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Worried that your Arizona home is unprotected? Bonds Alarm offers quality home security and monitoring at a reasonable price–just $39.95/month. The cost may be higher than you’d pay with national companies, but the fact that Bonds Alarm is a local company promotes closer monitoring and excellent customer service. No matter what type of home security services or equipment you may need, Bonds Alarm could provide it.


Bonds Alarm uses Honeywell control panel equipment. The manufacturer is ranked 2nd in the country, with only GE Security equipment holding a higher ranking. The central control panel installed is the Lynx 5100, which is known as one of the best, most affordable touchscreen systems on the market. Not only is it designed for user-friendly operations, but it makes it easy for homeowners to connect Z-wave sensors for total home automation. The brand of alarms used by Bonds Alarm is First Alert, a company that manufactures reliable, affordable alarm systems. The fire alarms, CO2 sensors, and sirens are designed to easily connect to the Honeywell control panel, which is why First Alert devices are used by most companies around the country.

Monitoring and Services

Bonds Alarm is a company local to Phoenix, so it has a limited customer base. Smaller companies like Bonds Alarm can often offer more reliable monitoring, as fewer customers means fewer homes to keep an eye on. With the fast response time, round-the-clock monitoring, and a very high customer rating on the BBB, Bonds Alarm is a company that is worth considering.

The basic home security system comes with three door and window sensors, one motion sensor, a key fob, and the Honeywell Lynx 5100 control panel. The touchscreen control panel is easily connected to Z-wave wireless sensors for remote control and home automation, and the app downloadable onto smart phones and tablets makes it easy for homeowners to take total control over their home. The home security systems can be upgraded to include both audio and video/CCTV monitoring, as well as supervision of temperature, power supply, and even sprinkler systems.

In addition to the basic security system, Bonds Alarm offers a wide range of home security services. Its two-way voice verification system allows for biometric access control, ensuring that no one but the homeowners will ever be able to enter a locked home. The company’s fire prevention systems are connected with both the fire alarms and the central monitoring station, ensuring that any outbreak of fire in the home will immediately trigger an alert at local emergency responder services. With the panic alarm button and medical alert bracelets, the proper first responders can be alerted in case of a serious emergency.


The cost of the basic security system begins at $39.95/month and increases according to the additional features homeowners want to add. The cost of installing, activating, and connecting the system to the monitoring station starts at $249, and the contract lasts for 36 months.

The Good

Should homeowners choose to cancel their contract with Bonds Alarm, the company only charges 50% of remaining balance

Uses reliable Honeywell equipment

The Bad

Local to only Phoenix and select Arizona cities, meaning range of service is limited

And The Ugly

Only a 1-year warranty is provided on both labor and parts, but the length of the contract is 36 months

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Available Benefits

  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Control/Access
  • Cellular-Based Connections
  • Burglar/Fire/CO2/Gas Alarms
  • Door/Window/Motion Sensors
  • Home Automation
  • Panic/Medical Alert Devices
  • 24-Hour Monitoring

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