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Frontline Security has only been around since 1995, but it has made a name for itself as one of the most affordable security services in the state of Georgia. With monitoring as low as $14.95/month–one of the lowest rates of any company in the United States–and no credit check, the service provides homeowners with a quick and easy way to protect their homes at an excellent cost. While it may not be the highest-rated service in the country, where else can you find quality monitoring at that price?


Frontline Security has a wide assortment of equipment available, all of which is manufactured by the company itself. There are no reviews available regarding the quality of the equipment, so it’s not possible to provide information on how reliable or long-lasting it may be.

However, in terms of variety, Frontline offers more equipment than the average security company, and at a much more affordable price. For the low monthly fee, the basic security package includes a control panel, three window and door sensors, a motion detector, a keypad for keyless entry from the outside, an alarm/siren, a backup battery, and a telephone hookup for landline-based systems. Frontline also provides a wireless system, as well as an extensive range of equipment for video security, home automation, and more.

Monitoring and Services

Frontline has placed a great deal of emphasis on the quality of its monitoring service. According to the company website, it has a response time of 15 seconds or less. This means that within 15 seconds of the alarm being triggered, the authorities are alerted and the proper emergency services are dispatched to the home. The emergency services response time varies according to the city and location of the home, but the fact that Frontline responds so quickly is an indication of the quality of the service.

The monitoring center is UL-approved and a member of the NBFAA, meaning that it has been fully certified and operates according to the rigorous standards of excellence for a monitoring center. Frontline offers 2-Way talk, allowing homeowners to speak with their security monitoring personnel to identify false alarms or real emergency situations. The monitoring center is located in the city of Duluth, and there are no secondary locations should anything happen to the physical location.

What makes many people consider Frontline is the fact that there is no need for equipment leasing, and the company promises that there are no hidden fees for its monitoring services. The company does not run credit checks before setting up the home security systems, and there is no annual contract. This means that homeowners can opt out of their monitoring easily, without any of the cancellation fees many other companies charge.


At $14.95/month, Frontline Security’s services are some of the lowest not just in Georgia, but in the entire country. The cost of the systems rise as additional equipment is included, but overall the costs of the packages are fairly low. The fact that there are no contracts signed means that there is no cancellation fees should homeowners decide to opt out of their security coverage.

The Good…

  • Excellent rates on a comprehensive security and monitoring package
  • Reliable equipment provided for homeowners to protect their homes

The Bad…

  • Very little information is available online, making it difficult to effectively gauge the quality of the services

And The Ugly

  • Frontline Security Corp is not BBB rated, and there are no reviews to help homeowners decide whether or not to choose the company
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Available Benefits

  • Wired/Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • 24-hour Monitoring
  • Window/Door/Motion Sensors
  • Fire/Smoke/CO2 Alarms
  • Home Automation
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • Remote Access/Control

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