Protect Your Home: Don’t Live Near These 8 Businesses

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Living within walking distance of major shopping and entertainment areas can be quite convenient; you don’t need to worry about taking a pricey taxi if you have a bit too much wine at dinner, and you aren’t stranded if you share a vehicle with your family member and they need to use it. But living right next to a major shopping or entertainment area brings a lot of characters into your life that wouldn’t otherwise be there if you lived in a purely residential area, and not all of them come in peace. Here are businesses you should not live near.

If you’re looking at a new apartment or home, be sure to look for locations far away from the following places. They aren’t inherently dangerous, but do increase your risk of higher foot traffic, break-ins, and strange people and vehicles in and around your neighborhood.

1. Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are some of the most highly-robbed businesses. They tend to keep cash in the register and have ATMs full of cash that robbers can easily break open. As a result, many convenience store attendants have guns behind the register and may use them in the event of a robbery. You do not want to live near a convenience store and accidentally be caught in a crossfire.

2. Banks

For obvious reasons, banks are often the targets of robberies. But professional burglars can go to dangerous measures to break into the vault of a bank, including using explosives. You don’t want your home anywhere near this. In general, you should try to do most of your banking online whenever possible, just to be safe. Living right by a bank may tempt you to do most of your banking inside the brick and mortar building, which could be dangerous.

3. Bus Stations

Living near a bus station is convenient, but living immediately next to one can be problematic. Buses shuttle in people from all over the city and from other cities all day. Since the bus is so affordable, it’s often the transportation of choice for those tight on cash and struggling. Because bus stations are open at all hours, you may often find people milling about, intoxicated, on drugs or mentally unstable, which you probably don’t want just steps away from your front door.

4. Stadiums

Sports stadiums are a fun hub of activity when a game is happening, but they are a desolate wasteland when nothing is going on, and the perfect setting for a crime. If you are raising kids, you should also be aware that teenagers love to hang out at stadiums after hours and drink, do drugs and do other things they shouldn’t be. On top of that, game days mean terrible traffic, short-tempered drivers and lots of accidents and incidents of road rage.

5. Gas Stations

Gas stations are very similar to convenience stores in that they carry cash in the register and have ATMs on site. But worse, gas stations are a place where people drive up at all hours of the day and get out of their car, making them prime targets for car theft. Gas stations are often the sites of carjackings because people and their vehicles are vulnerable and there may not be anyone else around.

6. Jewelry Stores

Burglars naturally target jewelry stores, art galleries and other venues with high-priced valuables. While the regular customers who enter these buildings are usually harmless, the individuals who stake them out at nighttime are not.

7. Super Markets

Super markets, with their sprawling parking lots, few street lights, alleyways and dumpsters to hide in, are hot beds for criminal activity. While they may not be burglarized as often as convenience stores, crime can happen in their alleyways, something you may want to avoid to be safe.

8. Bars

Bars can get very loud at night, making it difficult for you to sleep. But you also don’t want to live near a place sprawling with intoxicated folks at all hours of the day. They may get in their car and smash into your home, kick over your mailbox, harass you and more.

If you don’t want to live too far out in the suburbs, choose a home that is within walking distance from these businesses, but not right next door. Criminals rarely care how far the reach is of their destructive behavior and it could find its way to you.

Posted on Monday, April 3rd, 2017