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While Safemart is one of the newest nationwide security companies, it has already earned a very high reputation among its peers. It offers the personalized monitoring and attention of a smaller, local security company, but with the reach and range of products of a nationwide company like Frontpoint or ADT. For those who want an affordable, reliable service, Safemart is an excellent option to consider, no matter where in the continental United States you live.


One of the great things about Safemart is that it offers top quality equipment at a very good price. The company only offers top-notch devices made by GE, including the Interlogix line of security systems. According to expert reviews on authority tech websites, the GE devices outperform those made by their competitors–Honeywell and DSC. Safemart also offers lower-cost Honeywell equipment.

Customers have the freedom to choose their own equipment packages. For those who want to save on home security, the Honeywell Lynx Touch panel allows them total control over their wireless home security system. For a more advanced setup, the GE Simon XTi is one of the most robust self-contained security systems currently on the market.

Monitoring and Services

Safemart uses LiveWatch as its monitoring system. LiveWatch is one of the fastest-growing monitoring companies in the nation, and it has earned a reputation for providing a top-notch service. It has an A+ rating with the BBB, and many of the online reviews are 5-star. The company has even received endorsements from U.S. Representatives and Senators. Your home is monitored around the clock, and at the first sign of trouble, LiveWatch immediately contacts emergency response personnel. Not to mention, the company has an excellent response time.

The home security systems are self-installed, and Safemart does not provide personnel to do the installation for homeowners. This can be a bit confusing, but all products are accompanied by detailed installation instructions.

In addition to quality products for home security, Safemart also provides home automation devices. Homeowners can install thermostat, light, and environmental sensors and controllers, giving them total control over their home. Plus, with the app available for download to smartphones, tablets, and PCs, customers can access their home security system from anywhere around the world.


The price of the basic home security package begins at $19.95/month, though it includes very few devices. For more comprehensive security, the price increases to $34.95/month–still a fairly affordable rate. Users must purchase the equipment, and the basic package has an upfront cost of $99. The costs of the equipment can rise as high as $700 for the top-notch devices. Customers are locked into a 12-month contract.

The Good…

  • Safemart  provides quality service at an affordable price.
  • Ordering products from the company website is quick and easy, and customer support is excellent.

The Bad…

  • Safemarrt only offers DIY installation. For the more tech-challenged homeowners, this could be quite difficult.

And The Ugly

  • Only a limited range of products are available via the company website, and it’s hard to select all of the devices you want for your system.
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Available Benefits

  • Wired and Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • TouchScreen Control Panels
  • Two-Way Voice Functionality
  • Door/Window/Motion/Environmental Sensors
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Access/Control
  • 24-hour Monitoring

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