Top Energy Hungry Fall Appliances


In the fall, you want to stay warm and toasty. Speaking of toast, you want to toast food, roast food, bake food, and broil food. You want to keep your home lit up even if the sun goes down earlier. It’s the beginning of the time of year when you need a little help from your appliances to stay comfortable. That’s another reason people tend to waste a good amount of energy on their appliances in the fall. Here are the top energy hungry fall appliances.

The television

As the sun sets earlier, and it gets too cold to go out as much, people become a bit lonelier. To make up for that, people often leave their televisions on for background noise. But this can waste a lot of energy. You’re better off turning on a small radio for background noise or simply hosting more people for dinner.

Your computer

The computer is another thing people turn to to feel connected during the less social fall months. You use it to Skype, check social media, watch Netflix and the like. Do not leave your computer charging when it is fully charged. Most laptop computer chargers eat up a lot of energy, even if the computer doesn’t need any more battery power.

Your heater

It’s hard not to become addicted to the cozy climate a central heater can create. But most people do not realize that if their home is well insulated, it can hold their desired temperature long after they turn the heater off.

Your water heater

One way you may enjoy warming up in the fall is an extra long hot bath or shower. But water heaters can use a lot of power—around 400 kWh per month depending on your model. So, for starters, don’t use your shower as a means of heating up. If you properly insulate and heat your home, you shouldn’t have to retreat to the shower to feel warm. Second, check the thermostat on your water heater; you don’t need it above 120 degrees. Beyond that, you’ll just scald yourself.


When the days get shorter, you inevitably need to turn on more lights so you can find your way around your home. But, if you need to turn on the light in every room you frequent, you’re likely to accidentally leave a few on for extra hours. Installing motion sensor lights around your home could help you save a lot of money you were otherwise wasting, lighting up rooms that were empty.

Electric cooking devices

Whether it’s a hot pot, an electric kettle, a crockpot or a coffee machine, don’t turn these on before you need them, and don’t leave them on after you’re done with them. A lot of people will leave on the warmer function of a coffee pot or electric kettle when they have no intentions of drinking any more of that liquid. And just because a stew could stay warm in the crock pot for three more hours, you’re better off refrigerating it if it’s ready, and just heating it up when you want to eat it. Hot plates are quite dangers if left on and empty; they’re essentially just a very hot, exposed surface. Do not pre-heat these or leave them on after you have removed your food from them.

The dryer

The dryer is another appliance many people like to use to keep warm in the fall. You may be in the habit of throwing perfect dry clothes in there, just to warm them up before wearing them. But this can waste a lot of energy. You’re better off hanging the items you want to wear in the bathroom while you take a hot shower; this should warm them up.

We’re fortunate to have so many tools and appliances to keep us warm in the fall, but if we aren’t careful, we can throw away hundreds of dollars during the autumn months.

Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016