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Securing the windows and doors in your home seems an obvious move to protect you and yours, but leaving a window unlocked is a very common mistake for vacationing Americans, and combined with lack of attention to other areas of security can lead to a rude homecoming after a pleasant vacation, as you arrive back home to find your palace of serenity in a shambles with your valuables missing. So step one, whether you are home or away, keep your doors and windows locked at all times. Sometimes all a would be thief or rapist needs is an unlocked door for them to feel bold enough to intrude on you abode. And be sure to teach your children the same, so they can apply this when they are away from the nest, at a sleepover/school trip/tournament or away for college.  If you have an older home and the windows don't lock, you can buy a lock-bar for $15-30 at Home Depot, Lowe's or Ace Hardware. These bars can be used for sliding doors and a wide variety of windows to not… Read more

Keeping your family safe doesn't always just apply to the home your kids grew up in, does it? When your children travel or move away for school and have their own home, there is much to think about to make sure they are as protected as possible hundreds or thousands  of miles. This can be as simple as a can of pepper spray and good upbringing so that your kids know not to walk alone in the dark or in strange places, especially if they are a girl. And sadly, the bad elements don't just operate in the dark anymore - they seem to have gotten bolder and bolder over the years, or crazier and crazier, depending on your perspective. Horror Story One of my sister's best friend's was on a vacation in Mexico and went for a jog on the beach in the morning, when the sun was already up.  She was attacked, raped, beaten and is now but a fragment of her former talented, intelligent self. She suffered severe brain damage as a result of the attack, her… Read more

Installing cameras or surveillance systems can be a great way to deter would-be vandals and thieves from invading your yard and home. And in extreme cases where the ruffians are not deterred, the camera will give you a chance at catching them after the fact with the recorded footage gathered of the situation itself. Night Vision Almost all robberies and vandalism happens later at night, in the dark, so regular cameras really won't be of any use in most cases.  Even if you have an outside light illuminating all the camera viewed areas, a thief can just break the light with a rock before they even enter the camera's view. Thus, unless you only plan to need the cameras for daytime use, you will need to get cameras with night vision or infrared capabilities. These are the cameras you see around town in stores and bars and such with circles of led lights around the lens.  These led lights enable you to still see what's happening in the camera's scope of view at night. Wired or Wireless? Choosing wired or wireless camera… Read more

Making your children feel more secure in your home can be a constant challenge, and often, the more attention paid to them, the more emotional your children can become.  So how do you find the happy medium between caring for your kids and not feeding their paranoia?  There-in lies the challenge. Night Lights Night lights have long been a common default measure by parents wanting to allay their children's night-time fears of boogie men and monsters in the closet.  What most parents are not aware of or told by doctors, teachers or night light manufacturers, is that people who had night lights as babies or children are far more likely to require corrective eye-wear later in life. Because the light generally comes askew from one side or another, the iris in the eye is confused and can develop in an ovular or skewed/imperfect manner as it tries to close more on the side of the light and open more on the side of the darkness.  The same can be said for light coming from a window(moonlight, street lights or otherwise) to… Read more

Home invasions happen on a far too regular basis all around the world, and usually these types of robberies are vicious and brutal, and can be a victim’s worst nightmare come true. Security is increasingly important for areas where home invasion robberies happen more often, but everyone should do everything they can to ensure the safety of their homes and families. Here are 51 real life home invasion horror stories Hopefully these will help people realize the importance of home security and even self defense. Some of these stories do have positive endings after the nightmare ensued, but they all go to show that these types of crimes happen all the time and protecting your home should be a high priority on your must do list. Seattle University District Home Invasion Robberies – In 2009 this area of Seattle was being plagued by home invasion robberies. Newport Beach Home Invasion Story – Five men charged in armed home invasion robbery conspiracy. Home Invasion Story from a Victim - A True Story About Home Invasion: Would You Be Ready? Nashville Victims… Read more