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8 Useful Home Security Habits Your Kids Need To Know

Kids shouldn’t have to worry about home invasions or burglaries—part of the magic of being a child is thinking positively about the world. But if you leave your children entirely in the dark about home security, some of their innocent habits could put your home at risk. Luckily, teaching your kids about proper home safety […]

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Don’t Let These 7 Tricks Lure You From Your Home

You might take a certain set of security precautions before leaving the house, but realistically, those are only set when you aren’t in a panic or a hurry. Think of the times you’ve forgotten to lock doors or close windows — you were likely running late, running just a “quick” errand, or rushing to an emergency. Burglars […]

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8 Useful Safety Tips For Holiday Clean Up

You’re well into January and beginning to admit to yourself that you need to address the aftermath of the holidays. There are decorations to be removed, unwanted gifts to be exchanged, adored gifts that need storage space (other than the floor, where they’ve been for weeks now) and just a lot of odds and ends […]

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11 Super Easy New Year’s Resolutions That’ll Help Keep You Safe in 2017

You start out the new year with the best of intentions, but even your intentions couldn’t predict just how busy your life would become. You can’t plan for the twelve text messages you receive as you try to go around your home and lock up, or for the fact that your children can distract you with questions […]

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7 Easy Steps to Help You Avoid Package Theft

It’s difficult for the postal office to calculate package theft statistics because, typically if a delivery is stolen, nobody is there to see it. Nobody can really confirm if the package was picked right off of a person’s porch, if the delivery person put it in front of the wrong door, or if the package […]

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Keeping Your House Safe: Top 3 Holiday Scams to Avoid

Several industries count on the holidays to make their money, like stationary stores, holiday food retailers, professional gift wrappers, and more. Of course, a number of them must come to your home to do their work. Having the service come to you is certainly convenient, but it also means you’re inviting total strangers into your private […]

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Why Hackers Love When You Holiday Shop Online

Many of the largest online retailers have technology and insurance set up to help them address the potential damage that could be caused by hackers. That is both reassuring and alarming, because it shows that cyber thieves could be strong enough to hack into what most consumers believe to be secure online stores. More online retailers extend […]

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Traveling for the Holidays? Don’t Have These Conversations Out Loud!

There is a lot of waiting around that happens at the airport after you’ve checked your luggage and gone through TSA. Most people take that time to research activities in their destination town, check in with the house sitter, and let their family know they made it to their gate on time. But just because […]

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Keeping Your Home Safe During a Holiday Party

Holiday party season is here. Whether you’re celebrating a certain religion, or just taking the last year of the month to appreciate and catch up with your friends, you likely want to have a little gathering. To most, the sounds of laughter and holiday music blaring from a home covered in twinkle lights are magical; […]

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Security Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

This holiday season, give the gift of security. Some people say the feeling of safety is priceless, but you can spend a little money to help somebody get it. Home security gifts can help someone protect all of the other presents they’ll get this month. Personal security items will help them safely go from holiday […]

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