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Burglars are always catching on to new hiding spots for our valuables. Some of your hiding spots may be rather difficult to get to, so even if they’re obvious, you may think, “What burglar would take the time to check there and run the risk of  being caught?” Well, if a burglar caught on to the fact that you were on vacation and wouldn’t be home for days, he would have all the time in the world to turn your home upside down. So we need to get smarter about where we keep our valuables. Don't worry - we've got you covered! Here are 11 genius places to hide your cherished belongings. Keep them safe always and rest a little easier knowing they won't be easy to find. 1. Inside a Vacuum Cleaner Don’t throw away your old, bag-eating vacuum. Hold onto it, remove the bag, and place private documents inside. These weigh about as much as the vacuum bag would, so even if a burglar has to move the vacuum, they won’t suspect a thing. 2. Inside Swiffer Pad… Read more

When a severe storm hits your town, you are hopefully prepared in ways to keep yourself safe during it. You may have gear handy in case of a power outage and food and water available in case the roads are closed. While that’s all very good and certainly necessary, don’t think that the storm has figuratively passed just because the storm has literally passed. Storms can do damage to your home and surrounding areas that may not rear its ugly head until it’s too late. Here is damage to look for after a major storm. 1. Small Cracks in Windows If a branch continuously tapped against a window during strong winds, or a gust of wind blew a rock against one of your windows, then there is a chance you have some small cracks in your panes. These may not seem like a threat now, but these tiny cracks make that window weak; the next time something bangs against it, it will likely shatter. If somebody is standing near it, they could sustain severe cuts from the shards of glass.… Read more

Once you’ve put the time into researching the best surveillance cameras for your needs and invested money in these essential security tools, you’re faced with one important question: where do I put these? Your cameras won’t do you any good if they face the complete opposite direction of where the action happens around your home. And some ideal locations for surveillance cameras are not as obvious as you'd think. That's ok - we're here to help! We've outlined the top 7 locations around your home where you're most likely to benefit from camera surveillance. 1. Anywhere a Burglary Has Already Occurred Before covering surveillance cameras for burglary prevention, let’s discuss using cameras to prevent a repeat burglary. If your home has ever been burglarized and you know where the perpetrator entered your house, you can almost be certain that is the most vulnerable area on your property. Put surveillance cameras there immediately. 2. Above all Entryways This includes your front door, back door and even any inconspicuous side doors that lead into your house. Keep in mind that many burglars case your property… Read more

If you are going to spend money on a burglar deterrent, you want to make sure it works, right? To that point, even if your burglar deterrent didn’t cost you a dime, you'd still want the peace of mind that comes with it, resting assured burglars wouldn't be able to steal thousands of dollars worth of valuables from you. Unfortunately, there are some techniques people believe scare criminals away that don't actually do much. Here are burglar deterrents that aren’t as effective as you may think. 5 Ineffective Burglar Deterrents  Inactive Security Systems This one is a no-brainer, but it must be stated; what good is a security system if you don’t arm it when you leave the house? What good are lights that you can schedule to turn on and off at specific times if you don’t schedule them? The answer is no good at all. Anything that Stops a Door This includes a chain, doorstoppers, or seven locks on your front door. Burglars typically don’t enter through your front door, but favor windows, back and side doors. Focus less on… Read more

Neighbors can be tremendous allies when it comes to creating a safe neighborhood. Today, of course, people don’t get to know their neighbors the way they did a few decades ago, which is a shame because we likely have a few things in common with the people who live on our street. One thing everyone certainly has in common with their neighbor is the desire to keep their block safe. Take this desire and turn it into action! Befriend your neighbors and form symbiotic relationships. After all, they can be your security allies and you theirs, helping protect the neighborhood you all know and love. Here are just a few of the ways in which having a watchful neighbor can make for a great security ally. Notifying You About Someone on Your Property Tell your neighbors not to take it at face value if they see someone walking around your property who claims to be your landscaper or handyman. If your neighbor has never seen this person before, they should just tell you, “There was someone checking out your back yard… Read more