers into your yard or home. All you can do is take the necessary precautions so that your house isn’t a target for burglary, like keeping your expensive car in the garage and leaving lights on when you’re away. That being said, there will be […]

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How to Stop Illicit Activity in Your Neighborhood

Your neighborhood may not be on the police force’s radar as a hot spot for illegal activity, but that doesn’t mean none is happening. In your city, there are probably some neighborhoods where you’ll always find a cop car posted, while others receive little to no patrolling. But if you believe there is reason for police […]

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Be Prepared: 9 Steps to Take Before Your House Sitter Arrives

Consider it a sub-rule of Murphy’s Law: any little piece of information you don’t give your house sitter will be the one piece of information he or she needs to handle a crisis. Whenever homeowners leave their home in the hands of a house sitter, they don’t want there to be any reason for the […]

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