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For those in the city of Edmonton looking for home security services, Fluent provides a wide range of equipment and devices to protect your home. While the company doesn’t have the best reputation in the city, it does provide more security options than its competitors. With products ranging from video surveillance to home security to home automation to energy saving, Fluent has a lot to offer homeowners interested in modernizing their home security.


Fluent offers its customers equipment made by Honeywell, one of the top brands on the market today. Honeywell is known for its reliable, user-friendly devices, especially their landline-based wired systems. While Honeywell does offer some wireless systems, the low-budget systems are all wired. Fluent offers the wired systems to keep its prices low, but homeowners who want to upgrade to more comprehensive security can opt for wireless systems. All in all, the equipment offered by Fluent is worth the cost.

Fluent provides owners with a wide range of equipment for home security. Door and window sensors ensure that the home perimeter is maintained. Carbon monoxide, fire, and flood detectors ensure that homeowners are alerted in case of potential hazards. Outdoor and indoor sensors allow users to control their home security system, and a key-fob remote control makes it easy for external access. The systems are fairly comprehensive, ensuring that homeowners have everything they need to protect their homes.

Monitoring and Services

Fluent does provide around the clock monitoring, ensuring that homeowners can have peace of mind in their houses. The Fluent monitoring station is fully licensed and certified, though it doesn’t provide particularly outstanding service. It’s about average for home security companies, so homeowners shouldn’t expect the same quality of monitoring and response time as they would with leading national companies.

Fluent was only established in 2010, so the company is fairly new. It has a poor reputation with the BBB (a D-), and there have been 55 lodged with the BBB in the last three years alone. Of those 55, only 19 have been closed in the last year. This indicates that Fluent has issues with its customer service.

In Edmonton, however, few other companies offer the same extensive range of products as Fluent, one of the reasons that the company continues despite their middling reputation. The Fluent app allows homeowners to log on to their security system from anywhere around the world, controlling their sensors, monitoring their video feed, and even taking control of home appliances via the Home Automation devices.


For the home security system, Fluent charges $99 for a single door/window sensor and a fee of $49.99/month for monitoring. Video surveillance costs $34.99/month, while home automation costs $69.99/month–though the price drops to $38/month after insurance discounts and energy savings. No information is available on up-front costs, or the details of the contract length.

The Good

The company has a wide range of products available, giving homeowners options of what type of security coverage they want.

Fluent only operates in Edmonton, so the company focuses on individual monitoring rather than trying to monitor an extensive network.

The Bad

The prices of the monitoring services are fairly high.

The Bottom Line

Fluent has a poor reputation in customer service, advertising, sales, collection, and problems with the product/service.

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Available Benefits

  • Wired and Wireless Systems
  • Door/Window/Motion Sensors
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Access/Control
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Environmental Sensors

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