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Hopefully you and your family are never victims of a break-in, but it’s better to prepare for something that will probably never happen then to be unprepared if the unlikely event does occur. Everyone believes they would be calm and collected in the event of an intrusion, but the truth is, when it actually happens, your heart pounds, your adrenaline rushes, you can hear your pulse in your ears and you cannot focus. If you memorize crucial actions in advance, you’ll have a chance of safely escaping an intrusion, should it occur. First and foremost: remain calm. Read and re-read these to-dos and be sure everyone under your roof has a plan of action in case of a break-in. Be Wary of Your Location (and Theirs) Make sure you and anyone else who lives with you knows to remain quiet. You do not want the intruder to know your location, because they may try to find you and intimidate information out of you, like passwords, safe codes, or the location of your valuables. Do not try to intimidate them by yelling… Read more

You moved into a safe neighborhood, you always keep an eye on weather alerts and you do just about everything you can to prevent an emergency from happening. But sometimes, emergencies have a way out outsmarting your plans. There are some things you simply cannot plan for and if you and your family are ever trapped in your home without power or water for days, or under attack by intruders, there are some things you’ll want to have on hand. Don’t look at these items as “only for the paranoid” or outdated. These are underrated emergency items you should keep within arm's reach, just in case you're ever in a situation that calls for them. Thermal Sleeping Bags Invest in a thermal sleeping bag for each member of your family. There are sleeping bags available that can keep a person warm in negative thirty-degree weather. If you live in an area subject to this kind of weather, imagine what would happen if you were snowed in and lost power for days? The insulation of your home can only keep you… Read more

When you think about installing security cameras in and around your home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the potential to identify and catch burglars. Most people know, unfortunately, how rare it is for police to ever track down your burglar and the little chance there is of recovering your belongings even if he is found. That's the reason most people don't install cameras, thinking, “If the criminal is already in my house, it’s too late.” But there are a lot of reasons to install a security camera, other than catching a burglar in the act. Here are just a handful to consider. Checking the Honesty of Your Employees Between babysitters, personal assistants, cleaning crews, and handymen, you likely have a lot of people come through your home on a regular basis. Many of them might have access to private areas of your home, like your office, where you keep financial documents, or your bedroom, where you store valuable family heirlooms. If something goes missing, interrogating the people you hire can be quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, it can tarnish your… Read more

If you love opening your windows to allow fresh air into your home, or as an alternative to air conditioning, then unfortunately, you’re putting yourself in a safety predicament. You’ve likely heard the saying that when a door closes, a window opens; well, this is actually a blessing to burglars who rely on you leaving a window open in your home to strike. But opening windows doesn’t just make it easy for some people to get in; it also makes it easy for children and pets to get out. If you do love to keep your windows open, here's how to do so, all while remaining safe. Add Window Stops Visit your local home goods store and explain the types of windows you have to an employee. There is a window stop for every window style that will allow you to open your window only partially. This makes it difficult for burglars to climb in, or children to crawl out. Open Higher Windows If you have a multi-floor home, only open windows on the top floor. If you only have one… Read more

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of violation that comes with having your wallet or phone stolen, then just imagine something a thousand times worse - that’s close to how it feels to have your car stolen. Your car is a mobile memory bank, and chances are you keep a number of personal items in there, too. It’s probably also crucial in getting you to work, picking up your children, running errands and navigating your life. Even if you have insurance for theft, there is usually still a large deductible and it doesn’t eliminate the feeling of violation. If you don’t have a garage, you're not alone, but you do need to take extra steps to prevent car theft. Here are some helpful tips to consider that may help keep you from falling victim. Park Directly in Front of a Home or Business When looking for a parking spot on the street, don’t select one right in front of a large hedge, wall, or empty lot. Try to park your car in front of a home or a business to increase the… Read more