How to Protect Your House During Memorial Day BBQs


Memorial Day weekend is one full of festivities like block parties, pool parties and of course barbecues. And it’s certainly not a day where you want to lock up your home to neighbors and guests, but any time you open your home you make it vulnerable. Especially when there is alcohol, fireworks and open flames on barbecues involved. Here is how to protect your home during a Memorial Day BBQ.

Set automatic locks

Memorial day is a patriotic time. You don’t want to turn down neighbors who’ve come over to have a beer. Maybe you want to leave your front door open so you don’t have to constantly open it for guests, or because you have food being catered. But that leaves your valuables and rooms with private documents vulnerable. Using your home automated system, you can schedule the locks on your office, your bedroom and other areas you don’t want guests wandering into. That way, you can enjoy your party without worrying about remembering (after several cocktails) to lock up your home. There is also the issue of fireworks on national holidays. These can make it very hard for you to hear any alarms going off in your home. Again, having private rooms automatically locked at certain times makes it so you don’t have to worry about hearing alarms go off.

Get notifications

Unfortunately fireworks can set off false alarms all over your neighborhood so on a national holiday, your neighbors might be prone to ignoring your alarm. Set up text message notifications so that if you’re away from your house (say on a run to the grocery store before your barbecue) and there is a break in, you’re notified right away. On any noisy holiday, burglars might take advantage of loud sounds like fireworks to break a window, or kick down a door, when nobody will hear that. You could be just in your back yard and fail to hear someone break glass on one of your front windows. But if you have your phone on you, you’ll get an alert telling you that there’s been a break in.

Schedule the garage to shut

You might be going in and out of your garage a lot to get firewood if you’re having a bond fire, more gasoline for your BBQ, extra beers from the outside fridge and more. Use your automated system to schedule your garage door to shut at a certain hour, so that if you forget to close it, it will close on its own. This is important because an open garage makes your home very vulnerable. The door between the house and the garage usually isn’t as structurally sound as other doors in the house, and not to mention you may contain valuables in your garage.

Keep an eye on the street

Holidays are prime time for vandalism. People might smash glass bottles in the street, which you end up driving over, causing you to get flat tires and spend $300 on new tires. Or, those who protest the holiday might vandalize cars on the street, front yards, and even fronts of houses. Your surveillance cameras can capture what happens in front of your home so if any vandalism does occur, you can check the archived footage and see who the perpetrator is.

Get fire alerts

If you’re hosting a barbecue a lot of preparation will go into that. You might be grilling up several rounds of vegetables, hot dogs, hamburgers and more just to have ready before guests arrive. But you’re also distracted. You could just walk down the street to help a lost guest find your house, go to the neighbors to ask for ice, or get dragged to an after party. And if there have been drinks involved in the day, you’re prone to leaving an oven or a grill on. Set up notifications through your home automated system so that the moment smoke or fire is detected, you get a text or phone call. If you’ll be using your oven or other hazardous kitchen appliances, you can even schedule those to turn off at certain hours in case you had forgotten to manually turn them off.

It’s Memorial Day: the only things you should have your eye on are the fireworks, and the perfect grill marks on your burger, and not your home’s security. So let your home automated system handle the latter.

Posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2015