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The garage is a commonly overlooked part of the home when it comes to home security. You don’t sleep in there, or spend much time in there, so you don’t think about keeping the area free of criminals the way you do your main home. But, if you’re like most people, you likely use your garage for all sorts of things other than parking your vehicle, like storing family heirlooms, working on DIY projects, and—of course—hiding gifts until the holidays. Don’t let your garage slip under your radar, especially during the holiday season. 1. Storing presents in there If you’re trying to hide gifts from your children, the garage might seem like an obvious place—especially if you have young children who don’t yet drive, because they don’t spend any time in the garage. You may also be short on storage room in your actual home. But burglars prowl garages around the holidays, expecting you to stash your new televisions, expensive electronics and other valuables in there, before wrapping them up and giving them away. Keep these items in your home,… Read more

‘Tis the season of panicked online shopping, last minute runs to department stores, fighting with other consumers over that last toy that your child desperately wanted and - oh right! - holiday cheer. Getting everybody that perfect gift can be stressful, which can make many of us less cautious than we’d normally be when shopping, and a bit more desperate. But hackers, burglars and thieves hope the holidays have you so turned around that you don’t watch your back. It is one of the best times of the year, but it's also crucial to stay safe and follow safety protocol to make sure you don't become a victim this year. Get started with these holiday shopping safety tips. 1. Update your security software. If you plan on doing most of your holiday shopping online, update your computer’s security software before doing so. Remember that you should never verify your password or credit card information with any website unless you are the one who initiated the request. 2. Maintain usual safe parking strategies. The malls can be very busy at this… Read more

There is a lot of commotion around a house while the holiday meal is being prepared. Timers are going off, phones are ringing with holiday greetings, carolers are showing up and pots of water are boiling over. If you're the one in charge of making the big holiday meal this year, and you have children or pets in your house, it can be a lot of work to monitor the four side dishes you’re making and the rug rats in your home (human and otherwise). Don't stress! Here are 8 ways to keep your children and pets safe while you’re making the holiday meal. Don’t give them anything to climb on. Both kids and pets alike enjoy climbing on chairs, stools and stacks of boxes in the kitchen to get a better look at what’s cooking, or to steal away with a treat. Remove anything that your little ones can climb on from the kitchen. If you're the only one who can reach the sharp objects and hot surfaces, you can prevent injuries. Add knob protectors. Knob protectors are like… Read more

If you have a guest room, this is the time of year you’ll be filling it up. Between the guests who are in town specifically to visit you and those who are traveling for other reasons but need a place to crash, you might see a lot of foot traffic in your humble guest accommodations. Having houseguests can be a lot of fun, but it also disrupts your usual routine. Houseguests don’t know how things are run around your home, and one little mistake can mean they put your home’s safety at risk. To make sure you, your family and all those holiday presents stay safe this holiday season, here are a few tips to keep your home safe when you have houseguests. 1. Familiarize them with pet safety. If you have pets, you likely have a long set of rules regarding their behavior and safety. Make sure your guests are aware of rooms or areas that your pets shouldn’t enter, like those where you stash the holiday chocolate or the cleaning chemicals. Maybe you have a swimming pool and… Read more

It’s that time of the year when we bring the outdoors indoors with a beautiful Christmas tree. If you celebrate Christmas, then you likely have memories of a big, bushy tree sitting in the corning of your living room reaching back into your early days of childhood. For many of us, seeing a tree in the home around the months of November through January is so standard that we can forget what a tremendous amount of work these festive decorations are. But if they aren’t cared for properly, they can quickly become a hazard. Don't be left unprepared! Follow these 9 essential Christmas tree safety tips this holiday season and then do your part to properly dispose of your tree. 1. Get a fresh one and keep it fresh. Dry and brittle tree branches are more flammable then moist, fresh ones. A dying tree is also more likely to shed leaves and twigs, which can float down onto a candle and catch fire. Buy a fresh tree and make sure to water it regularly. Keep in mind that a six-foot tree will… Read more