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Tornadoes, hurricanes, snow and hail storms—these are all weather conditions we have a somber respect for. When the forecast tells us these are coming, we take that information seriously, fortifying our homes and even seeking shelter. But it always comes as a shock what devastation heavy rains can cause. It’s just water, right? Well, mother nature has shown us a few times that a lot of water can do a lot of damage. If you know heavy rains are going to hit your area, don’t ignore it. Fortify your property and start preparing- follow these tips to make sure your home is safe and ready to handle it. 1. Check your shingles & inspect your ceiling. Inspect your roof to make sure that all of your shingles are intact. Fix any loose ones or replace broken ones before the rain comes. You should check these again after the storm, since heavy weather conditions may cause some damage. From the inside, look up at your ceilings. Check for watermarks, dark spots or any evidence there may be a leak in your ceiling.… Read more

Moving into a new home is so exciting. It feels like a fresh start. But fresh starts go hand in hand with being a little naïve about your surroundings. You don’t know about the hazards in your neighborhood, you don’t know whom you can trust, you aren’t familiar with the streets, you don’t know the good delivery places - the list goes on. Worse, getting settled into a new home can make you a target for burglars and other criminals. If you're a new resident, make sure you pay extra attention to the following as you're moving - it could be what ultimately saves you from becoming a victim of burglary. Delivery Trucks Between the moving trucks lugging your belongings from your old home to your new one, and the items you purchased online to spruce up your new place, you might have delivery trucks pulling into your driveway several times a day. So you probably wouldn’t question it if a truck pulled up, claiming to have a piece of furniture you ordered. You’d let the delivery personnel into your home… Read more

You have the best intentions when it comes to home security. Every time you move into a new place, you make a mental list of all the ways you’ll protect it—and yourself. But life gets the best of you. You always leave 15 minutes later than you said you would, meaning several things go out the window, from the snacks you meant to pack yourself to the back door you meant to deadbolt. So why not take this opportunity, in the New Year, to go back over that list and promise yourself you’ll carry it through? Though it may seem like a lot to handle at first, start small. Start with just one of the tips below and do it every single day. After about a month, it will become second nature. Then you can add another tip to accomplish daily. Follow through, and before you know it, you'll be doing everything listed below - you'll be a home security expert! Close even high windows. It’s easy to think burglars won’t make an effort to crawl into the second-story windows,… Read more

Every season comes with its perks and its pitfalls. But those pitfalls are intensified for the elderly. Being a little bit cold is no problem for a young, healthy individual, but can lead to life-threatening illnesses in senior citizens. Strong winds are exciting when you’re young, but can be frightening when you use a walker. Don't forget about the seniors in your life. If you live with a senior citizen, take these steps to make your home safer for them this season. Remove slippery leaves from the grounds The colorful leaves most people find so beautiful in the fall and winter can be hazardous to the elderly. A pile of leaves can be very slippery and cause an elderly person to lose their footing, or cause a walker to slide. Remove piles of leaves around your property immediately. Monitor your thermostat Remember that the elderly are far more susceptible to the cold than younger individuals. It’s important to keep your senior friend or relative in a comfortable climate at all times. Consider checking the weather forecast for the upcoming days… Read more

When you’re first setting up your security cameras, you might focus on the inside of your home and the immediately surrounding areas, like your front and back yard, and the walkways along the sides of your house. But there’s one place that’s often overlooked when choosing the direction your security cameras point, and that’s the street. Catch people before they spot your cameras. Many burglars prepare for the fact that you may have security cameras in and around your house. Immediately before stepping into your driveway, they could put on their masks or cover themselves to avoid winding up on your surveillance footage. But not many burglars are prepared for the fact that your cameras may have started capturing them before they even stepped foot onto your driveway. Having cameras face the street gives you the chance to capture license plates on getaway cars or unmasked burglars, because burglars think all of this is safe from view. See if someone is casing your property. It's very common for burglars to case a property for weeks before attacking it. If your… Read more