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Maybe it’s happened to a friend of yours, maybe you’ve seen it on the news or maybe  it’s happened to you personally — a break-in that just didn’t make sense. The intruder was sloppy or took lower-priced items and left the valuable things behind. Not all burglaries make sense because not all burglars are the manipulative, scheming individuals we think they are. Burglars are just people; some are intelligent and patient, while some are dumb and impulsive. No matter what, you need to be prepared for every kind. We're here to help! Learn about the various burglar personalities and how you can prevent them from breaking in. 1. The Con Artist The con artist will find a way to gain your trust before he robs your home. You will meet the con artist at least once, if not several times before he robs you. He may pretend to work for the city and say he needs to check your property for damaged phone wires. The con artist may claim to be a part of some company seeking a class action lawsuit - a… Read more

If you spend long periods of time away from your home each year on vacation, then you need to take extra precautions in preparing your property before you go. A lot can happen when a house is left unattended for weeks or months on end—things that simple weekend travelers may not need to worry about. Wondering where to start? Here’s how to prepare your home, inside and out, for your vacation. 1. Check for Loose Fence Panels or Other Loose Objects Under normal circumstances, a burglar couldn’t break onto your property because of one broken fence panel. But these are not normal circumstances—you’ll be away for weeks at a time, so a burglar can take plenty of time prying that panel off the fence to get in. Other loose objects, like rocks, small potted plants or debris can be easily picked up by the wind, possibly breaking a window or providing a tool a burglar can use to break in. Make sure all debris is properly disposed of and nail down objects like potted plants or home decorations. 2. Look for Broken Roof… Read more

Because summer pulls us outdoors, encourages us to throw barbecues and gives us the chance to use the pool more, it’s also a season when we can get a bit distracted from what’s happening in and around our homes. Warm weather soothes us, perhaps into oblivion. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do that will allow you to enjoy summer activities, while leaving your worries about high energy bills behind. Here is how to prepare your home for summer. 1.Add Ceiling Fans to Your AC Turning on your ceiling fans while using your air conditioner could actually allow you to set your thermostat to about four degrees lower, so your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. 2. Cover Up Windows The sun will shine directly through your east and west-facing windows at some point in the day, sending heat right into your home. Cover these windows with blackout curtains or wooden shades, at least during the hours of the day when the sun will hit them the most (namely late morning and late afternoon). 3. Consider Adding Awnings… Read more

It’s common for people to think about stocking their home with emergency supplies, but what about their cars? Depending on the nature of an emergency (a fire, a home invasion, a flood), your home may be the last place you want to be and your car can get you far away from it. When it comes to stocking emergency supplies, you should consider your car just as important as your house. Not sure what to include in your vehicle? Don't worry - we've got you covered! Here are 13 items you should keep on hand and within reach in your car in case of emergency. 1.Gas Can If you walk several miles to get to a gas station, you can’t guarantee the attendant will give up a gas can for you to bring gas to your car. Always keep a gas can in your vehicle. 2. Map Remember these old things? They will come in handy if you’re driving through a territory where your GPS loses signal, or your cell phone simply dies, and you cannot use your navigation device.… Read more

Families budget for mortgage payments, groceries, insurance, children's tuition and so much more, leaving smaller bills for things like utilities (which are still expensive enough to seriously interrupt financial planning) by the wayside. Even if you don’t consider your household a wasteful one, a high utility bill can still take you by surprise. The real shame is that, typically, these costs can be avoided with a little simple planning. If you have a home automated system, it can actually help you save a lot of money by reducing your energy consumption. Check out these tips on simple ways to get started. Time Your Lights You probably want to keep some house lights on at night so people can find their way to the bathroom without stubbing a toe. It also makes would-be burglars aware that someone is at home and active. If you have a large house, it can be hard to remember to turn these lights off during the day and switch them on at night. Using your home automated system, you can schedule each and every light in your home to… Read more