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Wireless alarm systems don’t come any more convenient than the InGrid home security system.  It is designed for small homes and apartments and allows homeowners the convenience of having a professional alarm system without the use of special tools or installation technicians.  The InGrid system includes digital accessories such as a console base, portable keypads, keychain remotes, base station, grid extender, battery backup, high decibel sirens and eight sensors.  Of course InGrid also gives you additional add-ons if you so choose such as water detection sensors, door sensors, glass break sensors and temperature detection sensors.  The main keypad console has everything a normal system might have with the addition of a brightly colored display and a speaker phone with caller id. Top all of this off with local weather information at your fingertips and you’ve got yourself digital deliciousness. The InGrid has advantages over their competitors by offering whole house protection for fire and security inclusive of a panic button.  Most companies just come with a basic keypad and minimal security accessories.  The system also offers internet connectivity and alerting… Read more

In the event of an emergency, homeowners rely on their home security systems to protect their safety and personal property.  Most people don’t think about what happens if someone bypasses their system and successfully manages to slip beneath all of your levels of security.  That’s where labels and engraving can come in handy and better help law enforcement identify your items if they are ever stolen.  Creating labels are inexpensive and can be purchased at any office supply store.  The labels should include your name, address, phone numbers and serial numbers.  Stick the labels on an inconspicuous place inside of electronic items, jewelry boxes and other personal items.  Doing this makes things easier for you and the police in determining and proving which valuables are yours. If you create different numbers for each specific item, they can be catalogued and written down somewhere else as a back up record.  If you can afford to have things engraved or own an engraver yourself, this is of course by far a better option.  Actually etching your name into an item will help… Read more

A Brief Overview A lot of homeowners have installed home security systems in order to protect their families, home, and belongings and improve their level of security.  These systems are comprised of several standard components such as a control panel, motion sensors, and a battery back-up system.  However, there are other components that you can integrate into your home security systems such as door sensors.  Along with glass break detectors and flood or smoke detectors, these are excellent options to consider. You have the option of installing these door sensors and integrating them with your security systems if you’re a skilled DIY’er or you can employ the services of a technician to install these in your home.  Since a lot of home security systems are now including the cost of installation in the purchase price, the best time to add door sensors to your system may be at the point of purchase.  This may save you a little money up front rather than purchasing them separately later on. The Function of Door Sensors Door sensors serve the primary function of… Read more

As a result of rising emergency services fees in most states, a lot of municipalities now require that a homeowner secure a permit for any home security system installations.  In addition, some townships and counties even enforce strict fines or penalties for multiple false alarm responses by police or fire officials.  Most false alarms are defined as negligent mishaps, accidently triggered signals by pets or weather, or alarms that have been purposefully activated in non-emergency situations. Newer home security equipment on the market today has helped to cut down on the risk of false alarm situations.  If you find your alarm has been triggered, you should immediately cancel the alarm and inform authorities before they get dispatched to your home or you may find yourself with a hefty fine depending on where you live. Being educated on the use of your home security systems will assist you in eliminating false alarms and cutting edge technology can now verify actual emergencies prior to alerting emergency responders.   There are many reasons for an alarm system to be triggered such as low battery… Read more

The reason that so many homeowners have installed home security systems on their property is because of the rising crime rate regarding current burglary statistics.  According to the FBI, a home is broken into and burglarized once every 15 seconds, hence the need to install one of these security systems.  Although most of these burglaries do not become violent, once they happen to you, you may never feel safe in your home again.  Therefore, the installation of home security systems enables you to have peace of mind. Considerations where the design of home security systems is concerned The first consideration regarding the need for any home security systems is conducting a thorough risk assessment of both home and property.  In most instances, companies that sell and install these types of alarm and monitoring systems will offer this service free of charge in order to determine your current level of home security and what type of system you should install. Here a few simple steps for conducting a risk assessment on your own should the home security systems company you have… Read more