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Main components of home security systems The primary components of home security systems include the following: the alarm the battery the control keypad the door and window sensors a phone jack a transformer The more sophisticated home security systems on the market today provide some of the best security for your home and have the capability of alerting the monitoring company that is watching over your family and house.  Once the monitoring company is alerted by these systems, they then notify the proper authorities of what is happening. Door and window sensors Door sensors are a key component of home security systems.  There are two types which enhance the security of your home and protect the contents of it whenever using these systems.  One type of door sensor is directly wired into the electrical source in the home (hard-wired), while the other type operates wirelessly.  However, whether it is hard-wired or wireless home security systems, these are going to consist of motion detectors and sensors typically mounted to protect doorways and windows. Doors and windows in the home that are… Read more

If you have an older garage door opener or remote that does not employ rolling code technology, you could be putting the safety of your home and family at risk.  Today more than ever, hackers have expanded their focus to many other electrical devices besides the computer.  Hackers have found that older style handheld remote garage door transmitters can be bypassed with a little bit of electrical wiring finesse.  With a few simple tools such as electrical tape, a USB cord, standard remote control transmitter, a butter knife and a sharp knife; thieves can strip electrical wires and place them on the contact points of your internal antenna within your transmitter to bypass your garage door opener.  This deceptive action communicates with your garage door opener and allows hackers to gain entrance to your home.  Homeowners might be surprised that this task is possible and can be an alarming and somewhat unsettling prospect. Garage Door Hacks - In How-to Videos? Professional Hackers have even gone so far as to demonstrate their prowess by spotlighting their “how to” videos on YouTube… Read more

Occupancy sensors used in home security systems are basically indoor lighting controls that are used to detect activity or motion within certain perimeters or in specific areas.  The security of one’s home is protected by these systems and these sensors are an integral part of them.  According to the Department of Energy, home security systems that use these sensors instead of the regular timed or switch-activated systems are more convenient to use and considerably more energy efficient. Currently, there are three types of occupancy sensors being used – ultrasonic, passive infrared, and dual-technology. Ultrasonic occupancy sensors These particular sensors function by emitting sound waves of extremely high frequency which exceed the limits of human hearing capabilities.  The sound waves bounce off of the objects in the room eventually returning the units that emitted them and then they are analyzed by the unit.  If they sense changes in the sound frequency resulting from any activity or motion, the occupancy sensor triggers the lights to come on. One of the key advantages to using home security systems with ultrasonic occupancy sensors is… Read more

Wireless home security systems are ideal for installation purposes and provide convenience, but is your network as secure as it could be?  Ingenious and annoying thieves can quite easily hack into your network if given the chance.  Basic setup of your Linksys router is an important task and one that should be done right the first time around. The first thing you need to do is type in your username and password to proceed to your Linksys browser screen. An important step in setup is to select to separate channels if you have more than one wireless router in your home.  Although you might think this a minor setting, it’s always a good idea to switch to a different channel so that a web interface that is setup in normal default mode cannot be accessed.  Another setting to keep an eye on is Wireless SSD Broadcast.  If you have this feature disabled it will stop your network from broadcasting any signals and stop any laptops from picking up and intercepting the signal.  Your WEP Broadcast is directly attributed to your… Read more

If you’ve been having issues with items being mysteriously taken around your house or just want to check up on your eccentric roommate or babysitter, you might want to invest in a hidden spy camera.  Before assuming your worst fears, it’s important to have the proof before you go accusing someone of stealing.  The proof is in the pudding as they say and there’s no better choice than an inconspicuous oil painting peephole camera with a convenient remote control.  It will be hard to deny once they see there on video helping themselves to your personal property. Home security systems spy cameras have come a long way in recent years.  Places now offer high class paintings with hidden pinhole color cameras.  Digital video recording functions have never been easier or more convenient.  Most include memory cards with built in USB connections that allow you download the video straight to your personal computer. At 30 frames per second these small cameras are surprisingly capable.  These paintings are powered by ion batteries that generally operate continuously for up to 10 days on… Read more