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If you’ve ever considered purchasing some home security grilles for your windows, there is no better time than right now.  Gone are the days of utilizing standard security bars that prevent someone from escaping during a fire. This was a fear that was present with the old style home security grilles, but no longer.  The newer style of window grilles provides keyless release mechanisms to allow homeowners to easily swing them open from the inside.  Homeowners also didn’t like the look of having jail like bars installed on the exterior of their house for fear of detracting from their beautiful home. It is possible to have extra security without having to feel like you’re in prison. The selection of window grilles is growing and now homeowners can choose powder coated window grilles to blend in with most surroundings.  Security grilles that are mounted from the inside are also harder to break into than ones that are installed from the outside. (more…) Read more

Verizon, one of the nation’s leading broadband providers, has great plans to ring in the New Year. At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, held from January 6 thru 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Verizon will present a new home security system called the Home Monitoring and Control service. The product has been in the trial stage for the past months, and will be available to consumers in the first six months of 2011. With the Home Monitoring and Control service, consumers will be able to lock and unlock doors remotely and view home security cameras. In addition to the home security system applications of the product, it also allows homeowners to remotely operate heating, lighting, and electronic appliances. The devices that remotely control the service can be smartphones, computers or FiOs TV. (more…) Read more

Surviving domestic violence takes courage and a great deal of resourcefulness.  It starts by defending yourself, your family and your home against violent offenders.  One thing to keep in mind is that there is no reason for you to feel trapped or embarrassed.  Acknowledging the ugly truth of the situation is your first step in getting out and getting help.  If you have realized that you’re in a dangerous situation, there are places that can help you to make important and critical decisions about your future. If you recently have gotten out of a bad relationship with an abuser, home security should be your top priority.  Home security systems can help lessen the risk and may make you feel a bit safer.  It will at the very least, keep your abuser far enough away from you until police arrive.   Considering changing all the locks on your exterior doors and all outside doors should be metal or wood.  Try and pay the monthly fee for a professional home security service to monitor to your home, should something happen.  It’s worth your… Read more

Cold weather conditions are not only hard on cars, but can also present a number of challenges for exterior home security cameras. If your CCTV camera isn’t up to the challenge, you might just have moisture and snow ruining your newly purchased camera. If you’re a residential homeowner or business owner, its best to invest in a quality cold weather camera with a sealed weatherproof housing. (Weather Resistant Surveillance Systems) Weatherproof camera enclosures Heated outdoor weatherproof camera enclosures make a good choice and can keep your home security system cameras warm and functioning, even in the coldest of weather. Platinum CCTV sells an exterior camera that features a weatherproof enclosure and a 24 VAC automatic heater element and blower. This unit is sure to keep your camera safe and is of professional quality. It’s the same kind of design that shopping malls and office buildings rely on. This surveillance camera also comes complete with a mounting bracket and gives you the ability to tilt and position. Swan style weatherproof cams Most cameras don’t come with the heated enclosure and some… Read more

The housing market has seen a steady decline in getting the most value from your home during the selling process.  This is especially true in the current recession where sellers are genuinely shocked that they are not getting a good price for their homes.  There are definite factors that can affect a homes value and can assist in giving the seller a more positive outcome.  The first thing to look at is whether or not your house is in a safe part of the neighborhood.  What’s the general reputation of the neighborhood and is the home easily accessible to highways and major thoroughfares? Outdoor improvements or home security systems that have been installed in your home are all considered to be improvements.  Any improvements made on the home should get the seller a bit more value when selling time comes, not to mention an edge over another home in the surrounding area that doesn’t have any.  Before purchasing, buyers generally examine factors such as the crime statistics of your neighborhood and whether or not there a lot of foreclosure homes… Read more