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In this age of wireless technology, home security has been made easier by introducing us to the wonderful world of digital keypad locks and allowing homeowners to lock their doors directly from their own cell phone.  Wireless keypad locks also make it possible for the homeowner to receive a text message when any member of their family has entered the home safely.  It gives peace of mind to a large number of working professionals and worldwide travelers who are away from their home a lot. Home security systems can be interfaced with wireless keypad locks and allows you to manage your homes thermostat or even change out lighting options.  Digital security technology has made this all possible.  One of the products on the forefront of home security systems is called the Schlage LINK remote control locking system.  This home security system will let you interface wireless keypad locks throughout your home, as well as control managing other options.  Features include setting up 4-digit codes for your digital key locks in order to receive alert text messages when someone enters your… Read more

Senior citizens are an at-risk group for home invasions. Many criminals will target neighborhoods with high concentrations of seniors, because they consider them easy targets. This doesn’t have to be so. There are several home security systems developed specifically with seniors in mind, so seniors can feel safe from home invasions and burglaries. Also, many home security systems marketed towards seniors are dual-function with medical emergency systems as well. Personal alarm transmitter A popular service used with home security systems for seniors is a personal alarm transmitter. These devices send an alert to a monitoring center with a touch of a button. Most home security systems with transmitters were inspired by the popular medical alert system, Life Alert. Senior citizens may have a harder time getting to a phone or accessing their security monitoring center in a timely fashion. By making these transmitters into necklaces, bracelets, and keyring attachments, these home security systems provide quick and easy assistance to the elderly. Sensor-activated lights and more Seniors should also consider home security systems that include sensor-activated lights. Elderly people have a… Read more

Many people have been looking for careers in industries that have weathered the latest economic hardships. One lucrative field is the home security systems business. In hard times, some people feel the need to protect their home with a security system even more than they would in times of economic prosperity. In order to install home security systems, many places require that you receive training or certification. Thankfully, there are places all over the country specializing in home security systems training. You will want to consider your career goals before searching for places offering home security systems training. Certain programs focus on particular aspects of home security more than others. For instance, some programs are oriented towards closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring and installation, while others might specialize in installation and upkeep of various home security sensor systems, such as passive infrared. A number of programs provide a comprehensive introduction to various aspects of the home security systems industry as well. You may want to contact your state or regional government to see if you need specific types of certification… Read more

Many businesses selling home security systems prefer to enter a contract with customers for a few years. In order to safeguard from the customer violating the contract, customers shopping for home security systems are usually subject to credit checks. Unfortunately, many people who would really benefit from installing a home security system don’t have the credit to qualify for one. Thankfully, there are some companies selling home security systems without credit checks. However, a wise shopper will use caution! Some home security systems businesses may try to take advantage of customers with unsatisfactory credit scores. If the company or their website don't seem established, do not bother checking them, many are scams. No Credit Check Home Security Several home security systems not requiring credit checks will charge on a month-to-month basis. These contracts can be cancelled at any time, as long as you return the components of the home security systems back to the company. These arrangements can be ideal for short-term use, like apartment rentals or sublet leases. However, the costs can far exceed the value of the home… Read more

It’s a common misconception to believe that home security systems are impractical in homes with active pets. In the past, technology occasionally inconvenienced pet-owners who had invested in home security systems. However, people no longer have to worry about dogs and cats causing motion detectors to set off false alarms.  There are a few different ways to keep your home secure while giving your pets freedom to roam about the house as they please. Pet Friendly Options Unless your pets use the doggy door at night, local alarms placed on windows and doors are an easy way to circumvent false alarms from your pets. Certain types of home security systems will place photoelectric beams or a magnetic sensor on your door, so you’ll know if anyone is coming in unexpected. These systems don’t use traditional motion detection, so dogs and cats will have a tough time tripping the alarm. However, there are plenty of home security systems that use traditional motion detection that are suited for pet owners. Most security systems of this nature use dual sensor detection. One sensor… Read more