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Alder Review

You may not have heard of them before, but Alder is making a big impact in home security. In 2017, Alder's monitoring center responded to over 2 million medical, fire, and burglary alarms in an average of 3.4 seconds or less. That's 10x faster than many other leading home security companies. Alder offers a wide range of packages with affordable security equipment, home automation features, and 24/7 professional monitoring.

Let's take a closer look at Alder and see what sets them apart.


Alder offers an impressive range of equipment for home security, home automation, and environmental protection. Their touchscreen control panel is very user friendly. Alder also offers a medical alert pendant that lets you call for help with the push of a button.

Alder's range of equipment includes:

  • Alder Simple Control Panel
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Flood/Freeze Sensor
  • Indoor Cameras
  • Medical Pendant
  • Key Fob
Let's learn more about some of these devices.

The Alder Simple Control Panel is an easy-to-use panel with a large, bright screen that shows you exactly what you need to see when using the system. Access your sensors, motion detectors, and other life-saving devices from one convenient location. The panel has a secure wireless connection to your monitoring center, with no need for a phone line.

Alder's Door/Window Sensors are simple to install. They are made up of two components, one that you place on your door or window and one that goes on the frame. If your system is armed and a door or window is opened, the control panel will sound an alarm. If your system is off, the Alder Simple Control Panel will sound a door chime to let you know when someone is entering your home. All sensors include a pre-installed battery and come with adhesive tape, so setup should be fast and easy.

Alder's Smoke Detector goes beyond detecting just smoke. You will also be alerted to any sudden deviations in temperature, protecting your home from potentially expensive environmental changes. Alder also offers a CO detector to protect your family from any carbon monoxide leaks.

The Flood & Freeze Sensor alerts you when a flood is detected or when freezing temperatures occur. Place the sensors near your sinks, dish washers, or hot water heaters. Alder should call straight away if a problem is detected.

With Alder's portable Medical Alert Pendant, your loved ones won't have to be left alone without access to help in an emergency. Simply push the pendant button in the event of an emergency and local emergency services will be dispatched to your location.

Alder Mobile App

Alder's convenient, easy-to-use mobile app syncs seamlessly with your equipment so you can control your system remotely. All you need is an Android or iOS smartphone and an internet connection. Disarm motion detectors, set your own alert patterns and more. Alder's app lets you enjoy full system control from wherever you are – even if you're halfway around the world.


Setting up your system with Alder should be fast and easy. Choose the package you want and order it straight to your home. Alder offers free shipping, so you don't have to worry about overpriced shipping charges. When your package arrives, simply follow the enclosed setup instructions. Alder claims systems should take less than 10 minutes to set up. Place your sensors in their designated locations and place your yard sign in front of your home. Then download the Alder app and connect your system for 24/7 monitoring and support. It's that simple.

24/7 Monitoring

Alder offers 24/7 police, fire, and medical cellular monitoring that allows for immediate notifications and responses to emergencies and security alarms. Monitoring is included in the monthly cost of your security package.

Packages & Pricing

Alder's packages start at $34.99 per month and $149 upfront. A 3-year minimum contract is required. This seems lengthy, but long-term contracts are unfortunately very common in the home security industry.

Here are Alder's three main packages:

  • Essential - $34.99/mo., $149 upfront. Includes 4x Door/Window Sensors, 1x Motion Detector, and 1x Smoke Detector.
  • Essential Plus - $44.99/mo., $99 upfront. Includes 7x Door/Window Sensors, 1x Motion Detector, 1x Smoke Detector, 1x Flood/Freeze Sensor, 1x CO Detector, and 1x Indoor Camera.
  • Essential Elite - $54.99/mo., $99 upfront. Includes 9x Door/Window Sensors, 2x Motion Detectors, 1x Smoke Detector, 1x Flood/Freeze Sensor, 1x CO Detector, 1x Key Fob, 1x Medical Pendant, and 2x Indoor Cameras.
Alder offers flexible payment terms that let customers select their payment date and cadence. For example, if you want to pay on the first Friday of the month or every other Monday, Alder should be able to accommodate that.

The Good…

Alder's home security packages, which start at just $34.99/month + $149 upfront and include 24/7 monitoring, are affordable compared to other leading home security providers. Alder customers can also get a new security system free of charge when they move to another home.

The Bad…

Alder doesn't offer wireless/broadband or landline monitoring options. They only offer cellular monitoring. They also require a contract.

And The Ugly

Alder is only licensed in 47 states. Call an Alder representative for details.

Our Rating: *10 of 10
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Available Benefits

  • Easy DIY setup
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • HD Indoor / Outdoor Cameras
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

Monitoring Services

  • Alder Simple Control Panel
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Flood/Freeze Sensor
  • Indoor Cameras