National Certified Alarms (NCA) Review

Imagine paying as little as $10/month for your home security system. That’s what you get when you choose National Certified Alarms as your security provider, plus 3 months of free monitoring if you transfer your current home security system to its service. NCA is one of the top-ranked home security companies in the Southeast, thanks to its low prices, fully customizable systems, and premium customer service. If you live in Tennessee, National Certified Alarms is a company worth considering.


NCA offers customizable security systems, so homeowners can choose their own equipment. A basic system comes with a motion sensor, door and window alarms, and smoke detectors. NCA provides a key fob, which serves as a remote control to arm or disarm the system from outside the house. The company also offers alarms for roll-up garage doors, allowing homeowners to protect the most vulnerable point in their home security.

Both wireless and wired security systems are offered by NCA, though the cheaper monitoring package only includes the wired system. The equipment is manufactured by Honeywell and First Alert, both brands known for making reliable devices. The home security system is designed to be user-friendly, but the cost of the systems is actually quite low compared to GE Security or DMP products.

Monitoring and Services

While NCA doesn’t offer home automation services, the company still provides homeowners with quality products. Their system comes with every sensor you could need to monitor every point of access in your home, even the garage door. Considering that the garage is the weakest point in your security perimeter, the fact that National Certified Alarms offers these alarms proves that the company knows its business.

NCA is renowned for its customer service. The company sells the equipment to homeowners, but doesn’t “lock it out”–meaning the security systems can be transferred to another security company should you choose to do so. Technicians are a phone call away, and the NCA hotline is available 24-hours a day. All of the equipment comes with a warranty, ensuring that customers can receive regular maintenance without incurring additional costs.

The response time of National Certified Alarms is one of the best in the region. Once a home alarm is activated, the central monitoring station receives the alert and tries to contact the homeowner. If there is no response, emergency services are alerted and NCA continues trying to get in touch with the owner of the house. Everything that happens in the house is logged, and customers can access their activity history to see exactly what took place.


The initial cost of the equipment begins at $395, though the price increases as the customer adds more sensors, alarms, and features. A wireless system will cost more than the landline system, both for monthly monitoring and installation. The monthly monitoring fees for a landline system is $9.95/month, while a wireless system will cost up to $19.95/month. However, customers own the equipment, and NCA doesn’t lock homeowners into a lengthy contract. You can opt out of the service with a 30-days notice provided your accounts are current.

The Good…

NCA offers top notch customer service, low prices, and reliable monitoring

Not only do customer own the equipment, but there is no automatic renewal of services with NCA

The Bad…

The company is only local to Middle Tennessee

And The Ugly

Customers must purchase the systems in full before they are activated, so there is a high initial investment

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Available Benefits

  • Wired Monitoring Systems
  • Wireless/Cellular Monitoring Systems
  • Smoke/Fire/Motion Sensors
  • Remote Access
  • 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Environmental Detection
  • Sirens/Alarms
  • Medical Alert Devices

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