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If you want to secure your California home, it might be worth considering All-Guard as the security company of choice. All-Guard has been operating since 1952, so it has over 60 years of experience providing quality services to homeowners. The company offers an extensive range of equipment and security systems, so Californians have the ability to customize their protection exactly the way they want to. At the surprisingly affordable rate of just $30/month, All-Guard promises peace of mind and highly advanced home security systems.


With All-Guard, homeowners don’t get a pre-packaged deal of limited equipment options. Instead, the company sets up an appointment with a consultant, who sits down with the homeowners to select the best equipment according to their needs. Both wireless and landline-based security systems are provided, along with door and window sensors, motion detectors, panic alarms, sirens, medical alert bracelets, and more. They even offer total home automation equipment, ensuring homeowners have control over every area of their home life.

One of the things that makes All-Guard’s equipment stand out is the fact that they are made to be compatible with VoIP systems in addition to all telephone service providers. If you don’t have a landline phone but only use a VoIP service, the security system can still be connected. The Honeywell equipment used by All-Guard is reliable and affordable, and the interface of the control panel is made to be easy to use. No matter how tech-challenged you are, controlling your home security system will be simple.

Monitoring and Services

In its 60+ years of service, All-Guard has gained a lot of experience in providing California homeowners with tailor-made security systems. There is no “one size fits all” system, but the All-Guard consultants help homeowners choose exactly what they need for their home protection. The sales reps, consultants, and technicians installing the equipment are all very efficient, and you’ll find that you can get your home system designed and activated within 48 hours.

All-Guard provides video surveillance, but offers remote access to the video feed as well. You can log onto the app that will be installed on your smart phone or tablet, and watch what’s going on in your home in real time. The mobile app also gives you access to the security system, so you can lock and unlock your doors, control your heating or lighting, and even receive notifications and alerts from the system from anywhere around the world. Your system will alert you when someone enters your home, even if they’re your spouse or children with the correct access codes.

For total home monitoring and automation, All-Guard outperforms many of the other California companies. In terms of response time, however, they provide a standard service. Emergency responders will take up to 45 minutes to arrive at your home once your home security system alerts the monitoring station.


The initial cost of the equipment starts at $99 for the most basic systems. However, as you add more and more features and devices, the cost increases to upwards of $400. The monthly cost starts at $30/month, but the fee increases with the more comprehensive systems. The contract lasts for 3 years.

The Good

All-Guard has over 60 years of experience and an A+ rating with the BBB

The initial consultation makes it easy to get exactly what you need for your home

The Bad

All-Guard may not service old products sold to you by other companies

And The Ugly

The cost of maintenance and labor can be very high ($50 for the technician just making the trip, plus $120/hour)

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Available Benefits

  • Landline-Based Monitoring Systems
  • Wireless/Cellular Monitoring Systems
  • Fire/Flood/CO2 Detection
  • Medical Alert/Panic Devices
  • Motion Sensors
  • Video Cameras/Surveillance
  • Home Automation
  • Asset Protection Devices

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