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Vivint Security Review

Vivint is a relatively new name in the home security system marketplace, but the solutions they provide have been around a while. Vivint used to be known as APX Alarm Security Solutions, but in 2011 they decided to seek investment funding and expand their home security business into the home control market. This has only enhanced their position in home security.

A Different Kind of Home Security Company

It's that home control element that makes Vivint possibly the most interesting home security system on the market. The home control features allow you to do a number of things beyond simply home security, such as:

  • Control your thermostat remotely. You can set your home's temperature, switch between central air and heat, and more.
  • Activate or deactivate electronics. You can remotely power or shut off the power to any electrical socket in your home. This allows you to shut off outlets when they're not in use, or put certain devices on a timer.
  • Control certain appliances. There are even some appliances that have a specific device interface for the home control system.

Wireless Home Security Sensors and Accessories

Vivint home security systems have the same kinds of sensor capability that most other wireless systems do. Standard in the Home Automation package are:

  • One control panel
  • One motion detector
  • One IP camera
  • One key fob
  • Three door or window sensors

Obviously, you're going to need to add some window sensors, and possibly some door sensors, as well. There are also some obvious add-ons that you should pick, such as a smoke detector. The standard package gives you "points" to work with that allow you to customize your package, adding sensors as you see fit. You can also buy additional points in order to add sensors or components.

Protected Monitoring

Vivint's system utilizes a 24x7 monitoring service, just as most alarm systems. Like some other systems on the market, it also includes "crash-and-smash" protection. What this means is that, even if a burglar disables an alarm system after they break in, the alarm company will still call the police. If they don't receive an actual disarm signal, you'll get help.

A Unique Control Panel

The Vivint home security system control panel is something that sets it apart. It's a large, color, touch screen. It gives you not only the system status at any given time, but it also provides the weather forecast, any severe weather alerts, and more.

This control panel is one of only a few on the market that allows you to have a two-way conversation with the security company right from the control panel. If the alarm is triggered, the representative can contact you immediately through the control panel. If they can't get a hold of you, they'll still contact you via your emergency numbers before contacting emergency services.


Vivint is one of the lower-priced home security systems out there – unless you pay for it all up front. If you do, you can get a discount on the monthly monitoring service of about $20. It's also the difference between paying $199-$400 (depending on options) and the full $1,500 or more.

The Good

  • Home automation is the cornerstone of Vivint’s service
  • Professional Installation Available

The Bad

  • Price is somewhat higher than competitors

The Ugly

  • You might need to add some door and window sensors to your package
Our Rating: *9.2 of 10
User Rating:
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Available Benefits

  • Cellular Security System
  • Remote internet and smart phone access
  • Automatic Door Locks
  • Custom Notifications & Non-Emergency Alerts
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Remote Thermostat, Lighting, & Appliance Control
  • Smart Grid Energy Management
  • Complete Home Security & Automation System
  • Remote Electronic Door Locks
  • Professional Installation Available

Monitoring Services

  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Fire & Smoke
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • Medical Pendant
  • Two-way Voice Feature
User ReviewsNot all submitted reviews are posted but all submitted reviews are factored into our rating. HomeSecuritySystems.net believes the posted reviews best reflect the overall opinions of all submitted reviews.
Submitted by Cynthia Warner

We've had Vivint for about three months. We love this system. We would definitely recommend this system.

Submitted by Garren Miles

Love it. Life time warranty on all equipment.

Submitted by Becky Meyers

Vivint has been voted as the #1 Security Company in the USA by nationwide Police Departments and also awarded the Consumer Best Buy Award in it's class. No other system that uses a wirelesss cellular transmission system in this price range packs as many security and automation components in one package as vivint does

Submitted by Betty

Excellent customer service, great equipment .

Customer Testimonials All features described in any testimonial may not be included in every package offered.
Submitted by Patrick D., Ohio

In my trainings I reference some 'Wow' customer service moments I've had at places like Nordstrom and Amazon, now I am happy to say that employees coming through the doors of my company will hear how a pleasant technical support person at Vivint made my day and made me a customer for life. Even with a contract where I don't have much of a choice, you [Vivint] were still kind to me and helpful. Customer service like that is the cornerstone of good business. People choose a product or service because of the price, but they stay because of the people.

Submitted by David B., Miami

I guess they thought they would make it [the alarm] stop, but since it's wireless, it just kept working. It definitely did its job. I am grateful because without it, we probably wouldn't have much left. We are definitely happy with the service, we have two small sons and it's good to know our family is protected.

Submitted by Karen B. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

We feel so well looked after, It's great to know there really is someone at the other end of the line. I was amazed we didn't have to tear the whole house apart to have a system. I love that the monitoring isn't sold to someone else. With our old system I'd call in to report a false alarm and be on hold for 20 minutes, which didn't make me feel safe.

*All features described in any testimonial may not be included in every package offered.