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  • Home Automation

If you’re looking for next-gen home monitoring, Vector Security offers some of the latest in security technology. With cloud-based video storage, remote access to your security system via your cell phone, and home automation devices, you can take your personal and home safety to the next level. For comprehensive monitoring services anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard, in the South, or in California, Vector Security is a company worth considering.


Vector Security offers equipment made by some of the most respected brand names in the home security industry, including Honeywell, DMP, and GE Interlogix. They have both landline-based and wireless systems, which homeowners can choose from according to their price preferences and their security needs. The wireless systems are costlier, but they offer more features such as remote access, connectivity with the home automation systems, and web-based monitoring.

Vector Security can provide fire and smoke alarms, carbon monoxide sensors, video cameras, and more. There is no “standard” package, but homeowners sit down with a consultant to discuss how best to protect their home. They can select from motion sensors, door and window monitors, video surveillance systems, and all of the other features recommended by the consultant.

Monitoring and Services

The service that sets Vector Security apart from their competition is their consultations. A home security expert will meet with homeowners, helping them to assess their needs, evaluate their budget, and come up with the proper home security system for them. The consultant ensures that they get only the equipment they need, and draws up a payment plan for their particular setup. Vector offers customers a one-stop-shop for everything they could need for their home security.

If you are planning to travel and leave your home empty, you’ll find that Vector’s home automation services make your life easier. You can install the thermostat and light fixtures that connect to the central control panel, giving you access to the lighting and HVAC via the app installed on your phone. No matter where in the world you go, you can immediately monitor and adjust the lighting, temperature, and more.

Not only does Vector Security offer video surveillance, but it provides cloud-based storage for your video footage. You won’t need to purchase an extra hard drive to store the data, as it is all stored on the cloud. Homeowners can easily access the footage from anywhere around the world, and the footage is backed up so you never lose it. The app installed on your smart phone and tablet make it easy for you to control your security system, and you have access 24-hour remote technical assistance should you find yourself in need of help.


Vector charges $99 for the installation of the security system, but the price increases with the more advanced systems. Its monthly fee is very affordable at just $25/month, and compared to many of the other security companies in the regions where Vector operates, it’s a very good rate.

The Good

Low monthly fees for high tech security systems

Remote access and cloud-based video storage make for a very reliable security system

The Bad

Most equipment problems are solved remotely, and it takes a lot of calling to get a technician to come inspect the issue in person

And The Ugly

There are a number of complaints with the BBB, pertaining to equipment problems, overcharging, and more


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