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When you’re the host of a party, it can be difficult to enjoy your own event. You put so much time, energy and money into throwing this bash, and yet, the night just flashes before your eyes because you’re constantly changing the music and checking on cooking temperatures. Fortunately, a home automated system can help make entertaining a little easier, so you can join in the fun, too. Home automated systems focus on more than just serious things, like burglary prevention and smoke detectors; they have a lighter side, too. Here's how yours can help simplify entertaining. Let in the Cleaning Crew, Wherever You Are If you have a cleaning team coming over to prep your home before the party, you don’t have to be home to let them in. Make sure you already know and trust the company you're using. When they ring the doorbell, you can get a notification on your smart phone, let them in remotely and lock up behind them, all from wherever you are. Control Appliances Remotely Some crockpots are Wi-Fi enabled now, allowing you to adjust… Read more

Fire pits can be the perfect outdoor addition if you live in a climate where you want to enjoy the temperate summer nights, but it doesn’t stay quite hot enough after sundown to be outdoors without some sort of heat. Fire pits also enhance the aesthetic of a porch, deck or patio and are a low-energy way to provide guests with some warmth. Due to their very nature, however, fire pits do pose a few hazards to be aware of. Never fear! You can still enjoy those cool summer nights with this fire pit safety guide. 1. Give Your Fire Pit Some Space Position your fire pit 25 feet away from anything else on your patio. This includes chairs, the barbecue, your outdoor speakers or anything you may keep out there. Remember that a small gust of wind can carry what was a mild flame pretty far, and it could cause a nearby shrub or some wicker furniture to catch on fire. When you and your guests sit around the fire pit, you should also keep at least five feet… Read more

Smokey the Bear was probably a staple image of your childhood. But Smokey only preached about forest hazards, and while you should certainly practice fire safety during your summer camping trips and cookouts, don’t think fire hazards only exist out in the dry brush. Your home, cool as it may be with the air conditioner running, can pose a surprising number of summer fire hazards, too, if you aren't careful. Here are some to keep in mind as you enjoy summer at home. 1. The Grill Summer is a great time to use the grill, so you can enjoy the warm evening weather while you cook. The grill, however, has open flames and its heat isn’t confined to the tidy coils of a stove or the inside of an oven. Grills are one of the top causes of home fires during the summer. If you have any low hanging branches near the grill, trim these back. Do not place your grill beneath awnings, or twinkle lights you've strung up around your patio. Never leave your grill unattended; flames can grow in… Read more

You may think personal jets and a different designer handbag for every day of the month signal wealth, but when summer comes along, you realize the true definition of wealth is being able to run your air conditioning all day, every day. Staying cool isn’t cheap. But luckily there are ways to have a fun, climate-controlled summer without having to take out a loan. If you're looking for ways to cut summer energy costs, look no further! We're here to help you keep cool, while saving big bucks. 1. Seal up loose frames. The cold air coming out of your air conditioning unit is a hot commodity during the summer. Don’t waste it by neglecting worn out weather stripping on doors and windows. Even doors that have warped and don’t sit tightly in their frame can let cold air out of the house, forcing your air conditioning to go into overdrive. Walk around your house and check the weather sealing on every door and window. Redo it with caulking if you have to. You may think one window isn’t a big deal, but having several… Read more

Everybody is a little checked out during the summer. The heat makes it hard to focus and the nice weather just makes you wish you were at the beach. If you've got kids, they're on vacation and it feels like the day's responsibilities are just slightly more relaxed. People are outside, the sun is shining and food is on the grill! Your friends and family may let you off the hook for being a little more relaxed during the summer, but burglars won't. In fact, they count on your defenses being down. Don't let them get the better of you this summer! Pay attention to your home security so you can go on enjoying summer without a care in the world! 1. Monitor people going in and out. Everybody enjoys the outdoors more during the summer. Your children may go in and out of the yard, alternating between playing on the swing set and going to the kitchen for a drink. On pool days, people will be going between the pool and the house a lot. It’s easy to just leave doors… Read more