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It may be hard to believe that a high quality security system can come from a department store, but many users have discovered the Iris system–Lowe’s security system–to be a quality one. Considered to be a reliable system, it’s surprisingly affordable and provides a good option for first-time homeowners looking for simple home automation. While it doesn’t provide security, it does interface easily with existing home security systems to ensure maximum protection.


The Iris system is a home automation kit, which homeowners will need to install themselves. The DIY kit makes it easy for users to monitor and control the appliances in their home, and the interface allows them to connect with existing home security systems to facilitate the monitoring of video cameras, alarms, and sensors. For those who want a user-friendly home automation system, Iris presents a quality option.

The equipment–sold as Lowe’s proprietary product–is the British-made AlertMe ZigBee devices. Not only is the equipment compatible with the ZigBee products, but any products that connect via Z-wave can be hooked up to the Iris system. Now, Iris even comes with Wi-Fi, providing users with a quick, easy way to connect their home security system and home appliances quickly and easily over their home wireless networks.

Monitoring and Services

With Iris, homeowners are required to do their own monitoring, but the smartphone and tablet app makes it easy to do so. A simple, user-friendly interface allows homeowners to access the app from any smartphone or tablet around the world, access their Iris security system, and take total control over their home. The Iris system is made for easy remote monitoring, offering users peace of mind when at work or traveling.

Not only does the Iris system come with basic automated locks and motion detectors, but those looking for video surveillance can upgrade their Iris system to install as many cameras as desired. Thanks to the Z-wave sensors, video cameras are as easy to integrate as the home automation devices. Smart plugs and thermostat controllers come included in the basic package. The easy-to-install controllers will make it easy to have the home automation system set up in a few minutes.

Compatible with both Wi-Fi enabled and Z-wave devices, the Iris system can easily be added to any existing home security system for a quick upgrade. The addition of home automation provides an added sense of security, and the total access control allows homeowners to monitor their home with the latest technology. With the Iris system, users even have the option of voice control


For the basic security system (two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, keypad, and home automation devices), the cost is $179. The Comfort and Control package costs the same, but only provides home automation devices. The full kit–with all the equipment included–costs $299. Iris also charges a $10/month fee for their premium features, though the basic package is free.

The Good

  • Home automation devices are very easy to install, very user friendly, and surprisingly affordable.
  • Compared to many other home automation systems, the Iris system is versatile and reliable, with very few user comments or complaints on the system’s functionality.

The Bad

  • Iris charges a monthly fee for its services, while its competitors– SmartThings and Insteon–charge nothing.

The Bottom Line

  • Iris can only be purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement, so users without access to this store will be unable to buy the system.
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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring System
  • Remote/Access Control
  • Smartphone/Tablet App
  • Home Automation Devices
  • Door/Motion Sensors
  • Control Keypad
  • Video Cameras

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