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Several industries count on the holidays to make their money, like stationary stores, holiday food retailers, professional gift wrappers, and more. Of course, a number of them must come to your home to do their work. Having the service come to you is certainly convenient, but it also means you’re inviting total strangers into your private residence, an opportunity many burglars can take advantage of. This holiday season, don't be fooled! Keep an eye out for the following scams and stay safe, no matter who you plan on inviting into your home. Holiday Scams to Avoid Professional Installers, Including Tree Decorators, Light Hangers, and more Sprucing up your house for the holiday season is a tradition. Professional tree decorators and light installers can add a tremendous amount of holiday spirit to your home just in time for your holiday gathering. If you’ve ever wanted the type of majestic tree you find in department stores, or the crazy light displays you see in viral videos online, you should turn to professional decorators. Don’t, however, hire ones who show up at your door unannounced, soliciting… Read more

Many of the largest online retailers have technology and insurance set up to help them address the potential damage that could be caused by hackers. That is both reassuring and alarming, because it shows that cyber thieves could be strong enough to hack into what most consumers believe to be secure online stores. More online retailers extend their holidays sales from simply Cyber Monday to Cyber Tuesday or even Cyber Week, because less and less people are taking advantage of these flash sales. Many online retailers are finding that less consumers are shopping than they expect, perhaps due to their fear of increased hacking activity on that day. But the holiday shopping season is still very much in full swing and your guard should still be up, even though Cyber Monday is over. Here are a few of the tricks pulled by cyber hackers, and how you can keep them from ruining your holidays. Fake Banners If you ever see a banner on the side of a web page promoting a deal that seems too good to be true, it likely is. Hackers often… Read more

There is a lot of waiting around that happens at the airport after you’ve checked your luggage and gone through TSA. Most people take that time to research activities in their destination town, check in with the house sitter, and let their family know they made it to their gate on time. But just because you don’t plan on ever interacting with the people at your gate again doesn’t mean that they don’t plan on interacting with you on some level. Indeed, buying the cheapest airline ticket available to gain access to the gate area can definitely be worth the effort to some thieves. Gate areas are filled with cash, passports, and pricey gifts in suitcases. Gate areas are also filled with people speaking loudly about their travel plans. Be smart and be alert; don’t have these conversations at the gate. For Your Safety - Avoid These Topics at the Airport The Hidden Key If you have a dog or house sitter stopping by your house, don’t tell them the location of the hidden key over the phone. Remember; your… Read more

Holiday party season is here. Whether you’re celebrating a certain religion, or just taking the last year of the month to appreciate and catch up with your friends, you likely want to have a little gathering. To most, the sounds of laughter and holiday music blaring from a home covered in twinkle lights are magical; for others, it’s an opportunity to burglarize while a homeowner isn’t paying attention. Here is how to keep your home safe from a burglary during a holiday party. Don’t put a giant Christmas tree in your front window Positioning a huge Christmas tree in your front living room window may look gorgeous to people walking by, but it obscures your view to your yard and the surrounding areas. Make sure that your Christmas tree, or giant blow up Santa, doesn’t block any main windows through which you could supervise your front yard. Don’t overextend your electricity You likely have holiday lights strung up, possibly a fake fireplace roaring, music blasting, crock pots warming stews, a television playing a sports game and more. Then keep in… Read more

This holiday season, give the gift of security. Some people say the feeling of safety is priceless, but you can spend a little money to help somebody get it. Home security gifts can help someone protect all of the other presents they’ll get this month. Personal security items will help them safely go from holiday party to holiday party. Here are great security gifts to give this holiday season. Bluetooth enabled lights If you already have the motion sensor lights on your property, you’re off to a great start. But Bluetooth enabled lights—otherwise known as smart lights—let you turn your lights on and off, or dim them, any time you want, anywhere you are, from your smartphone. If you’re worried about burglars vetting your property and determining your daily patterns, a smart light allows you to make it look as if you’re always home. Burglars will think, “There must be somebody home because somebody is turning the lights on and off at odd times.” Key Hiders If you are just looking for some affordable party favors you can buy in… Read more