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Even though your car doesn’t contain your most precious personal items, like private documents or your grandmother’s jewelry, it’s still your one of your most valuable belongings. You should take just as many precautions around your car’s safety as you do your home. You spend a lot of time in your car, and your car is just as valuable to a burglar—if not more valuable—than many of the things inside of your home. So if you're not already taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of your vehicle, here are a few essential safety tips to always keep in mind. 1. Don’t pre-load for camping. If you are leaving for a camping trip in the morning, don’t pack your car the night before. A car full of sleeping bags and coolers tells onlookers that you’re going on a trip and will be leaving your home unsupervised. 2. Pack essential medications. If anyone in your family relies on daily medication, keep a supply in your car. If you ever need to hit the road during an emergency, like a fire evacuation… Read more

Many families see their surveillance cameras as luxuries they’ll only need after a break-in or incident has occurred. Some don’t even think about viewing the actual footage on their cameras unless there's a burglary, but believe the mere presence of cameras will deter them away entirely. Surveillance cameras can be both offensive and defensive tools. Don’t wait for a break-in or a natural disaster to happen before looking at your archived surveillance footage. Regularly look at your saved footage in order to ensure the following. 1. Make sure they’re working. First and foremost, you should periodically review your archived surveillance footage to make sure each camera on your property is working properly. You could have a malfunctioning camera for years without knowing it. If you were to rely on that particular camera’s footage after a break-in, that would be a terrible time to find out it wasn’t working. 2. Ensure it doesn’t black out. Events like storms, power outages and severe winds could cause your cameras to black out sometimes. It’s important to know if this is happening and bring in… Read more

When a unit is up for rent is when the whole building looks better than ever. The owner comes by to spruce up the area out front, make sure everybody’s front balcony or porch looks nice and ensure all the walkway lights are working properly. But if you’re a renter, don’t take any apartment building or home at face value. Unfortunately, there are some details the landlord won’t tell you unless you explicitly ask about them. When you’re smitten with a potential home, you may forget to ask important questions. Don't let that happen to you! Keep your guard up when you're looking for a new apartment or home and remember to ask these 8 important questions when you speak to the manager or landlord. 1. Why did the last tenants move out? The previous tenants may have moved out for perfectly normal reasons, like choosing to buy a house or needing to move for work. But you should be concerned if they moved because they couldn’t get along with one of the other tenants, or experienced security threats that… Read more

Something about the summer makes criminals come out in hoards - maybe the warm weather makes them braver, or perhaps they know the hot sun makes you a little less on your guard. Whatever the reason, crime rates go up with the temperature (by about 10 percent in June, July and August), which means so, too, should your security protocol. If you're not sure where your security vulnerabilities lie during the summer, start with the following tips. Remember the screen door is not a real door. You may like to leave your solid door open and just keep the screen door shut to let in a nice breeze. Even if you have a lock on your screen door, a burglar doesn’t need more than a switchblade to cut his way into your home. Keep your doors closed, even when you are at home. While it can feel nice to leave a back or side door open to allow in some natural air, this also welcomes burglars into your home. Remember that some burglars will enter your house, even if you are clearly… Read more

Summer time comes with some pretty fun traditions. You probably remember your neighborhood lighting up with activity during the hottest months of the year as a kid. It's true - people feel more social during the summer. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and school is out, making for some great summer traditions. But, while you're out having some fun in the sun, make sure you're not welcoming any security threats. Let's take a look at some summer neighborhood traditions that could pose safety hazards. 1. Block Parties Block parties provide a wonderful way to get to know your new neighbors, while catching up with old ones. In most cases, neighborhoods will block off one street with traffic cones so cars cannot come through, making it one large pedestrian walkway. But when everyone is out on the street, they are not keeping an eye on their homes. When dozens of people are swarming the street, it can make it harder to spot someone who doesn’t belong there. If your neighborhood throws a block party, make sure some residents take turns… Read more