Interview with Honeywell Security

A consumer looking for the best home security system on the market doesn’t have to look very far before running into a top home security company by the name of Honeywell. As a conglomerate with companies specializing in consumer products, aerospace, and engineering services, Honeywell first got its start as a company by manufacturing a thermostat for coal furnaces in the late 1800’s. We at HSS had the fortunate opportunity to interview Ralph Maniscalco, the Director of Marketing Communications at Honeywell Security & Communications. As a major American conglomerate, when and why did Honeywell decide to venture into the home security industry?

Ralph Maniscalco: Honeywell has been involved in home security for a long time, but our presence increased dramatically when Honeywell acquired Pittway Corporation and the ADEMCO product family in the year 2000.

HSS: What sort of security services does Honeywell offer consumers?

RM: Honeywell provides a full range of “connected home” solutions that blend security with lifestyle technologies to help homeowners protect their property and live more comfortably. For example, our newest self-contained system (meaning a system that includes a keypad and alarm communications all in one unit) is our LYNX Touch 5100, which not only allows homeowners to control security, but also control their thermostats, lighting and locks, as well as check local traffic, among other things. Its built-in Wi-Fi adapter enables an available Android tablet that allows the homeowner to conveniently control the system from anywhere in the house.

HSS: What can consumers expect from the new LYNX Touch security monitoring device? Why is it better than what was previously available to consumers through Honeywell?

RM: The LYNX Touch 5100 is an all-in-one, self-contained system that redefines wireless in home security. We say “redefines” because it provides the first-ever 4G/Wi-Fi alarm communications. Using Wi-Fi, for example, installers don’t need wire runs to connect the unit to the router, which is a major time saver for everyone. Also, technology today seems to become outdated the minute you open the package, but LYNX’s new 4G radio communicator allows it to last longer because it can find and connect to any available communications network whether it’s 2G, 3G or 4G. LYNX Touch 5100 also creates home automation capabilities at an affordable price by fully integrating with Z-Wave-enabled thermostats, locks and lighting systems. This technology is a rarity in that it meets the demands of the modern, tech-savvy homeowner. All of this technology can be controlled remotely using Honeywell’s Total ConnectÔ Remote Services, giving the user the ability to arm/disarm their system, open and close doors, adjust thermostats, even turn on a light from across the street or from anywhere in the world.

HSS:  With its portfolio of household control systems, from the thermostat to the LYNX Touch and MAXPRO Monitoring Solution, does Honeywell have any sort of smart home integration planned for the future?

RM: MAXPRO Cloud is an innovative, hosted video solution for commercial security. However, technology for residential security like the LYNX Touch 5100 and Tuxedo Touch offer the types of smart home integration that consumers demand today. By integrating with Z-wave-enabled devices, such as thermostats, lighting and locks, users have access to high-tech yet easy-to-use solutions for home automation and energy management.

For example, Tuxedo Touch allows home automation functions typically associated with high-end installations in luxury homes to be provided for the average homeowner or renter, at a cost that is affordable. Users can take control of their energy savings with one device communicating through Z-wave technology to control temperature, lighting and arm/disarm their security systems. Tuxedo Touch is a system that can be controlled via smartphones, tablets and PCs – making it a simple, convenient solution for users to control from their preferred mobile device.  Additionally, Tuxedo Touch is Smart Meter ready and can be fully integrated into homes outfitted with these energy saving devices. Other energy saving devices such as Honeywell’s EMON also integrates with Tuxedo Touch and can be retrofitted to almost any existing residential electrical system.

HSS: Are there any interesting cases of Honeywell security devices thwarting a burglary that you would like to share?

RM: I am sure there are many instances where Honeywell technology has thwarted a burglary; however we generally do not publicize these events.

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2012