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If you have children, a career and a busy life, you’re bound to need a little help. This help could come in the form of babysitters, dog walkers, a cleaning staff and more. If you’re someone who likes to host a lot, then you also have friends stopping by for dinner parties and barbecues. When you think about it, your home probably sees a lot of foot traffic. You know most people who come over pretty well, but what about your friend’s date that they brought to your dinner party? What about the replacement your babysitter sent when she couldn’t make it? Without realizing it, we let strangers into our home and near our personal items—items they could steal, hack our accounts with, or use against us in any number of ways. Keep this from happening by hiding your most personal items anytime you suspect you may have some visitors. 1. Garage Door Opener Since you likely have multiple garage door openers, you may not notice if one goes missing. We often don’t think of garage door openers as being very valuable,… Read more

We live in a time when people don’t really get to know their neighbors. This can be especially true for people living in apartment buildings. Since the residents of apartment buildings seem to change yearly, they may not feel the need to invest much time or effort into getting to know each other. But getting to know your neighbors can be the first step to building a safety alliance together. Not sure how to start? Here are a few tips! First, get to know each other. It’s human nature to be more protective and respectful of people with whom we have a connection. If you introduce yourself to your neighbors, make small talk, get to know them and let them get to know you, your neighbors are bound to care a little more if they see someone suspicious lurking around your unit. They know you, you're friendly and they care about your well being. That means they'll notice when anything strange is up. Grab loose mail for neighbors you're friendly with. While each unit likely has its own mailbox, UPS,… Read more

Coming home to realize someone has broken into your house, damaged your property and stolen things can shake you to your core. Nobody ever expects it. What begins as a perfectly regular day, where you expect to get home for dinner and your favorite TV show, can quickly become one of the worst days of your life. It shows you one of the worst aspects of humanity: theft, invasion of property and privacy, vulnerability, and lack of empathy from your fellow man. When it touches you personally, it can traumatize you and leave you in shock. Needless to say, you may not be able to think straight. When you’re in fight or flight mode, your normal order of operations goes out the window. So make this list now while you’re calm, and refer to it should you ever need it when you’re panicked. Make Sure the Intruder is Gone. The intruder may still be in your home, and willing to use violence if confronted. If you have a smart security system, take out your smart phone and check in on the live… Read more

During the school year, your children are supervised almost around the clock. From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., they're in class, being looked after by teachers and school staff. If you’re lucky, some after school activity like sports or art class keeps them occupied and with adults until 5 or 6 p.m. Maybe by the time your kids come home, you’re back, as well. Once summer break hits, you’re hit with the reality - you need some way to keep your kids busy and safe during a huge seven to nine-hour window when they're typically at school. Even if you’re with them all of the time, you can’t possibly focus on them 100 percent of the time. If they're old enough to look after themselves, you've lucked out! Either way, prepping your home for the continual presence of your child means making it safe and fun for your child. Here are a few musts if your child is spending summer at home. Secure Your Pool. If you have a swimming pool, your kids are in for a fun and cool summer. However, your… Read more

What are the things you think about when you take a risk? Do you think about the odds that it will go wrong? How bad the negative consequences may be? Odds and likelihood play a major role in our decision-making process. If you’re going to rely on statistics when you leave your door unlocked for 10 minutes or give your address to a stranger, you should probably familiarize yourself with the odds you're putting your home and family against. Especially when it comes to something like home burglary, you'd never guess what the statistics actually say. Most burglaries happen during the day. Most burglaries take place in the middle of the day. Ironically, you likely take the most precautions at night, especially when you go to sleep. But burglars know people are off their guard in the middle of the day. You and your neighbors don’t expect a burglary to occur, so you’re less suspicious of strangers walking around your neighborhood. Activate your alarm system any time you leave your home, day or night, and don’t leave any doors unlocked,… Read more