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With customized security solutions and round-the-clock monitoring of your home, business and events, PerMar Security offers you peace of mind no matter what your needs are. The award-winning security service charges a pretty penny for their protection–starting at $39.95 per month–but with its reputation for high quality, it may be worth it. The fact that the company has been around since 1953 means that it has years of experience offering top-notch security services for individuals, companies, and events. The company has even won awards–such as the 2012 SAMMY award–in recognition of its excellence.


PerMar Security offers a wide range of Honeywell equipment, complete with 7″ touch screens for easy user control, intuitive menus and wireless access. The integrated Z-wave technology allows homeowners to regulate thermostats, lighting and door controls remotely, and the entranceway keypads make it easy for users to secure their homes.

Fire and smoke sensors are also included in the protection package, along with motion sensors, wireless and radio monitors, medical alert devices, mobile monitoring features and broken glass sensors. For everything you could need for your home, event, or business, PerMar Security is the company to look into.

Monitoring and Response

Home protection is PerMar Security’s #1 priority, which is why they offer top-of-the-line Honeywell security systems. These systems are designed to be user-friendly and affordable, though PerMar Security charges above average rates for installation and monthly service. In addition to home security systems, PerMar offers services including remote monitoring, video surveillance, and customized security solutions to match your home’s needs.

For companies, PerMar offers complete electronic security systems to be installed in your office or company headquarters. Security investigations and background checks are available, and highly-trained physical security officers can be contracted through PerMar Security. The surveillance and monitoring services offered by PerMar are state-of-the-art, and are flexible and fully customizable according to the size of your company.

Event services are also provided by PerMar, including every type of security and event personnel you could need. Consultants, cashiers, ticket takers, crowd management and security officers, parking and gate attendants, traffic control, ushers, and guest services providers are all available for hire through PerMar. The company does a thorough screening of every contractor it hires for these events, so you can be certain that you are getting only highly-trained, reliable personnel. PerMar also offers investigation services into companies in order to discover business fraud, as well as pre-employment screening. Companies interested in boosting security can avail themselves of the PerMar security seminars.


Starting at $39.95/month, the PerMar home security services are a bit pricier than most. Upfront costs start at $99, and they include the installation and activation of the equipment.

The Good…

With more than 70 years of operation under its belt, you can be pretty sure PerMar Security knows what it’s doing

The Bad…

The cost of its services is higher than market average, so be prepared to pay a pretty penny

And The Ugly

The organization is not BBB-accredited, and a number of complaints have been filed regarding the reliability of the equipment

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  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Remote Access
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Medical Alert Devices
  • Event Services
  • Professional Background Checks

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