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Most people know that they should be aware of suspicious activity in their neighborhood, but they don’t exactly know what constitutes suspicious activity. It won’t always be as obvious as a van with tinted windows circling your block, or a group of strangers wearing face masks. Knowing what to look for, though, can help you actively prevent a crime or even serial crime. Here are just some of the suspicious activities you should keep an eye out for in your neighborhood. If you see any of what's listed below, call your local police department as soon as you can. Rapid Exit If you notice someone loitering around your street, pay attention to how they behave if someone approaches them. If they seem to dart off the moment someone approaches, or quickly change the direction they’re walking to avoid the person, that is considered suspicious. They may not want someone to see them close up or ask them any questions. Out-of-Place Clothing There is really no reason for someone to wear a giant coat on a hot summer day, or for someone to… Read more

Kids shouldn’t have to worry about home invasions or burglaries—part of the magic of being a child is thinking positively about the world. But if you leave your children entirely in the dark about home security, some of their innocent habits could put your home at risk. Luckily, teaching your kids about proper home safety habits can help empower them as contributing household members - just be sure to phrase these conversations in a bright, positive light - and keep them in mind when you and your little ones are spending some quality time at home. 1. Reducing Noise Pollution If you’ve been looking for a way to get your children to stop playing the soundtrack to “Shrek” so loudly, or simply want them to stop screaming at each other, you could talk to them about the risks of noise pollution in the home. If they’re too loud, you may not hear your car alarm go off, an alarm notifying you that a back door has been opened, or an important text message alerting you to an incoming storm. Explain to your… Read more

You might take a certain set of security precautions before leaving the house, but realistically, those are only set when you aren’t in a panic or a hurry. Think of the times you’ve forgotten to lock doors or close windows — you were likely running late, running just a "quick" errand, or rushing to an emergency. Burglars know that and they often work hard to recreate these scenarios to get you away from your home. There may even be some who play more of a long con, creating fake elaborate events to get you out of the house. Don't fall for it! Being prepared and knowing what to do when approached with one of these ruses can make all the difference in protecting your home and your loved ones. Common Tricks To Lure You From Your Home 1. Pretending to Lose a Pet If you are an animal lover and someone shows up at your door saying they’ve lost their pet in your neighborhood, you’ll likely have a lot of sympathy for that person. You may have so much sympathy for the pet owner… Read more

You’re well into January and beginning to admit to yourself that you need to address the aftermath of the holidays. There are decorations to be removed, unwanted gifts to be exchanged, adored gifts that need storage space (other than the floor, where they’ve been for weeks now) and just a lot of odds and ends that need to be taken care of. You may want to rush this process or cut corners because it’s a drag, but doing so could pose some security threats. Instead of waiting another 2 months to deal with cleanup, get started now! We've got tips that'll help you de-clutter, while ensuring you aren't putting you or your home at risk of break in. Throwing Out Trees/Wreaths If your Christmas tree or wreaths are made from real plants, then you should throw these out before they begin to brown, especially if they're sitting near a light bulb, heat source, or your fireplace. The dry shrubs that fall from trees and wreaths can provide plenty of fodder for a fire. Artificial versions are, unfortunately, also made from highly flammable… Read more

You start out the new year with the best of intentions, but even your intentions couldn’t predict just how busy your life would become. You can't plan for the twelve text messages you receive as you try to go around your home and lock up, or for the fact that your children can distract you with questions about when dinner will be ready and whether or not their friend can come over as you try to install motion sensor lights. Keeping good security habits can be tough, but the damage that can happen if you don’t can be immeasurably tougher. With that in mind, we've outlined a few New Year's Resolutions that should be your top priority when it comes to home security, and, as the year goes on, you can slowly check each one off and feel a little more confident in the well being of your home and your family. 1. Change Your Passwords If your passwords to all of your social media platforms, email accounts, online banking apps and more are all the same, you're in for some trouble. This makes… Read more