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Night Owl may do most of its business on the internet, but that doesn’t stop it from offering quality products on par with those made by leading manufacturers. The company has a wide range of camera-based video surveillance and security systems, offering homeowners with a way to monitor what’s going on in their homes. For those who want to protect their valuables and always keep an eye on the activities at home, Night Owl products may be worth considering.


Night Owl products digital video recording systems for recording footage for security purposes, providing homeowners with a way to track movement in their homes. The cameras are designed to be reliable, and yet affordable at the same time. When you compare the prices of Night Owl cameras to many of the company’s competitors, you’ll see the cost of buying a video surveillance system from Night Owl will often be lower.

The DVR recorders are designed with multiple channels, so homeowners can connect anywhere between 2 and 8 video cameras to the same device. The cameras are made with and without microphones, offering recording capabilities as well as video surveillance. Homeowners can choose from fixed cameras, cameras that have features like pan and zoom, and many more advanced cameras. For video surveillance, Night Owl is known to be a quality company–albeit a fairly small, new one.

Monitoring and Services

Night Owl is all about offering reliable security devices, and though the company doesn’t offer monitoring, it does provide around the clock customer support for their devices. Should you encounter a problem with your video cameras or surveillance system, you’ll be able to get on the phone and talk to a technician at any time of the night or day.

Night Owl has a reputation for being easy to get in contact with, via email, telephone, and the customer assistance page on its website. Homeowners can customize their own security system, adding all of the cameras, recorders, and monitors they want. It allows them to build a security system tailor made for their home, and at a price they can actually afford.

The DVR devices are complex and comprehensive, but they are also surprisingly user friendly. Designed with tech-challenged customers in mind, the recorders allow for easy playback–both in digital and analog. Homeowners can install systems with up to 16 individual cameras, all of which are connected via cable. Wireless cameras will be available in the near future, thought they are currently not for sale.


The cost of an HD security system starts at $799.99 for a 4-camera surveillance system plus DVR recorder, while an analog system starts as low as $299.99 for the same 4-camera system. The system comes with 500 GB of Hard drive space, 960 hours of recording time, and 600 TV lines available. The Night Owl Lite software is also included.

The Good

Night Owl devices are meant to be user-friendly and easy to install

The cameras have received excellent reviews, both for their function and their durability

The Bad

The company only offers video cameras and DVR recorders, so homeowners are forced to search elsewhere for security systems

The Bottom Line

The quality of the video recording has been ranked as “poor” by some

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