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Why did they get robbed? It was half-past noon, and no one was home yet; Mom was at work, Dad was building the ramp, Jenny was still at school and the burglar was headed for the backyard. After weeks of watching their house, he’d noticed the Ash family, who considered their neighborhood safe, didn’t usually lock the sliding glass door OR the corresponding screen panel.  Without a home alarm system, or the proper precautions like locking the back door, the burglar was in for a treat. That is, whatever valuables he could find in the Ash family house were his without the consequence of getting caught or rushed away by a burglar alarm. We don’t want to root for the burglar in this story, but with an easy opportunity at hand, we are sure to wonder, why didn’t the family invest in a burglar alarm? Or even keep smart by locking their back door? Your home security system isn’t just for midnight, or to keep you safe when you are sleeping. We often get antsy about criminal activity in the… Read more

If you’ve finally got that nice swimming pool that you’ve been dreaming about all these years, it’s a good idea to protect your investment by installing some safety measures by securing your pool area with the latest home security systems equipment.  The first step is to install a safety fence.  This fence acts as a security barrier, making your pool safer.   Pool fences are actually a requirement in some states due to liability reasons.   Aluminum fences are ideal as they are strong, durable and rust resistant. Another security feature to put to work is a magnetic safety gate latch.  They are designed to have no mechanical resistance to closure.  This means that when you open the latch, the magnet that is located in the housing unit pulls down a hidden recessed latch bolt.  Magna latch offers homeowners a high quality safety latch that is reliable and automatically self closes.  This is in itself a great safety feature to have on any pool gate.  Most gates are spring loaded and are not self closing.  Spring loaded latch systems can also pinch… Read more

A home security alarm system is a nonviolent but firm way of telling any trespassers, potential thieves, and joyriding burglars that theft is a crime and he or she has crossed the line by breaking into your home. With a burglar alarm, any criminal plotting to steal your things is either deterred for good or taught a life lesson when the police show up for the silent burglar alarm that was triggered by unusual activity like a man illegally entering your home. If you’re looking for a simple, but effective way to stop criminal activity and send a home security message, arm your house with the Anti-Burglar door mat trap. It is a life-size version of the sticky rodent mats that trap and deter mice, bugs, and anything unwelcome in your home. Now you can extend your list of the rodents that will keep out of your home and add “Burglars” to the top. According to the device’s creator, Shimada, it is an adhesive doormat that can be placed on the inside of your home so a burglar finds that… Read more

If you like to keep an eye on things while you are away, you’re in luck. Yes, you guessed it; there is actually an iPhone application for that! The app and service are offered by Dropcam and they have just made viewing a live home security system camera feed a snap.  Dropcam makes it super convenient for businesses and homeowners to view any Dropcam camera placed inside interior areas that need monitored and they don’t even require batteries or complicated wiring installations.  All you do is plug them in and you’re ready to go!  Easy two step setup directions are provided to get you started by linking you to your Wi-Fi network account. Residents have the option of viewing streaming live video feeds directly on their PC or iPhone.  It’s really the ideal on the go solution for home security. Each Dropcam package comes with one Dropcam home security systems camera, a 10 foot power cord, 14 foot Ethernet cable, mounting accessories and a free iPhone application for mobile monitoring.  There are two Dropcam Packages that one can choose from. … Read more

Home security systems work with you to thwart aggravating trespassers like burglars who destroy your sense of safety. Burglars come in many forms, from the experienced burglar who has planned for weeks to steal your things, to an unfortunate house Guest who decides while visiting you that your personal investments belong in his pocket. You can keep your home and family protected by always considering all angles of home security. For deterring major burglars, you can install a high technology home security system by contacting a home security specialist company such as ADT, Pinnacle Security, and Protect America. Your security system package will include sharp technology that gridlocks thieves in the own ill-plans and out of your house. Most security companies offer amenities like a burglar alarm, motion sensor, silent police alert, camera home security monitoring system, and flickering lights that warn an intruder that he or she is breaking the law and disrespecting your personal property. If you have more time on your hands and hope to save a buck, or like to manage your own technology, you can… Read more