Surprising Things You Can Catch on Surveillance Cameras


Think of all the disputes you’ve gotten into that would have easily been solved if there was just proof—there are probably plenty like fender benders, who got to the parking spot first, who was in line first and so much more. In a perfect world, you would have surveillance available to you anytime you needed it. But, at the very least you can have it on your home. Here are some of the many crucial things you can catch on surveillance cameras in your home.

Hourly employees

Do you have employees that come to your house and are paid by the hour? Here are just some that might come to mind:

  • Dog walkers. If you’re paying a dog walker to walk your dog for an hour, and he is dropping off Spotty after just a 15 minute stroll, you’re getting cheated out of money, and your dog is getting cheated out of fresh air and exercise. You can check on your archived surveillance to make sure your dog walker is doing the specified time.
  • If you have a personal assistant or employee who works at your house when you’re not there and you pay him by the hour, you don’t know exactly how long each task takes. Your employee can easily wrap something up in 40 minutes and just watch TV for another 20. Checking your surveillance can ensure that your personal assistant is maximizing his time on your payroll.
  • Construction workers/renovators. If you’re renovating your home, adding onto it, or even building a brand new home and you stay somewhere else while the work is getting done, you need some way to monitor the workers. Home renovations and construction have a tendency to run long, but is that because of legitimate hold ups, or are your workers only there from 9 to 3 instead of 7 to 4?
  • House sitters. If you pay someone to watch your house, ideally that person would be sleeping at your house each night. Checking your surveillance cameras can ensure that your sitter isn’t periodically spending nights at his own home or somewhere else.


Whether you have newborns or soon-to-be-graduates, kids will provide you plenty of reason to keep an eye on them. Here are just a few:

  • Teens with curfews. If you have kids with a curfew but you go to sleep early, you don’t want to stay up to make sure they follow their curfew. If your kids know you can check the archived footage on your cameras to check what time they actually walked in the front door, they won’t take so many liberties with that curfew.
  • Teens left alone. Movies about teens left home alone and throwing raging parties are becoming less and less realistic. Why? Home security systems. You can check on your kids from your wireless device at any time.
  • Sibling rivalry. It’s an age old problem, but one that the siblings themselves often won’t admit to. As a parent, you want to be fair and punish the child who actually made the mess/ broke the lamp/ ordered the R rated movie. But when you’re going off the word of rivaling siblings, it’s hard to know what’s real. Surveillance cameras can let you check the facts. Perhaps knowing they’re there will make your kids think twice before they get into mischief.

Deliveries gone wrong

Have you ever had a delivery service or any at-home service claim they rang your doorbell to no answer, but you know you were home at the time they allegedly showed up? Here are just a few times when that could happen:

  • Food deliveries. Some companies won’t charge you if the food shows up too late. But often when you call to report that your food was late, they’ll say the driver claimed he was there on time. Surveillance can show exactly what time your order arrived so you can skip the he said/she said.
  • Cable/telephone services. There’s nothing more frustrating than having being told the person from the cable or phone company will arrive sometime “between 8 am and 6 pm.” There goes your day. Well there is one worse thing: waiting all day and having nobody show up. If a company claims one of their employees came to your door and nobody answered, you can use your surveillance to show that is not the case. Usually after someone fails to show up in the time window, you can get a specific appointment.
  • Cabs/Ubers/Lyfts. Services like Uber or Lyft can charge a rider if they fail to get in their ride, and also didn’t notify the driver that they were cancelling their ride. If a driver claims they came to your home and nobody came out to the car, you can use the surveillance of your driveway and street in front of your home to show that nobody arrived.

Having surveillance cameras can help you skip the uncomfortable conversations and questioning that come up when something goes wrong. You can just go straight to the footage; you can’t argue with what’s on camera.

Posted on Monday, March 2nd, 2015