Where to Place your Home Security Camera

Home security technology has become significantly less expensive than it used to be. You can pick up a home security camera at your local home improvement store and have it installed in a matter of minutes. Getting the most bang for your buck, however, means picking the right location for your home security camera. If you don’t put it in the right spot, you’re really not protecting anything.

Home Security Camera Locations


  • Outside, capturing the door and driveway. Putting a camera outside lets you know who’s approaching the building. Depending on the type of camera you buy, it may be motion sensitive so that it’s not just constantly recording but rather turning on when someone comes by. The downside to having the camera outside is that it captures only one angle of your home. An intruder could approach he home from any of three other directions and not be caught on camera – unless you’re willing to install multiple cameras.
  • Inside, capturing the main entryway. This is another popular position for placement. This lets you see if anyone breaks in through your front door. Contrary to what you might see on television, most home invasions actually take place through the front door. Here again, the big limitation is that it captures only a single point of entry.
  • Inside, capturing a centralized room. Many homes have a living room or family room that’s at the center of their home. Most of the rest of the home’s traffic proceeds through that room, and a home invader would naturally have to come through that room to get to another. This option provides surprisingly strong coverage and is a good choice if you’re only going to have a single camera.
  • Multiple locations. This is, of course, ideal. If you’re able to cover each side of the house and yard, as well as important spots inside the home, you should. That will give you the highest level of detection, of course. Depending on the layout of your home and yard, you may be able to get by with as few as three or need as many as six or seven cameras to get full coverage.
Posted on Thursday, May 19th, 2011