Frontpoint Security Interview


While many home security companies emphasize buzz words such as “ease-of-use” in order to entice potential customers, homeowners will often find that such guarantees comes at a compromise – namely the quality of the security equipment and/or customer service. Frontpoint looks to break the mold by not only offering 100% wireless and cellular systems that are easy to self-install, but also making sure these systems are robust and reliable. The HomeSecuritySystems staff had the opportunity to chat with the Frontpoint team and discuss some of these services in greater detail. Take a look at our exclusive interview below.


Thanks so much for your help in answering a few questions with us. We’re really excited to inform our readers about everything Frontpoint has to offer. To start, how long has Frontpoint been around and what makes your security services stand out in an otherwise crowded market?

Frontpoint was founded in 2007 with the goal of being a different kind of alarm company. Since the beginning, we’ve only offered systems that are 100% wireless and 100% cellular, providing customers a better way to protect their homes and families. Today, Frontpoint has built a reputation as a security company that not only delivers the protection and features that customers need, but does so through unparalleled service that makes customers feel great.

As one of the more popular home security providers, how does Frontpoint ensure that it takes the unique needs of homeowners into consideration when designing its home security packages? Walk us through what equipment and services are included.

Another element that separates Frontpoint from the competition is the way in which we customize all systems to fit the unique needs of each and every customer. All systems start with our essential Control Panel and expand from there. Customers then choose from a variety of sensors, cameras and monitoring plans that fit their home and lifestyle.

When a customer calls Frontpoint, they’ll speak with one of our Security Consultants to customize a system. This includes everything from determining the appropriate number of Door and Window Sensors to camera types and placement options.

Speaking of your systems, what are the perks of taking advantage of Frontpoint’s 100% wireless and cellular security systems?

Simply put, systems that are 100% wireless and 100% cellular are among the safest available today. Cellular means a 100% secure link to the monitoring center. There is no dependency on a landline, so the signal gets out, no matter what.

Wireless systems are also an advantage because it means that there are no lines for burglars to cut. When you combine the two features, you get a system that is virtually tamper-proof.

That brings to mind other wireless technology, such as homeowners being able to monitor their homes from almost anywhere in the world. What technology does Frontpoint have in place to compete in the growing market of home automation and remote access?

Frontpoint’s Interactive and Ultimate Monitoring Plans both include a variety of features for advanced home automation and remote access.

Our Interactive plan allows users to customize alerts and notifications, arm or disarm their system, view sensor and alarm history, and check visitor activity from anywhere in the world, via our free mobile app.

Our Ultimate Plan does all of the above, as well as gives you the ability to view live or recorded video of what’s going on at your home. Plus, it offers a whole host of automation features such as door locks and energy management via Light and Thermostat Control.

With all of these amazing features, how much emphasis is put on making sure they are offered at affordable rates?

At Frontpoint, we like to say that we offer our customers everything they need and nothing they don’t. We don’t try to hassle customers into buying features that they don’t actually need. Our pricing structure is also very clear and upfront – no hidden fees, no installation fees and free shipping on your initial order. What you see is what you get.

Other than top-notch protection against intrusions, what other monitoring services does Frontpoint offer to safeguard homeowners against other dangers?

All three Frontpoint monitoring plans not only protect your home and family against intrusion, but also fire, smoke, flood, freeze and carbon monoxide.

Frontpoint’s Interactive and Ultimate plans offer a feature called Crash & Smash Protection, which ensures that even if an intruder damages or destroys the Control Panel, an alert will still be sent to the monitoring center.

How exactly does monitoring through Frontpoint work? Walk us through the important details about your monitoring centers and what customers can expect in terms of coverage.

The monitoring center is an extremely important element of a home security system. The role of the monitoring center is to serve as the link between the system and emergency responders, and you. Our monitoring center covers all of our customers across the U.S. and in Canada. The center also features monitoring redundancy, which means that for almost any situation, there are full backup systems waiting to ensure our customers won’t encounter an interruption in service.

Talk about how this type of support carries over into your customer care infrastructure. What network does the company have in place for helping homeowners decide which system/equipment best fits their needs?

Frontpoint takes a consultative approach when determining what system features and equipment best fit a customer’s home and lifestyle. We realize that all customers are different, so it’s important to work with them and really listen to their concerns and needs. From there, we ensure that we’ve created the ideal system that works flawlessly with all aspects of their everyday lives.

We carry this approach throughout all steps of the process. When their system arrives, we work with them to set up, test and activate every component of the system. Should they have any questions along the way, we’re there to answer them.

What about potential customers who aren’t homeowners, but live in apartments or rented homes? Is there a way they can still take advantage of everything Frontpoint has to offer?

Yes. Frontpoint systems are perfect for renters. They are extremely easy to set up, with no need for professional in-home installation or appointments. They’re also just as easy to move. Plus we don’t lock renters into a long-term monitoring contract, nor do we charge them if and when they move. We also make it easy to add equipment any time.

Any final points you’d like to highlight about the Frontpoint brand? We’d also love to hear about what the company has planned for the future – be it technology based, products, services, etc.

We’re excited about the future of Frontpoint. We’re constantly looking for ways to evolve and improve our products and services to give customers the best experience possible. It’s a big part of who we are and what we do.

We have a great lineup of new products and features on the horizon, all of which are designed to improve the experiences of our customers. We truly believe that we deliver the best customer experience in the industry, but we have no intention of stopping there. We’ll never stop focusing on making that experience even better.

Posted on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014