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The heart of your home is the front door. You hear a knock on the hard wood, or catch the ring of the entryway bell, and welcome familiar neighbors, good friends, and loved relatives to access your home and enjoy your company. It is important to secure your door. According to the FBI, burglary is unlawful entry of any fixed structure, vehicle, or vessel used for regular residence, industry, or business with or without forces, with the intent to commit a felony or larceny. Whether you have a door with a beveled-edge or French doors at the front of your home, it is important that you install the right locks so that your home remains secure. Spring-latch Lock A spring-latch lock is a very basic lock form and is not a recommended lock system to provide your home premium security. The Rocky Mountain Hardware glossary explains that locks with a spring-lack contain only a push button on the escutcheon and If a burglar has been casing your home, this is the type of lock he will look for on a… Read more

Feeling safe and secure in your home is something everyone should be able to do. Sometimes a burglary or an intruder can break that sense of safe that you have. Many people have turned to installing security systems to help restore their sense of safety and peace of mind. Knowing which system to get is very important as this can be a costly addition to your home.  Here are some sites to look at when learning about security systems and what they can offer you. iPhone Monitoring You can now have an app on your I phone that will allow you to monitor your home security system. Home Systems Learn about different home security systems available. What is wrong One blogger writes about what is wrong with many of the modern home security systems. Being Observant Here are few ways to see just how observant you are when it comes to security risks. Visual monitoring Learn about some new advances on visual monitoring of your home. Simpli Safe Learn about this new home security system. Cost One blogger looks at… Read more

Most of us consider our home as a refuge and a place of peace and privacy.  If you value home security and like to maintain a level of privacy, why not consider installing a driveway alarm. Most homeowners don’t like the idea of arriving home late at night only to be greeted by darkness and hidden uncertainty.  Driveway alarm systems can add additional home security by providing the option of integrating exterior and interior lights into the system. The leading source for driveway alarm systems are made by Cartell.  This system offers not only lighting controls, but has many more benefits even for the interior of your home. The Cartell system features alarm indicators that will signal you when there is an unannounced visitor approaching and helps to prevent surprise visits from salespeople.  It’s specifically designed to alert you when anyone enters your driveway. This is a great service and peace of mind for stay at home moms and retirees. Reliable signaling intercoms are wired inside your home and can communicate with exterior sensors located at the bottom of your… Read more

An experienced thief knows how to break and enter quickly and cleanly, and they decide their mark by scoping out the premises over time. Do you have what it takes to accurately secure your home and keep thieves at bay? Do you have the right home security equipment, and have you covered all of the weak spots in your house with monitors and safety locks? Or is it finally time to install that burglar alarm, and protect your home from strange activity? No one wants to leave themselves vulnerable to a thief, and with a few online games, you can test your knowledge and remind yourself of the things you need to take care of so your household isn’t a thief’s dream come true. It Takes a Thief On the Discover Channel’s informative television program It Takes a Thief, viewers are given a glimpse inside the deceptive mind of robber. On their corresponding website, there are several mind benders available to educate you on the details that robbers pay attention to when deciding their mark. The interactive It Takes a… Read more

If you like to keep a watchful eye on your home or business, but don’t want to use expensive or difficult IP hard to configure webcams; you might want to consider the WiLife System Indoor Security Add-on camera from Logitech.  If you already have this home security system or decide to purchase the master kit, you can add on as many as 6 cameras total.  The Logitech indoor camera is considered their basic camera, but it’s far from basic as it offers some great features over other indoor cameras. (See More Surveillance Products) Logitech has simplified the installation process for home security.  This particular camera takes around 10 minutes to set up.  Instead of operating off of a Wifi cable or Ethernet connection, the Logitech simply powers off of your electrical outlets inside your home.  It can’t get any simpler than that as far as homeowner security or small business monitoring. This camera transmits all the video through its tiny wireless outlet box and communicates with your computer, so no network configuration is required.   You don’t have to setup any… Read more