Link Security Interview



When searching through home security packages, homeowners often find themselves sandwiched between plans that either offer superfluous equipment or ones that don’t seem to offer enough. Link Home Security understands this as a provider, which is why it’s one of the only top security companies that allows customers the liberty of fully customized solutions. As you’ll read in the interview with some of Link Security’s top representatives below, this seamless ease is a feature that pervades throughout the company’s products and services. We hope this first-hand information will be a great tool in your search for the home security provider that’s perfect for you.


We appreciate you taking out the time to chat with us today. To begin, how long has Link Security been around? Please provide our readers with an overview of the security services you offer, focusing on what separates Link Security from competitors.

Link Home Security is a dba of Fire Protection Service Corporation which was in corporated in 1952.  With the introduction of 2Gig’s user friendly wireless systems, we chose to launch our DIY internet branch in 2010.  2Gig provides a cutting edge security alarm/home automation product, and together with the remote functionality and unparalleled customer service provided by Link, we offer the most features, with the highest quality of equipment and customer service, priced lower than most of our competitors. We also offer extended business hours, allowing our customers to phone in for free sales and/or technical support on evenings and Saturdays.  We are also available by chat and email. Our agents are knowledgeable and friendly.

From the company website, it’s clear that Link takes pride in the accolades it has received. What are some of the most notable brands that have celebrated your products and what do you hope this says to potential customers?

Our partnership with Costco has been the alarm industry’s first pairing between an alarm dealer and retailer, and has been highly successful for both Costco and Link Home Security. Their vetting process gives assurance to their members that they are receiving quality equipment with quality customer service.

Let’s dig deeper into some of your best security package options. How does Link take into consideration the unique needs of existing and potential customers with the way these packages are set up?

The packages were put in place for ease of ordering, which may be added to at any time after purchase.  We began with entry level packages that fit customers’ needs based on price, home automation and video; however, the customer also has the option to customize his or her order at first purchase while still receiving the great discounts that we offer.  These customized packages may also be added to any anytime.

Where does affordability fit into the picture? How does Link manage to offer high quality solutions at a price-point that is still competitive?

We purchase our high quality alarm equipment directly from the manufacturer at levels which allow us the best volume discounting. We pass these savings on to the customer.

With home automation technology growing at such a fast rate in the home security industry, how is Link leveraging itself as a competitor in the market and the best choice for interested homeowners?

The alarm panels we offer include a z-wave controller, which allows almost all z-wave device functionality.  We provide the most requested items: thermostats, door locks and lamp modules. We are also able to offer user instruction to make the process easy for the customer.

In terms of your monitoring services, talk a bit about the quality of the service, including details about your monitoring centers and the benefit of 100% wireless monitoring with Link Security.

Our central station is rated 5 Diamond, which is the highest rating offered in the central station industry.  We also have two redundant centers so that if one center were to be interrupted by a natural disaster or anything of that nature, the other center would pick up the monitoring with no interruption to the customer. Cellular based monitoring allows the customer to give up their landline once and for all.  This communication allows the customer remote functionality with his or her alarm system and home automation, without having to be home to be connected.  The customer has access to the system via the internet and/or a smart phone.

In addition to burglary alarm monitoring, what other monitoring services does Link offer to protect homeowners against various other hazards?

All of our systems offer emergency buttons at the panel for immediately request of police, fire and medical assistance.  With smoke detectors, customer have 24/7 fire protection whether the system is armed or not.  We also have environmental sensors to detect water, freeze and overheating conditions. All of these services are monitored by the central station and dispatched accordingly.

In terms of installation, does Link offer a do-it-yourself (DIY) option or professional set-up? How is this option of benefit to your customers?

We do not offer professional installation; however, we pre-program our systems based on the customer’s specifications prior to shipping.  We include easy instructions for installing the devices, as well as providing a user manual for the alarm panel.  We also have installation videos available on the Link Home Security channel on YouTube.  If customers have a question, we are happy to assist via telephone, chat and email.

By excluding professional installation, we are saving the customer installation costs, as well as waiting for an installation (which may take weeks).  When a customer self-installs , he or she does so without the intrusion of a stranger in his or her home and can do so when convenient.

Many homeowners worry that even if they have the best protection in place, a savvy criminal will be able to tamper with and compromise their security systems. What type of protection does Link have in place to prevent these types of worries?

Our alarm panels offer the Smash & Crash feature which alerts the customer and the central station if someone tries to tamper with the panel (i.e. pulling the panel from its backplate, damaging the panel with blunt force, etc.)  The central station will receive the tamper signal and act on the signal as though it were a burglar alarm event. Our systems also include a backup battery which will keep the system powered temporarily.  The customer will receive notification via text and or email alerting them of the power outage so that they can check to see if it is their home or a wider-spread power outage.

To wrap things up, is there any additional services or features you’d like to highlight? Also, what can new and existing customers expect from Link Security moving forward?

We are interested in customers with existing systems.  We offer takeover modules that allow the customer to keep their existing sensors.  We also offer “monitoring only” for those customers who have systems already compatible with our cellular monitoring platform. Link Home Security is a dynamic company, consistently adding new features and equipment.  We keep up-to-date with the newest releases, and perform in-house quality checks prior to releasing new products to our customers.

Posted on Friday, October 24th, 2014