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Regardless of your political beliefs, or your level of comfort with the current political climate, there is no denying that for many people, the recent election has created a social divide as well as an emotional divide. There is an air of paranoia and stress, and even if you don’t feel it, it’s likely happening around you. Unfortunately, political divide can make a neighborhood unsafe. It likely won’t stay that way forever, but at least for the months following the election, it may not be the perfectly peaceful place it usually is. Here is how political divide could put your security at risk and what to do about it. Your mail can say a lot If people get some idea of your spending habits and reading habits, they might form ideas about your political stances. If you do a lot of online shopping, this may be a time to either cut back or order several items at once to cut down on the number of times a delivery person shows up at your door. If anyone in your neighborhood is… Read more

In the fall, you want to stay warm and toasty. Speaking of toast, you want to toast food, roast food, bake food, and broil food. You want to keep your home lit up even if the sun goes down earlier. It’s the beginning of the time of year when you need a little help from your appliances to stay comfortable. That’s another reason people tend to waste a good amount of energy on their appliances in the fall. Here are the top energy hungry fall appliances. The television As the sun sets earlier, and it gets too cold to go out as much, people become a bit lonelier. To make up for that, people often leave their televisions on for background noise. But this can waste a lot of energy. You’re better off turning on a small radio for background noise or simply hosting more people for dinner. Your computer The computer is another thing people turn to to feel connected during the less social fall months. You use it to Skype, check social media, watch Netflix and the like.… Read more

Families who live in four-season weather know what a blessing and a curse that can be. Their backyard can become a wonderland their children want to play in. And what parent doesn’t want to encourage their child to play outdoors and put video games aside for a while? But the fall and winter months can also add a few hazards to a backyard. Here are yard safety tips for fall and winter. Purchase sturdy garden gloves You may need to clear large piles of fallen branches by hand. But remember that all sorts of critters could be hiding inside of those branches, from insect-ridden bugs to poisonous spiders. Keep arms and hands completely covered when gathering items in the back yard. Don’t let kids play in leaves On the subject of leaves, do not let children play in them. They will be tempted, but as stated before, these can be filled with bugs. They can also sit on top of sharp rocks, so you do not want your children jumping on them either. Don’t use ladders alone You may need… Read more

Those who live in true four-season weather know how magical the winter months can be. They have also, however, experienced the unique frustrations and hazards that come alone with harsh weather. Whether you have just moved to your first snowy city, or need to refresh your emergency preparedness, here are some items to add to your winter emergency kit. LED flashlights Strong winds and hail storms can quickly take down a power line, and leave your home pitch black. A house filled with lit candles is a fire waiting to happen. Many traditional flashlights, however, cannot give you light until the power comes back on. Some energy efficient LED flashlights can stay on for several days. Having light during a power outage isn’t just convenient; it’s important for navigating your way around your home and property. Sharp objects may have fallen or shifted during the storm, and you don’t want to step on those. Batteries You will need batteries for your LED flashlight, as well as any other battery-operated devices that get you through a storm. This includes radios, heart… Read more

There is safety in numbers, and that extends to the security of your neighborhood. In addition to looking out for your own property through the use of alarms, automatic locks, and motion-sensor lights, think about how you and your neighbors can work together to make the entire neighborhood less appealing to burglars. If you do an effective job, you’ll ideally never need to use the security tools on your own property. Encouraging outdoor activities Petition to have a small park or walking path created in your neighborhood. Give the residents a place to play, have barbecues, throw parties, or just go for jogs. The more burglars see that residents of a neighborhood spend a lot of time out of their homes, the timider they’ll be about wandering those streets because somebody will see them. Installing visible surveillance cameras You may get your neighbors to contribute to the cost of several surveillance cameras. If you put these up around the neighborhood, it will be very hard for a burglar to roam your streets without being caught on camera. Even paying for… Read more