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You’re well into January and beginning to admit to yourself that you need to address the aftermath of the holidays. There are decorations to be removed, unwanted gifts to be exchanged, adored gifts that need storage space (other than the floor, where they’ve been for weeks now) and just a lot of odds and ends that need to be taken care of. You may want to rush this process or cut corners because it’s a drag, but doing so could pose some security threats. Instead of waiting another 2 months to deal with cleanup, get started now! We've got tips that'll help you de-clutter, while ensuring you aren't putting you or your home at risk of break in. Throwing Out Trees/Wreaths If your Christmas tree or wreaths are made from real plants, then you should throw these out before they begin to brown, especially if they're sitting near a light bulb, heat source, or your fireplace. The dry shrubs that fall from trees and wreaths can provide plenty of fodder for a fire. Artificial versions are, unfortunately, also made from highly flammable… Read more

You start out the new year with the best of intentions, but even your intentions couldn’t predict just how busy your life would become. You can't plan for the twelve text messages you receive as you try to go around your home and lock up, or for the fact that your children can distract you with questions about when dinner will be ready and whether or not their friend can come over as you try to install motion sensor lights. Keeping good security habits can be tough, but the damage that can happen if you don’t can be immeasurably tougher. With that in mind, we've outlined a few New Year's Resolutions that should be your top priority when it comes to home security, and, as the year goes on, you can slowly check each one off and feel a little more confident in the well being of your home and your family. 1. Change Your Passwords If your passwords to all of your social media platforms, email accounts, online banking apps and more are all the same, you're in for some trouble. This makes… Read more

It’s difficult for the postal office to calculate package theft statistics because, typically if a delivery is stolen, nobody is there to see it. Nobody can really confirm if the package was picked right off of a person’s porch, if the delivery person put it in front of the wrong door, or if the package never arrived at all. But if a neighbor can confirm the package landed at your doorstep, and it's suddenly gone, you can be pretty certain someone may have sneaked in and taken it. This crime is more prominent than ever around the holidays, especially with the popularity of online shopping. If you’re expecting several deliveries in the coming days, here are some ways you could help prevent package theft. Tips to Avoid Package Theft Require a Signature Many online retailers offer you the option to require a signature for drop-off. If nobody is home when the delivery person shows up and they cannot receive a signature, they are instructed to take it back to the retailer, or to a local post office. Order Small Items… Read more

Several industries count on the holidays to make their money, like stationary stores, holiday food retailers, professional gift wrappers, and more. Of course, a number of them must come to your home to do their work. Having the service come to you is certainly convenient, but it also means you’re inviting total strangers into your private residence, an opportunity many burglars can take advantage of. This holiday season, don't be fooled! Keep an eye out for the following scams and stay safe, no matter who you plan on inviting into your home. Holiday Scams to Avoid Professional Installers, Including Tree Decorators, Light Hangers, and more Sprucing up your house for the holiday season is a tradition. Professional tree decorators and light installers can add a tremendous amount of holiday spirit to your home just in time for your holiday gathering. If you’ve ever wanted the type of majestic tree you find in department stores, or the crazy light displays you see in viral videos online, you should turn to professional decorators. Don’t, however, hire ones who show up at your door unannounced, soliciting… Read more

Many of the largest online retailers have technology and insurance set up to help them address the potential damage that could be caused by hackers. That is both reassuring and alarming, because it shows that cyber thieves could be strong enough to hack into what most consumers believe to be secure online stores. More online retailers extend their holidays sales from simply Cyber Monday to Cyber Tuesday or even Cyber Week, because less and less people are taking advantage of these flash sales. Many online retailers are finding that less consumers are shopping than they expect, perhaps due to their fear of increased hacking activity on that day. But the holiday shopping season is still very much in full swing and your guard should still be up, even though Cyber Monday is over. Here are a few of the tricks pulled by cyber hackers, and how you can keep them from ruining your holidays. Fake Banners If you ever see a banner on the side of a web page promoting a deal that seems too good to be true, it likely is. Hackers often… Read more