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Even if you're insured and can receive money for any stolen or damaged item, you won’t bounce right back from a home invasion. No one is ever fully prepared for the consequences—monetary, practical, emotional, and otherwise—that come with a home invasion. That's why, in addition to getting insurance and doing what you can to minimize the damage of an invasion, you should also do everything you can to prevent one. Don't believe us? A home invasion is a terribly traumatic experience. Here are just a few of the ways your life can be changed by a break-in. 1. Your sense of security is taken away. Most people don’t realize they have such a tremendous sense of security until it's taken away. You likely go to bed at night, not even thinking about the fact that nighttime is when most break-ins occur. If you do think about it, you then think about the numbers, the statistics, and the odds that you would be the victim of an intrusion. The odds are probably quite low, giving you peace of mind. But once you have… Read more

You love the sense of connection social media gives you; you can show your friends the bridesmaid dresses you’re trying on in real time, blast cute videos of your nephew and share just about any thought that crosses your mind. But not everybody looking at your social media platforms is doing so with a friendly eye. Some people are seeking information they can use to take advantage of you. That's why it’s important that you're very careful about revealing your real-time location on social media, especially in the following instances. 1.Buying a New Car Getting a new car is exciting! And you want to take a photo of yourself shaking the dealer’s hand, signing the contract and getting the keys. But these photos tell people that you have just purchased a brand new car, a huge nab for burglars who may be connected to you in some form on social media. If you purchase an expensive car, then you’re also telling the world that you have a certain income and probably a certain number of valuables inside of your home. Keep that… Read more

Everyone you know, your friends, teachers, coworkers, family, they all have tips that can help keep you safe! But who better to ask for safety advice than a police officer? They know which habits truly heighten your safety and which little mistakes cause some of the biggest crimes and accidents. Don't be a victim! Follow these police-approved tips and rest easy knowing you're that much safer. 1. Don’t give the valet all of your keys. You don’t know where the restaurant, party or hotel found their valet drivers. Some use established companies that thoroughly screen each employee, but some are just a random assortment of friends and friends' kids who need jobs. It’s not uncommon for a valet company to hire adolescents who can’t get any other job because they have a criminal record. Take all other keys (like your house keys, office keys, keys to your other cars) off of your key chain before giving it to the valet driver. And install a GPS tracker in your car so that, if it is stolen, you can find it. 2.… Read more

You’ve probably walked through your neighborhood at night and seen something you thought looked odd, but you may have written it off as a one-time incident or something that was just in your head. Human intuition, however, is something we developed after years of living in survival mode, and it’s something you should listen to. Between you and your neighbors, you can prevent minor incidents of crime and dangerous activity from transforming your street into a dangerous place. Not sure what qualifies as behavior strange enough to report? Take note of these 8 things to keep an eye out for, and never hesitate to call the police if your better judgement tells you to. 1. Bargain Street-Side Sales Look out for anyone who sets up a table, opens the back of their van, or simply opens their jacket and offers items for sale at "remarkably" low prices. These individuals are usually selling stolen items. Not only can reporting them help the owners of that property recover their belongings, but it can also keep that type of theft from moving into your… Read more

Living within walking distance of major shopping and entertainment areas can be quite convenient; you don’t need to worry about taking a pricey taxi if you have a bit too much wine at dinner, and you aren’t stranded if you share a vehicle with your family member and they need to use it. But living right next to a major shopping or entertainment area brings a lot of characters into your life that wouldn’t otherwise be there if you lived in a purely residential area, and not all of them come in peace. Here are businesses you should not live near. If you're looking at a new apartment or home, be sure to look for locations far away from the following places. They aren't inherently dangerous, but do increase your risk of higher foot traffic, break-ins, and strange people and vehicles in and around your neighborhood. 1. Convenience Stores Convenience stores are some of the most highly-robbed businesses. They tend to keep cash in the register and have ATMs full of cash that robbers can easily break open. As a result,… Read more