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Plants are too often overlooked as a positive security measure to take when tricking out a new or existing home for security and amenities and aesthetics in general. Rose bushes, black berry bushes and poison ivy can all be used in tandem outside windows to create a natural barrier to fend off no-gooders. Anything with thorns really is good and the poison ivy can be added just to make them really regret trying to break into your home so they don't think about trying again. A poison ivy itch is worse than thorns really - thorns you can pull out but the poison ivy itch is a gift that keeps on giving for a day or so of irritating, scratchy pain. Best Places for "Security Plants" Plant the bushes right up against the wall, so that no one can have space to sneak behind it.  Also always trim off the portion from about knee height down, so that you can see if someone tries to hide behind a bush in wait to attack or rape the next coming person. Be sure… Read more

When considering buying a new home for you and your family, security of the home and neighborhood it is situated in should definitely be on your list of concerns. When you look at a home, talk to neighbors, your insurance agent and police to find out the real crime stats for the area that your commission motivated real estate agent likely won't pass along so honestly or readily. Real estate agents may act like your friends but they only get paid when you buy and the less time they have to spend with you to make that happen, the better for their profit margin. So a home buyer needs to think for themselves and take whatever the real estate agent says with a big grain of salt. Does the new home land in an area that has neighborhood watch, block parties and generally a strong sense of community and neighborly behavior or is it like a lot of these new cookie cutter communities where neighbors never meet at all and it's basically every man, woman and child for themselves? Neighborhoods like that… Read more

If you have made the decision to add cameras to your home or are contemplating making that move to increase your home's security, below I will outline some of your choices when it comes to the actual camera equipment itself.  The choices are literally endless when it comes to high, low and mid-range options in camera equipment to add security to your home. When I made this decision to add cameras to my home ten years ago, the X10 camera brand was the best deal I found in the marketplace, and the brand still seems to be holding strong a decade later. X10 is currently offering a basic camera system for $79.99 on their website. This is for a pretty decent entry level camera security system and it really does include basically all you require to install a good starter security and surveillance system in your home. They say the package can be installed in 10 minutes, but I'd plan on more like a couple hours just to be realistic time wise so you don't get frustrated or try to rush… Read more

Educating yourself, your spouse and your children about home security is becoming increasingly more important in these crazy times we live in. When I was growing up in a small town, ignorance was bliss I guess - we would leave our doors unlocked whether we were home or not. People in my neighborhood let their dogs run loose because it was like one big happy community. We knew who all of the neighbors dogs were and the dogs I guess were smart enough to find their way back to their homes and remember who and where they got fed if they wanted to eat on a regular basis.  Nowadays in the big city I live in, if you take your dog off its leash for even a minute, you are slapped with a fine and verbal reprimand to take your self esteem to the basement, in case it wasn't there already, and to be honest,with all the horror stories I've heard and read, I don't even feel safe answering my door unless I am expecting someone at a certain exact time. So… Read more

Deciding to put a security system is a wise move towards a stronger and safer home front and it really doesn't have to cost much, if anything at all and it will go a long way to adding to your level of home security. Talk to you insurance company before you actually commit to any one brand or another as they may offer a better discount for certain accredited brand name security systems or security companies they may have an affiliation or partnership agreement with. No matter what company you choose, you should get a discount in your monthly insurance premium. If your company doesn't offer one, then you may want to consider switching to one that does. Installing a basic security system with a few sensors and one camera or two really shouldn't cost you anything in the end. Most security companies will install it for free if you agree to a contract with them for a year or two. And then your insurance company should discount you about the same amount of your monthly service bill from the security… Read more