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With over 60 years experience protecting residential and business locations, Mountain Alarm’s seasoned stance in the home security industry makes it an attractive choice amongst competitors. It doesn’t hurt that the company is still family owned and operated, even though clients are spread nationwide. Some may find that this promotes better customer care, as clients are looked at as people instead of statistics. Mountain Alarm’s 24/7 protection through its redundancy-monitoring model supports this claim by making sure that your life and investments are safe even in the face of natural threats.


Mountain Alarm excels in both security and fire protection. Not only will your home or business be monitored against intrusions via the company’s state of the art electronic security equipment, you could rest comfortably at night knowing you’d be safe from silent threats such as carbon monoxide poisoning and dangerous fires by having a fire alarm panel, detectors, and horn strobes placed in your home. It’s good to have as many grounds covered as possible when it comes to securing your safety, and Mountain Alarm’s dedication to quality systems helps to ensure that you’re not caught off-guard by unforeseen hazards.

Monitoring and Response

As mentioned above, Mountain Alarm’s focus on redundancy monitoring makes it a reliable choice for those seeking an extra layer of protection. Mountain Alarm’s two UL listed monitoring centers in Utah and Washington help ensure that your emergencies will never be ignored, even if misfortune strikes one of the two centers. Monitoring services include two-way voice, cellular backup, latch-key child monitoring, and remote video monitoring, issuing some control into the hands of the customer. This is ideal for homeowners and business owners with unique security needs.

Mountain Alarm also makes sure that these needs are met with the most up to date technological advances in the industry and puts the same effort into making sure that its customer service representatives are both professionally trained and apt to meeting your unique needs. The company is also proud to be considered to have one of the fastest response times amongst competitors, which is key in a world where disaster doesn’t wait. You can also take advantage of Mountain Alarm’s test and inspection policy, which helps to make sure that all of your security equipment is not only sheltering you from harm, but that it is also in line with government regulations. Security standards change as the times do, so rest assured knowing that your equipment is up to date, engaged and fully meeting your everyday needs.


Mountain Alarm’s focus on meeting the needs of its unique customers unfortunately comes at the consequence of not sharing transparent pricing details on its website. Presumably, the company prefers that inquiring people call to get a quote, which, again, could be seen as a tedious means of acquiring your most tailored solutions. After further research, it looks like Mountain Alarm charges $199 in up-front costs, including activation and installation of equipment. There’s also the monthly payment of $39.95, all of which requires signing a rather lengthy 36-month contract.

The Good…

Redundancy monitoring provides an extra layer of protection

The Bad…

The 36-month contract could be intimidating

And The Ugly

There’s no mention of home automation, yet the company has a said emphasis on technology

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  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Light Control Modules
  • Smoke Sensors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Sprinklers
  • Card Readers
  • Digital Video Recorders

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